so this this is a cheap hotel
what a find what a steal if you’re going to stay here why stay anywhere else and
pay more this has everything and I found it for you come and check it out it has
a great location good-sized room full bathroom balcony with a view of the pool friendly
staff perfect perfect positioning between trang LMI and all for only forty
pounds and night and we’re already that’s that’s not per person that is per
room staying with someone you can hop that back and this isn’t some movie this
is some movie price forty nine US dollars there’s 72 australian dollars
and sixty-five Canadian dollars three thousand five hundred and twenty eight
Indian rupees or naught point naught naught for a Bitcoin this hotel is
looking less let’s go check it out come with me with you baby but I let you down in this town hey guys so this is my review of my
budget ish Hotel on Koh Samui that I really wanted to show you because I know
go Samui is so popular so I want to show you what you get for your money how much
you can expect to pay so I’m here at the Chuang know at Paul villas if you
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I really appreciate it you can go and see other hotel review as I do around
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thanks got off the plane over cameras in my video go check it out from when I
travel from Bangkok to here I didn’t have the greatest first experience of
Koh Samui sorry clue Samui if you want to go and check out the video and not in
love of it but I’m sure it was just a bad day experience I’m hoping and I’m
hoping that today I find I find something more that I love I came here
like eight years ago for three months and live here and and loved it but now
I’ve been to other parts of Thailand and on this particular trip if you haven’t
checked out my videos I’ve been at the tire and Bangkok Samui isn’t living up
to what I want so far but I’m sure it will people love here even people in
Thailand come on a holiday here it is beautiful so just being pessimistic on
my first day I’m never pessimistic I hate that about myself the room it let
me maybe put over here and let’s check this out
this this is the main room here I’m gonna be completely blacked out on earth
okay little better look better okay this I’m gonna step back and wait
this this the main room you a walk in here you think they did pass the
bathroom and this is your main living space with your balcony that looks over
the pool I’m here on the fourth floor that’s the top floor and it’s great this
bed is super comfortable I’ve already done I will you know oh my god this is
so nice and so quick behind here your loads of
here let me show you so ample of wardrobe space also got robes slippers
safe all the usual stuff that that you’re gonna want that you’re gonna want
safe really important for me sometimes when the safes don’t come big enough to
hold a laptop in depends we’re traveling here and what’s important to you but I
hate that you got a big safe take from me and if I have a look
wait you see what I’m doing here I’m pulling up from putting up these blinds
if someone’s in the bath and you’re in the room you can completely do this and
you can see them in the bath or in the shower the person in control of the
whether or not you can lift up the blind is in the room not in the bathroom naked
that’s funny also I think the main reason that’s four is because there’s
some lights in there but of course there’s no natural light there’s no
window that’s the reason why but the bathrooms cool bathrooms always a big
one for me make or break especially in Thailand if you haven’t seen my videos
on my budget hotels in Pattaya or the hostels and stuff you need to go and
check those out see what you can expect from a Thai bathroom it’s a little bit
different from a Western bathroom a lot of people hated this one very Western
let’s go check it out okay so bathroom bathrooms
this isn’t one for me big pane of glass in the way that you can see big big sink
and you’ve got all your condiments your your shower gel bath or their staff
included obviously you’ve got a great big bath here that I’ve put a camera and
I’m gonna show you that in a second that’s really important to me because I
missed them so much and I’m in England and you can really relax it though and
this okay the 2000s you’ve got the toilet hose like I spray
like a gun spray I’m gonna turn it should be I’m gonna move you what it’s
great you see that that’s what you have in toilets inside map the toilets right
but now I’ve met now mister the camera really but what they don’t have and
what’s missing all the time is toilet paper so I missed that if you haven’t
seen some on videos in Bangkok or Pattaya sometimes the reason of toilet
paper and sometimes you just have a bucket of water with like a ladle like
that’s how you’re gonna clean yourself in a shared poop bucket of water not for
me not for me okay let me show you two baths real quick is if you haven’t seen
above this this should big buff this one I’m gonna relaxing with the curtain all
the way up looking out at the balcony completely naked for everyone to see and
I don’t even care cause it’s my holiday okay so the room is nice the room is
really nice and it definitely definitely caters for my needs
if you haven’t seen I’m a budget Channel I quit my job I’m going around the world
for as cheap as possible and as long as possible so I’ll show you the prices for
everything how much things cost where you go for this what you do how much
things cost to do have a food cost book cheap hotels book cheap flights
everything I show you the prices so you can copy it to copy me on my merits or
laugh at me when I when I mess things up and don’t do that too you get to learn
from it all but this is Koh Samui and Koh Samui is a little bit different from
places like the tyre or Bangkok then I’ve been to this island it’s purely
purely for international tourism I mean mainly I see some tires come here in the
holiday from around Thailand too but these hotels on the beachfront that I
was yesterday a food there yesterday if you haven’t seen that video and I
arrived there beautiful really really beautiful but they are also identical to
Western prices when I sat in a food on the beach yesterday and had drinks the
prices are the same as when I was at home this is not cheap budget Thailand
it’s not it’s the same price it’s the same as if someone goes to another
European country or the Caribbean Mexico and stuff the country is cheaper but you
live in an absolute luxury so you’re gonna pay the same prices you pay the
same as English prices so one more trying to say I could pay the same price
for that food and drink like a local pub somewhere back home but
it’s gonna be local and look local I’m paying the same price in Thailand but
I’m getting absolute luxury so you’re getting more value for your money but
you are spending the same money as back home
whereas what a lot of I do and I travel is I go cheap cheap cheap and I’m
probably gonna get the same standard or sometime as a lower standard in hotel
and living as I would back home I hope that kind of makes sense so we know from
the other hotel reviews I do and I’ll link them here as I say them in Pattaya
the budget hotels I went to were 10 pounds and like I used pounds you’ve
seen the hostels feel like half of that 5 pounds 10 pounds online cosign Road
was 20 pounds a night and you got quite a lot of your money that was really good
50 pounds a night for 4 Radisson and then you’ve got kind of the Marriott in
the Hilton’s have stuff I’ve been to which I’ve kind of the hundred pounds to
150 pound margin a night which were luxury where does this one fall into
some I always use booking calm always in my website and I checked them all out and booking
did come out at the cheapest for me for when I was checking it so that’s what it
is that’s why I use pretty much exclusively 39 pounds per night so where
does that fit in that fits in more expensive than like my dang damn hotel
which is on cosine Road which was an authentic Thai hotel where the room was
not as big as this and this in Bangkok and Bangkok is usually a little bit
cheaper for stuff like that you were on cosine Road which is a huge huge tourist
area backpacking you have to check it out it will be crazy so it’s more
expensive the nice double that pretty much almost and it’s it’s slightly
cheaper than the Radisson Hotel suite room that I got which is bigger than
this and it was more luxury you got like a
the concierge meeting you taking your bags up doing too much for you although
they did that here too but it just felt more luxury but like I
said this is Koh Samui it is it is more expensive so you are gonna pay more so
give me 39 pounds a night this place and it’s got a pool here I’ll show you in a
minute and the beach is just hear the beat just walking distance and it’s a
really nice it also has its own private beach they can bring a shuttle to you
it’s good it’s really good I’m happy can I get cheaper yeah could I get more
expensive heck yeah oh and comments below please leave your comments any
stayed in summary what do you think obviously it’s a little bit more pricey
than other areas of Thailand like Pattaya or Bangkok but mmm you get more
for your money you are in this beautiful beautiful island I don’t know I’m not
sure leave leave a comment below and let me know what you think thanks much
watching and lots more videos coming up I’m hearing some movie for a while so go
and hit or subscribe and check out some of these other videos that are here
check out my venture come and see I’ll see you in the next moment