Good evening viewers, we are on our way
to Difffelen and go to hotel de Gloepe,
I am very curious how it is there! We’ll see you later and you know it?
to just look at it! come on in! We have a comfort room, we received a free upgrade, which is very nice. we had actually booked the standard room. I’ll give you a tour. I find a very nice mirror myself Here you can place bags or your suitcase That thing over there, so we wonder that it’s … I don’t know if we’re going to find out looks like a speaker. Here a large cupboard where you can store your clothes extra pillows, there is no safe and no fridge beautiful lamps. The bed is two
loose beds I just looked at that
hence it is a bit messy Nice job with the cushions. The television is not that big … .. but he is close so that is too
to do. Here is a desk with a kettle with bags of tea and coffee and such. Here
is a sliding door a terrace with a very nice view but I’ll show you tomorrow because it’s dark so you don’t see anything There is carpet on the floor The bathroom room. They did this nicely with that forest wall Matches very well with the colors of the
bathroom Here is a hair dryer and a trigger for the mirror I think This always makes us happy, glasses … not plastic cups shampootjes A toilet and a shower with a hand shower It is a bit dark so I hope you can see it a bit we are just going to drink coffee in it
restaurant that sits across the street we also just checked in there
and it looked so cozy there we go now
and we will show you that later see you soon! Good morning from Diffelen hotel
restaurant de Gloepe Yes, we have a nice stay here
had in this nice room! yes you just saw that in the video,
it looks really beautiful. There is also floor heating that we were
forget to say that would be quite luxurious Let’s start with the sleeping comfort They are 2 single beds but wide beds I did like the mattress a bit
hard, didn’t you think so? no .. well that is a personal preference.
We slept well in itself it is completely quiet here, you really hear
nothing at all yes that’s true i have nothing at all
heard and good blackout curtains … yes that
certainly so the sleeping comfort .. fine!
yes … the bathroom yes good radius it is none
rain shower or something like that a hand shower but … yes I thought it was good enough yes bathroom was fine nothing on
to notice actually .. clean and tidy we then went for breakfast and
we have made images of it watch! the breakfast was served on such an etagere You just saw that in the video. It was
so much we are now really completely muddy full and yes it was all good,
coffee was nice, it was a good breakfast. yes and I also enjoyed it very much
served by the staff Let’s talk about the staff right away. They are so warm and warm yesterday also with checking in, ‘how was your trip’ etc .. very friendly totally good really compliments!
Yes we felt very welcome here. Wifi was there but …. … poor reception
we could not netflix so that is what the hotel should do something about I think because yes .. nowadays you have to have good wifi. The environment … this is really an environment to start walking, cycling you can also rent bicycles here
and you also get hiking trails that are here on the bed. It’s just one here perfect walking area, the area is beautiful. Ideal for walking and cycling indeed. We are going to do some more pictures later make the environment, but let’s see that now The facilities
Last night we at the restaurant drank coffee, then we actually wanted one game do something of scrabble or something
because that’s nice because then I always win 🙂 but they had no games! so that
is then a tip for the hotel buy some games, rummikub card games or something, is nice to be by the fireplace just nice with a wine
to play a game. Furthermore, we have no facilities here
can discover You can rent bikes here, but you just said that There is no fitness or sauna here yes and we can actually do one
draw conclusions and we have left are thinking but it just deserves a ‘good’ yes so keep it up! compliments and thanks!