A silicon Valley startup, “savioke” has created
a service robot for hotels. These robots can work as butler. They can carry small items like toothbrushes
and newspapers to guests on demand. This delivery Robot is named as “SaviOne” The company “Savioke” got investment from
Google Ventures and few other investors. Now, We can see these robots working in Starwood
chain hotel Aloft at Cupertino in California. They have named this robot as A.L.O. It’s not the first time Starwood has experimented
with new technology. The hotel chain has introduced smartphone check-in in recent months, allowing
people to bypass the front desk and go straight to their room. The robot is about 3 feet tall, and weighs
less than 45 kilograms. Even if the robot itself doesn’t cost that
much , additional costs would include programming the robot to drive around in specific places
and adding infrastructure to let it work reliably with the ability of operating elevators and
phones. I think we’re finally at that point, Time
is right for robotics. I think we’ve hit the point where computers
are cheap enough and sensors are cheap enough, and so now is
the time when robots can come in the world and help people. I’m Steve cousins, I’m the CEO of “Savioke”. Savioke makes robots for the
service industry. we make robots that can move around by themselves
in human spaces, and help people out. One of the huge things
has happened in the last several years is that mobile phones have significantly reduce the
cost for computation sensors The robotic field has now been able
to take advantage of that rapid drop in sensor prices, and so now that’s
enabling a world where robots can be aware the presence of humans, and exist
safely. How can a robot help in the world The way we do that is, by finding something
at the robots can do that more valuable than it cost, would cost
just put them out there The first use case is really simple. you’re
staying at a hotel and you need a toothbrush or a shaving kit
or you hungry and you called on to the front desk to say
hello can I have a toothbrush, for example. And the person at the front desk get a toothbrush,
put it in the robot, types in the room number, and the robot goes
off on its own to your room. And when it gets to your door,
it calls your phone. You open the door, when it sees the door open that opens its , and you get out whatever
it is that you can delivered Robots are really complicated. We’re trying to bring them out into the world
where they can interact with people and we want to make sure is that when people receive that delivery
in a hotel its, it’s exactly what they expect. And moreover
that they love interacting with Robot because we wanted to be a profound fun experience
by them. Design is really the process of asking what those robots to do, and how to do it,
and what they look like as as they’re performing there’s tedious.
What basic shape is this robot can take where we can open items we were sending deliveries,
how tall should be. we actually went through about six different
prototypes over the last nine months, and each step of the way with everything that we generated one prototype to the next, or one storyboard
to the next, or one sketch to the next, we were gaining more knowledge about what we think the best answer is. We want it to
be very friendly and approachable and not seem
to be big especially like uncluttered homies, the robot has a slender tapered to reduce the visual volume, the base has
a full hearing turns them on to really make it seem planted and saved there’s even like a little ark just
below the screen to make it feel happy. We have seen Robot around us everywhere, the
definition have a robot in my opinion it’s something
it can sense the environment and react in response to it. And by that definition,
things like the nest thermostat is a robot right to sense the temperature
of the house and either cool down a heated up depending on what it should
be you can look at your smartphone as a robotic
concerns the environment are some smart phones to shut themselves off when
you’re in a movie theater so you don’t disturb anyone, right? I think robots are everywhere, and you know over time they’re going to get smarter, they’re
going to get more knowledgeable about our environment, and they’re going to take
more actions to help us.