Hi! This is Aggie Lal—
Travel in Her Shoes. And today I’m super excited about today
because I’m gonna tell you how I afford staying in luxury resorts
and fancy hotels. And, yes, I’m a travel blogger,
and I sometimes get to do it for free. But that was not always the case
and sometimes not every hotel wants to work with me. So I still use my few tricks to really
enjoy my stay. Like I have to say,
I’ve stayed on private island hotels. I’ve stayed where you get to feed giraffes. And the prices for these hotels were anything
from $700 to $2500 a night. Just to give you an idea what I mean by luxury. I know you can stay even more than that. I haven’t so far.
I don’t think I have. But I have a few tips for you
in case you ever want to stay in a hotel like this And you probably think that
you can’t afford it. Well, maybe we can work on it. All right, I have to tell you the truth—
I used to be one of these snobbish travelers that thought that the
real travel and the real experience has to be budgeted.
That people that stay in five-star hotels and they say that they travel to a country—
like they don’t know anything— That’s not real travel. Well… It might not be.
But staying in a 5-star hotel does not necessarily mean that’s your
only experience from that country. So I like to do both.
I like to do both getting to know the locals—
that’s I guess my #1 reason why I travel. But staying in a five-star hotel,
it’s an experience in itself. Its beautiful architecture, the design—
both interior and exterior— the pools,
it’s very pleasing and there’s something to be said about
the beauty that we, as humans, like to be
surrounded by. And that doesn’t necessarily mean
luxury in itself. It’s not like you feel,
“Ahh… I love this TV. It’s so pretty.” or “This feels rich.” It’s just everything is thought of
and aesthetically pleasing and very pleasant to hang-out around,
like be part of. I was never the kind of a girl that
was dreaming about her Chanel bag and never really wanted to have fancy
Louis Vuitton shoes or whatever you can get from Louis Vuitton. The brands don’t really impress me at all But staying in beautiful place or being surrounded by nature that’s been composed
or worked into a beautiful beach or a mountain That’s always been my bucket list. That’s always something that I
work towards and makes me very happy when
I get to accomplish it. First, I would say,
I personally hate the in-between. I either like to stay in a really really nice place or really basic Homestay or Airbnb or something that’s like up to $100. In Cuba, I stayed with a family for $12. In Australia, we slept on a camper van for a week. I loved that. I think it’s basic.
You have zero expectations. You’re happy if you take a shower that day. But that way, it lets me save money and stay in a luxury resort a few days later on. Because, the amount of money I spend for that amount of two weeks, It’s the same as if I spend the entire two weeks staying at
mediocre resort. And the mediocre resorts,
it’s usually— The pool is not quite there. There is no view. The bed’s not comfortable. Stuff are not cl—things are not clean. Service is not great. Food is okay. I just rather stay with a family or a super cheapy hotel
that’s usually family-based. Super basic. That’s usually way better vibe
than a medium hotel. So that’s my advice number one. Because if I feel that if you stay
at super cheap places then you can really afford
to do the expensive ones. I did it in Guatemala
where I stayed in super basic places then we stayed in a fancy hotel in Belize. Same in Australia.
Same in Africa. That’s been my—that’s the way I travel. I usually avoid the medium hotels to be honest. And the ratio is you’re like, “Whoa, Aggie! Okay, so you can save by staying by sleeping in a camper van.
But then— it’s still super expensive to stay in a fancy resort.” Well, my rule is If you are to stay in fancy resort. You should stay there.
That’s what I do. I don’t have much parents. No one pays for my stay. We have to both work.
Me and Michael have to work for this. We work hard-earned money
to stay in these places. I totally don’t get people— I mean, good for you if you can afford it— But I don’t get how you can stay
seven days in a fancy resort and check-in at 11 P.M. Or not stay there and do all the
activities around. So the way I travel:
I stay cheap. Get to visit the entire area around it. And then when I show up at the resort. I am the—I bet you— I’m the first person to check in and the last one to leave and I won’t go anywhere. Like, I don’t care what’s outside of the island. I’m there for a day or two and sometimes three I’ve never stayed longer than three days
at a fancy resort. I just can’t afford it. I can’t imagine just spending a week
at this point of my life— YET I hope it will change—
HINT HINT fancy hotels— you can invite me for longer. But bet your bottom dollar,
I’m not leaving anywhere. Like I’m staying there for sure
for this entire time. Just enjoying every single facility
that’s offered. And I guarantee you after
two days of sitting in your room, even if it’s the most beautiful,
you’re like “Okay, now I need to change I need to see what’s out there.” And then you move. Okay, speaking of check-in. You usually can check-in around 3 P.M. Maybe 4 P.M. My piece of advice is
if you can and if it’s a fancy resort, organize it so you can show up at the resort— for example, I’ve done it a few times— 6 A.M. or 7 A.M. in the morning and I apologize and I’m like “I am really sorry. But this is the way I’ve planned it or the way I’m just showing up
from the airport. I know I can check-in until 4 P.M. I don’t wanna pay to check-in until 4. But is it okay if I just hang out the pool or enjoy and grab some lunch or just leave my suitcase and
I’ll just be around.” I have never— Because they are really nice resorts, they will never tell you now that you showed up you have to go and leave. They will always take care of you because you’re technically just showing up before the check-in is allowed. And it’s totally fine. This is a little sketchy, I know. But it crossed my mind by accident because the hotel transfer that we
stayed in Australia on Hayman Island only offered to be picked up from mainland. To get the boat, you could either go at 6 A.M in the morning or 5 P.M. So I’m like, “I’m not going on 5 P.M. and checking-in at 6
by the time I get to the island because I’m gonna lose the entire day. So I had to go early,
and they just took care of us. I’m like, “What if it worked
in other places?” And it has. It does extend your stay a little bit. Same at the check-out. Say, “Would it be okay?” and of course, it’s at the discretion of the hotel. So it’s not like I want you to take advantage of the hotels. Cause it’s not really cool. But if you ask them, “Hey, is that okay if we
hang-out ’cause we happen to arrive early, or we happen wait for a flight?” Or whatever. And no one really cares if
there’s an extra person at the pool for another two hours. As long as you don’t overstay
and overuse their hospitality, it’s totally cool. I hope (laugh). I don’t think—
I’d say try to go out of season. In-season prices are crazy. I remember staying at Sri Panwa
in Thailand where their villa was $2500 per night—in-season. And only $900 out-of-season. So that’s not too bad. It’s less than half-price. One thing to keep in mind, of course: It’s always cheaper to stay for example, on a fancy resort
in Thailand or the Philippines than it is to stay in the Maldives. It’s just because of the currency
there, for instance. Something to keep in mind If you’re dreaming The quality of the hotel is just as good
if not better. Another tip that I can tell you is to check out the website called Hotwire.com and this is website where hotels don’t advertise themselves so low. But they might still have some rooms available that they put out there. So you go to Hotwire’s website
and showing out “Whoa, we have a hotel in Thailand or on Phuket Island, and it’s $700. It has 3 pools, 200 rooms, and a golf course. We’re not gonna tell you what the name is, but our price is $500 down from $2000” advertising from the hotel. And that’s all you know from Hotwire. Well, this is a lot of information, because sometimes you have no guarantee whether this is the exact same place but based on that information, you can drag down go to Booking.com and find these places
and find the location and try to figure it out. My biggest core is— That works every time whenever I stay on an island especially when the hotel is the only hotel on the island. This totally worked for me a few times. And I still remember
when I was looking at the prices for One&Only on
Hayman Island, Australia. And the price online was $1200. I went to Hotwire.com
and it said, “There’s a hotel on Hayman Island, we’re not gonna tell you what the name is but it’s $700” It just happens that One&Only is the only hotel on Hayman Island. Because it’s a private island. So you have probably 99% chance that you’re gonna book this hotel. ‘Cause that’s very little risk, knowing that there’s only one hotel and sure enough, it was One&Only. So make sure you check Hotwire because the prices are enormous like $500—it’s almost 50% off. And next, Be careful with transfers. Again, there are hotels that charged us, I don’t remember, up to $600 to a transfer to a private island. So it’s always worth checking or look on TripAdvisor or Expedia to find out whether there is a cheaper way of getting to and from the island,
independently from the hotel. Basically, whenever hotels offer transfers or offer some sort of service, like taxi, or anything really, you’re gonna pay premium. So if you want to avoid that, try to find a way to figure out your own way of transport. And I have been to islands that you can only get by boat or helicopter, and they offer helicopter. But it’s cheaper to rent a helicopter
by yourself than to rent it through a hotel, of course. So just to keep something in mind. Alright, one more thing. I always always always travel
with my own snacks And it has nothing to do with staying
in fancy resort. I just hate being hungry. I don’t eat dairy. I don’t eat meat. I’m trying to avoid gluten or wheat
in general. That limits my choices by a lot. I’ve just been in too many situations where I was really hungry. So I always bring some
snacks with me and it’s proven very helpful for me so far. I guess that’s it. These are my tips of how I afford to stay in those fancy places all around the world. If you have any suggestions
or any more questions. Please let me know in the comments below. And if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, there’s somewhere at my head popping up. Please do. It’s very important for me to connect with you and to stay in touch,
so that would be really great. See you on my next video. Bye!