Hi, I’m Mike with Mike’s road trip here
in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona staying at the historically hip, Hotel Valley Ho.
This hotel was originally built in 1956 but was completely renovated in
2005, paying tribute to its mid-century design while also creating a modern and
retro feel throughout the property. There are two different areas in which to stay
here at the hotel, the contemporary and spacious tower, or the historically hip.
I’m staying in one of the Tower Suites, and while not part of the
original hotel, I did learn an interesting tidbit. Apparently, the tower
was on the original architectural plans back in the fifties, when developers went
to restore this property in 2005, they were able to skirt local zoning height
restrictions due to the fact that the plans have been approved fifty years
earlier. Their are a whole lot of amenities here at the Hotel Valley Ho, and it’s
walking distance to Scottsdale’s famed art district and Fifth Avenue shops, so
come along with me and let me show ya around. Complete with a full kitchen, this
two-story suite I stayed in was extraordinary. The high-end materials and
craftsmanship was immediately apparent, but what I really appreciated was the retro decor. While very modern
every piece felt like it was playing tribute to the mid century roots. And these views of Camelback Mountain weren’t bad either. While much smaller, the standard rooms
are anything but! While strolling the property, we
discovered several tranquil water features. The hotel has a wonderful workout
facility, with state of the art equipment. After a tough workout, you can relax and
hang out by one of the two pools. Or, head over to the VH Spa for some pampering.
They offer a host of treatments including this Hammam experience with
exfoliating cleans that includes savory aromatics finished with a lemon blossom
tangerine and Fig detox massage. To finish off our amazing stay, we
concluded with cocktails and dinner at ZuZu’s. Well that’s it from the historically hip
Hotel Valley Ho here in Scottsdale, Arizona. ’til next time, we’ll see on the
road. Mike’s Road Trip. Featuring and produced by: Mike Shubic – Publisher of MikesRoadTrip.com