my name is Jenna onler I’m the manager and the owner of Barbra Hotel in Istanbul Turkey and we’re a boutique hotel 14 rooms we tried to give a personal service to all of our guests and we are brand new it’s just three years old in the old city of Istanbul why did we choose Hotel runner I started using Hotel runner as soon as I opened the hotel and this was because I had used other channel managers at previous hotels I was working at and did a lot of research on which channel manager would be best for us Hotel runner just had all the features that I needed to run this small type of boutique hotel Hotel runner is very different from the other channel managers one of my favorite new features that they just started this year is guest notifications I’m able to you know we stay very busy in the small business so a hotel runner automatically sends welcome emails teach my guests after they make a reservation also one day into their stay we send kind of a welcome letter as I call it it introduces the hotel describes the amenities that we have within the hotel and also what they can do outside of the hotel so that guests notifications is great beside that we also can take reservations from our own website with the help of the hotel runner platform get reservations on those are all really helpful for us when we first opened the hotel I did a lot of research and immediately started with hotel runner I didn’t want to manage the channels manually because as we’re a small hotel we work with every single online channel and we do not take any groups so it’s all online sales for us after we started using Hotel runner I noticed quite a few changes to the of course to the reservations but even the process of changing our rates in that moment as soon as a room sold I could open a different room available on my cell phone on my computer it just makes it easier to manage the reservations and sale I would recommend Hotel runner to all of the other hotels whether it’s a big hotel a small hotel Boutique Hotel makes your life easier it helps to get reservations from online channels when people book on your own website I love the look of the reservations the book now platform it’s all very functional and useful so I recommend for every type of hotel [Music]