Americans are among the 207 people known dead in a series of Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka at least 450 people were injured and the Sri Lankan government blaming those bombings on religious extremists NBC’s Sarah Harman has the latest a holy day became a bloodbath more than 200 reported dead including Americans Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying several US citizens were among the dead there was a loud explosion just just to check we I climbed up to the rooftop at about one kilometer away we could see a small white smoke coming out simultaneous explosions ripped through three different churches on Sunday targeting worshipers around the country as they celebrated Easter Mass also targeted three luxury hotels in the capital Colombo at the shangri-la Hotel the force the blast appeared to shatter the windows with hundreds of injured there are fears the death toll could still rise Sri Lankans foreign ministry says suicide bombers were behind most of the blast and that seven suspects have been arrested we will go after them whatever religious extremism that they are following president Trump tweeting his condolences and offering us assistance after celebrating Easter Mass in st. Peter’s Square the Pope condemned what he called cruel violence following a Holy Week marred by tragedy first the fire at notre-dame Cathedral in Paris and now these horrific attacks on Easter Sunday Sara Harmon NBC News London today’s attacks are drawing comments from around the globe right here in Houston local leaders took to social media to voice their concerns and express support to the victims Channel – Sally ma’am do live with local reaction Sally and Jonathan they’re about 300 sri lankan families that live in the houston metropolitan area some actually know some of the people that were hurt in these bombings and today we heard from several city and religious leaders in response to these bombings mayor Sylvester Turner releasing this same insane quote incredibly sad news from Sri Lanka especially on this deeply spiritual weekend of Passover and Easter I’m keeping the victims and their families in my prayers today as I know people across the world are doing that Houston police released this statement saying quote our hearts go out to the victims and families of the attacks ensure Lanka although there’s no note Houston Texas in light of these these these and past attacks on religious institutions worldwide every day HPD officers continue to patrol and visit the religious institutions in their beat and finally Cardinal Daniel DiNardo said quote we offer our prayers for the victims and their families and we join with all people of goodwill condemning these acts of terrorism today we spoke to a monk here at the Houston Buddhist temple for this year for the sri lankan community and he tells us the small community of Sri Lanka’s are her is hurting over the senseless act of violence yes a few community members living here I have their friends in Sri Lanka and they are an actually one child of their close family is it and the appearance seriously injured and few others have casualties he also tells me that tonight that we’ll gather around seven o’clock for our service he’s calling the service of healing he’ll help people of the small community out here come together and just pray for healing and peace we’re live in East Houston Salim Abdul Qadir C Channel 2 News all right Sally thank you so much for that report our coverage of the attacks extends to our website at that’s where you can find more images in video right there on our homepage