Hi dear viewers, we are on our way to Heerenveen At the request of the hotel we will film there and we will go to the H2 Hotel in Heerenveen and if you think hey this hotel I want
books… then click on the link at the bottom of the text and you know, after looking and liking and subscribing … see you soon! Hey! We are here in a renovated room because the hotel started renovating last year a large part has already been renovated but it is not yet completely finished but they do expect that all rooms will be renovated before the summer of 2020 this is a double room there are also single rooms and
triple rooms and there is a disabled room well you see it is two separate beds very nicely done this with that wood, I think here is a seat coffee and tea making facilities, bottled water,
all kinds of tea too … tasty large television and this again very nice
done with the wood laminate flooring is on the floor You can see it is all new
is because it all looks so beautiful we are going to show it outside immediately You hear it, there is a lot of noise from the highway behind it but we are not bothered by this we are on the side where you look at the pond that is our room, where the door is open and you are here about 20 minutes walk from the center of Heerenveen a few minutes by car there is noise from outside but here you hear nothing about it there are shutters here for the windows and that also shuts down the sound again, quite handy let’s go to the bathroom here is another cupboard / rack where you can hang your coat and your clothes and here you can put things mirror it is a small bathroom but it
looks very neat nice that mirror with that light around it well there we have Anita again with the plastic cups can also be glass! cupboard with hairdryer extra towels the shower, it’s a hand shower it all looks neat well we’ll go the rest of the hotel later
just view and the restaurant and of course we will also let you see the surroundings so we’ll see you later! that’s the the reception there are two entrances here, there is one and here too there is enough parking space and it is free so here is the breakfast buffet tomorrow
we will show that extensively tomorrow and on this side the restaurant has already been renovated you have a view of the highway here and this part has not been renovated yet we will eat here later. You are about a ten minute drive from the Abe Lenstra stadium and also from the Thialf stadium. It seems that Rintje Ritsma sometimes comes here maybe he will come tonight! we had a delicious dinner here in the restaurant, for a nice price enough choice also for vegetarians we are now going to have a look at the Kasteelzaal this space is used for
parties and parties and for company meetings and the space can also be enlarged by that wall, which can get away from it Here a fireplace, really a castle atmosphere, really nice done this Look, that was the hotel first, with the old roundabout still look, there is also a soccer game We have a nice shower, good one
Ray and the floor that is not slippery that is very nice we slept well, good blackout curtains bed is nice, it’s just a bit noisy, we heard footsteps from above we are going to have breakfast now Enjoy your meal! wifi you can log in without a password, internet was a bit slow in the room in the restaurant it was good Good morning from the H2 hotel
Heerenveen and before this was called the Hajé hotel we had a very nice stay yes, from the outside you don’t really expect the hotel to look pretty on the inside and it only gets better because they are still renovating it surprisingly also with that castle hall. The staff was very friendly and welcoming and with this we immediately want to thank the staff for their cooperation and for the invitation that we could come and film here yes, we only have to draw a conclusion if you look at the value for money and the three
stars this hotel has we actually think that this hotel gets a ‘more than adequate’! keep it up! make something beautiful out of it! Bye!