The first thing we miss , when we are outside is our home Food So today im at Vrindavan and today is my first day in Vrindavan I was going to have food outside , so it just came in my mind ,why i should not make a food vlog and also show you the hotel , where i stay so whenever you plan for Vrindavan You can stay there and enjoy the same food ,which is just like a home food . I will tell you the tariff of the hotel later . So guys lets move . Hridyansh is feeling so hungry . Infact he is forcing me to go for Dinner . It is 8.30 pm now . and very good movie THE QUEEN OF JHASI is coming . i will finish my dinner fast and come back to watch this movie So , let go Hridyansh Our room is at 2nd floor and I am going down stairs. Whenever food comes in my mind , I can’t control . Before entering at dinning area you have to remove your shoes outside . As it is not allowed to go inside with shoes . The day when we came here . It was first or second SHARAD . Because of that less people go there . Therefore the Dinning area is free . otherwise we have to stand in que . and you have to wait outside for your turn Guys u can see kitchen area infront , Where food is getting prepared with total hyegenic and being served . They will serve you till your stomach is completely full . Now Its time to tell you the cost of the dinner and breakfast . If you want to have lunch and dinner. The cost is Rs. 110 (INR) per person ,which is unlimited . When the fresh and hot chapati’s is being served you . It just awesome . See how fresh it is . Hot and fresh chapati is already been served , i cannot control anymore , so let me finish first and then i will come back to you . I am sorry || i cannot click the complete photo of thali as rice and papad is pending . I am feeling too much hungry . I have finished my complete food You are requested to please take the food in that quantity , which you can finish. This chilly is very hot so i left it . If you take food . And dont finished it completely the pantry person will catch you and ask you to finish it properly . Infact your stomach is completely full , still you have to finish your food forcefully .. So , i suggest you the take the food as per your requirement. Please keep your used utensil outside . So after having the tasty food . We are going towards the reception area . This is the reception area . I will walk little bit to digest my food . Whenever food is unlimited , i eat over my capacity . This is the parking area of hotel , i will walk here . There is a park in end , which is not visible in the night . I will show you the hotel in morning . Now its time to say GOOD NIGHT . Catch you the morning with very nice view of this hotel . Good morning guys || Today is my second day. Yesterday night i had shown you little bit video of the dinner. Little bit view of the hotel is pending , We had already packed our bags. We had brought one bag because we came here for one day . This is also one more side bag . Hridyansh is ready . Now i am going downstairs and i will show you the hotel view. If in future you plan for Vrindavan , you can take this hotel. Outside temperature is very hot as compare to room , so i don’t to leave my hotel My second son is at home , and i am missing him alot . so lets come with me. This is small shop , where you can get the daily routine thing . like tea , coffee, biscuits , soap , oil and brush… This is the parking area. This is the park for the small kids . Our car is parked here … Its too much hot . I am not going inside , pls have a view from outside only . Have a look at this satsung bhavan . This is the view of out hotel from parking So if want to take this hotel charges is 800 Rs. (INR) . Whenever you plan for vrindavan you can try for this hotel .. This is very near to prem mandir . If you go to PREM MANDIR AND ESCON TEMPLE from this hotel , rickshaw will charge you only 10 Rs. (INR) The charges for unlimited dinner is 110 Rs. ..(INR) .. If you want to have breakfast then charges is 70 rs , but in breakfast you will get only 2 parathas with sabzi and curd. Breakfast timing is 8 to 9.30 am and dinner timing is 8 to 9.30 pm Thers is not much variety in the breakfast. The size of the parathe is very big . if you are eating 2 partahe in one time it means you are full . Now we are returning back to Delhi On my right side there is PREM MANDIR also the International ISKCON TEMPLE. Name of the hotel is RADHA KRISHAN DHAM Look this is prem mandir . All are in walking distance PLEASE LIKE ,SHARE ,COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL . Thanks for watching