– Hey, what’s up, this
is your boy Majah Hype and I blew a bag. (hip-hop beat) – Well, you may know me from
social media, of course, IG. – (foreign language) – We can’t have a conversation. – Facebook, you know I
do a lot of sketches. I always do different Caribbean
accents and stuff like that. Or you may know me from
The Breakfast Club, you may know me from
The Wendy Williams Show, or even my own show, The Majah Hype Show, the sketch comedy show on BET. (hip-hop beat) (hip-hop beat) – My last real job that I had was actually a really good job. I was a certified electrician, I was making really good money. I got laid off. The job was coming to a
close, so they got rid of me, which was actually a blessing in disguise because that’s when I started
pursing my comedy career and started really doing stuff on IG. So my last job was a really good job. (upbeat music) First big check, well, really and truly, the market that I’m in, the
bags is a little different from the mainstream bags. The Caribbean market, the
money is a little different, but it’s not about the
bag, it’s about what you do with the bag, you
understand what I’m saying? My first big check was from a company in the Caribbean that is a service provider
for internet, cable, kinda like Optimum here, or Xfinity here and stuff like that,
but my first real check was probably like $250,000. And when I saw that check,
it was just like, “yo!” You know you make it when
people start paying you for what you do. When you’re doing your own
thing, you’re not going to push a clock, you’re not
going to take a lunch break when somebody says so. When you’re at home and
you have your own brand and you’re doing your own thing, and these people start giving
you money for what you do, that’s when you know you’ve made it. I don’t care what it is. You could be a rapper, a
comedian, you could be a stripper. I don’t care what it is,
when people are paying you for your services and you’re
getting large quantities of money and different checks
from all over the place, you made it. (funky music) When I first started
going these sketches and comedy sketches and stuff like that, I never really set out to
be where I’m at right now. Actually, I really was just
doing it out of the love because that’s just who I am. That was just my personality,
just being the funny guy in the room, always joking
and gigging on people and stuff like that. That was just normally just who I was, so when I started making
these videos and I started building an audience. – (Bajan accent) – So my client is on
trial for murder, right? – And I realized that these
numbers started accumulating and stuff like that. That’s when I was like, “wow, I might really have something here.” Because a lot of people really
all the time used to tell me, “oh, you need to be a comedian.” Because if you know who Majah
Hype is, or who Nigel is, I play seven different instruments. I’ve been playing the alto saxophone since I was eight years old. So I always thought I
was gonna be a musician. Then I started singing, I started rapping, so I always thought I was gonna do that. Then I became a DJ, and
this just goes to show that what you might set out to
do may not be your calling. Your passion and your gift
is two different things. (smooth jazz music) When that phone started
ringing and people was like, “do you do standup?” And really and truly,
I was nervous as hell. I didn’t know what to do,
I was like, “Um, yeah, I do standup,” because I
was looking for the bag. So the first show that I
actually did was actually a host thing at the time. It wasn’t even really a standup
show, it was a host thing. I had intervals of being up there. I was supposed to be up
there for 10 minutes, but the show was so unorganized
that I would be up there for a half-hour in between each interval. At that time, too, I think
I charged them like $300, because that’s another thing:
you gotta know your worth, and know what you’re
bringing to the table. I basically went up onstage
and I just did what I did freestyle, off the top of
my head and people loved it. Being a public speaker is
nerve-wracking for most. It’s one of the hardest things to do, so add in laughter and
making somebody laugh for 15, 20 minutes. Let me tell you something,
I’ve done standup comedy shows and I had to be onstage for eight minutes. (funky rock music) And it felt like 10 years
being on that stage. So it really is nerve-wracking,
and it really did put me in a place where
I was nervous as hell. Before they called my name it was like me just sitting backstage
just praying like, “I need to do this, I
need to make this happen. “Please, please, please.” They called me out onstage
and I always had a presence onstage from being a
musician and being a DJ, so it wasn’t really that difficult, but the fact that there was
no music to hide behind, there was no nothing. There was no partner,
there was no nothing, it was just me and that microphone. I probably stumbled up
on words as I was talking during that process, but
I just kept on going. When you have the ultimate
goal, you just keep going. So I just kept on going through it. At that time I was doing
the different characters and stuff like that, so I went
out with the first character and when I got off that
stage, I almost passed out. Like, “ah, man, they didn’t boo me?” I’m good, because to be booed onstage? To be a comedian, to be booed? Ah, man. For real, I think dead
silence is way worse than being booed, because you can be booed and be like, “all right,
well they definitely just don’t like me.” But for you to be a comedian
and not hear a chuckle, and people just sitting there like– (record scratch) That is the worst, that’s
torture right there. ♪ Got me waving like ♪ ♪ Hello, hello ♪ ♪ When I get knocked down,
I’m getting right back up ♪ ♪ Like hello, hello ♪ – I had a friend that always had money and I had called him
one day and I was like, “yo, bro.” I know he’s gonna see this and
be like, “oh, you lied bro? “Deadass?” But I called him and I was like, “yo, bro, “something happened to my daughter. “I need some money right now.” He was like, “yo, anything for you bro. “What you need?” I said, “yo, bro, I need five grand.” Back then, that was a lot of money. When you broke, $5,000 is a lot. So I’m like, “yo, I need
five grand, I need to pay the hospital fee, I need to
pay this, I need to pay that.” And he came over and he
gave me that five grand, and I took it and went
to the club with it. (laughing) And I was flossing out there. Because that was the young
and irresponsible days, so I took that money and I did
what I wanted to do with it. And he had called me and he was like, “yo, so when you think you
gonna have that for me, “you know what I’m saying?” I’m like, “yeah, I got you, bro. “I got you, like, in the next two weeks.” Two weeks came and I
was just like, “yo, bro, “I ran into another
problem, my mom’s about to “lose the house.” That’s why it’s not good to lie. (hip-hop music) There’s always gonna be people
that come out in your circle, they’re gonna try to get around you, they’re gonna get your
number from somebody. I don’t know how they do
it, but I’m telling you, they’re like scam likely. They find you. I got a couple of friends
that always come to me and they’re always like, “yo,
man, I know I don’t see you.” They always start it off
the good way, though. They always start it off like,
“yo, I’m happy for you, bro. “Yo, I’m so proud of you, bro. “I knew you was gonna make it. “I knew you was gonna do it. “Yo, son, let me borrow $5,000. “Let me get $2,000, my car in the shop.” Whatever it is, they always
come to you with that intro. That intro, that’s like
to stroke your ego first. Massage your shoulders before
they chop you in your neck. Like I said, I’m all
with helping people out. A lot of times, people
ask me to borrow money and I just be like, “yo, don’t
even worry about the borrow.” Because money messes
up a lot of situations. It messes up friendships, it
messes up family relationships, it messes up you and your girl. ♪ Fire in my soul,
lifted by the sunshine ♪ ♪ All our life, we’re
gonna have a good time ♪ ♪ Fire in my soul ♪ – One of my biggest pet
peeves is that I don’t like people throwing stuff in my face. That was my mother, I love my mother. That’s my heart, but when
she threw that in my face I felt like, “damn, I don’t
ever want that to happen again.” So now I send her money on the daily. I send her money regularly,
and I just be like, “you don’t owe me nothing.” Because I wanna be able to
say, “you remember when I “said this, and I did that? “You owe me your life.” Nah, let me stop. Your mother could never owe you her life, but I’m blessed to be
able to help my mother on a regular basis now. That’s my moms, that’s my queen. Whatever she need, she gonna get. Just don’t ask me to borrow it. (hip-hop music) Now that I’m making legit
money, it’s a total difference. I’m not spending like I used to spend, and that’s because you
appreciate the hard work that you put in, the amount of years that you’ve been grinding to
get to where you’re at now. And then with the sense of security. When you hot, you hot, right? You could be a hot artist,
you could be a hot comedian, you could be a hot dancer, whatever. Whatever it is, you could be doing ballet. If you hot, you hot. You making a bag, you making a bag, but you don’t know how long
that’s gonna last, right? That’s number one. Two, you work too hard to be just throwing your money around. And then when you reach
a certain standard, people start giving you stuff. That’s the funny thing about it. You start getting name brand
stuff, they send it to you. You start getting the exclusive kicks, because they want people
to see you in their stuff, so you start getting it for free. That’s the funny thing about it. So now that I’m making legit
money, I’m saving the bag, I’m not blowing the bag. I’m saving the bag,
I’m protecting the bag. Just like Migos said, ♪ I get a bag and tumble it. ♪ ♪ You get a bag and
flip it and fumble it ♪ Because I’m not doing that. I’m making sure that my house
is good, my kids is good. So therefore, when I go to the club now, I’m not spending no 10, 15, $20,000. First of all, you gonna
pay me to be in the club, let’s talk about that. You gonna pay me to be there,
because I’m bringing people to your spot, right? Then now I need a bottle, bro. I need a bottle, fam. If you give me one bottle,
that’s what I’m working with. Everybody else around me gonna spend, because I’m still
rolling with the hitters, but me, personally, I need a bottle, and I need it at retail. (laughs) As a matter of fact, I
need it at wholesale. (techno music) Back in the days when I
first started to save money, because this is a problem
within our community, right? A lot of times we have money, but we don’t have bank accounts. A lot of times we don’t
open bank accounts, we don’t think about that
part of life and saving money and having good credit and all that stuff, which y’all need to start thinking about. Because credit is more
valuable than money. Yo, what’s up, this is
your boy Majah Hype, and I’m blowing a little bag. It might be weed, it might
be money, but it’s a bag.