Hey guys welcome to Thailand, right now
we’re in Krabi and today we are going to review a room of hotel Wake up Aonang in Ao Nang Krabi. But before that, those who are new to our channel, don’t forget to subscribe our channel for more videos like this So guys as you can see
we have already reached hotel wake up Aonang in Krabi. we took a taxi from the
airport and it took us around 20 minutes to reach the hotel. We will be staying
here for a night and we will give you a review of the room in which we are
staying. As you enter the lobby there is a big graffiti on the wall with the hotel
name on it. this is the lobby, you can see one of my friends doing the formalities
and getting a room, which had earlier booked online and you can see the details in the description This the lobby out here you can get tea snacks and coffee which is free for guests it’s self-service, just go and help
yourself there are also a few window couch beds
for guests who have already arrived but have still not got a room, or who are about to
leave, and they can rest out there. along with this there is also a reading and
games table where you will have different types of board games and magazines to
pass your time. there is another interesting thing out here, if you want to leave some messages you can put it up on the wall out here. you can see guests
have put up messages and pictures of themselves while departing Well now I’ll show you the main thing,
that’s the room so we are at our floor, and we have the room 409 well we are going towards it…. the corridor is quite dark… I have to increasethe brightness and you can see the image is not that clear… its very dark actually. it is so just in this corridor, other places are fine and now I have to swipe the card… I
am getting in… “Open Sesame”… and we are in ! lets put the card in the
slot.. there is already daylight though.. but still.. let’s close the door behind and
here we are you can see the room right in front of you this is not the first
time we are entering the room so it might be a little bit messy so…. but still…
we have a queen-size bed for two there’s a balcony, of which we’ll
talk about afterwards the room comes with independent air conditioning which
is an absolute necessity owing to the heat outside there you have a table with
a hairdryer and plug and there is a pocket concierge with the Wi-Fi password
some stuff and other phone numbers a couple of cups and water heater and then there is a mini-fridge.. let’s see what we got here…. couple of water bottles and the
rest is empty and here you have a flashlight for emergencies need to pull
it out like this to switch it on and you have to replace it back on the slot to
switch it off for entertainment there is a television set with satellite TV
connection and channels from various parts of the world so well let’s see
what’s down below you can see there is a safe out here… I’ll
show you how it works… you have to dial the code and press hash# and it gets locked… you can see its locked and after that you again have to dial the same
code and it will unlock. next to it we have a wash basin and a dustbin and next
to this there is a mirror which has been nicely cut in an angular shape and a
couple of pairs of slippers the shoes are ours by the way… so next to
the bed you have the telephone and a couple of phone numbers along with a few
light switches on the wall adjacent to it there is a cloth hanger with a couple
of towels and a couple of umbrellas you can see there are two umbrellas which
you can use of course in Krabi and then there are more light switches
and remote for the air conditioning I like the bed lighting strip it was very
nice here’s the bed again now let’s see what else is there… you can
see there is an escape plan attached to the main door in the inside… now let’s
have a check on the bathroom actually there are two bathrooms in most of the
hotels in Thailand they have a shower room like this one out here and they
have a separate toilet room the shower room out here is fitted with the soap
dispenser and a shower and it’s just for taking bath
and for toilet and urinal you have a separate room out here… and is the toilet
room and let’s move to the balcony window
let’s see what’s there… we need to open this glass sliding door out here… oh yeah
I got it… well that’s the view you get from here and there’s a balcony with a
couple of plastic chairs it’s nothing much but that’s all you get in this
budget there’s another hotel to the right and
to the left.. you can see the Ao Nang beach and
the beach road which I’ll show you you can see the ocean from up here and
that’s the way towards the beach. So guys, that was our room review of hotel wake up aonang in Krabi Thailand Please don’t forget to tell us how did you find our video in your comments and if you have any suggestions or any queries you
could make them to in your comments and please don’t forget to subscribe our
channel for more videos like this… till then … have a nice time…