Sanders is the 3rd property within the Kølpin Hotel group. It’s located behind The Royal Theater on Tordenskjoldsgade. It’s a 54 bedroom boutique hotel with a dining area which we call Sanders Kitchen. We have a cocktail bar – a very classical, international cocktail bar. On the rooftop we have a conservatory which is part of the roof setting that we’ve actually opened up The different rooms have different sizes from suites to single capacity as well. The atmosphere is very relaxed we use to say it’s “high end but low key”. We would love to have our guests feel at home so we regard our house, our hotel as a home. So in that sense you can sit and dine and relax everywhere. The look is very… All the furniture and everything is bespoken and curated but the feel and the atmosphere is very twenties/thirties colonial style. We have very warm colors, a lot of rattan and bamboo. But in general what we’re trying to create is a place that kind of have the feel of that it’s always been there. When we open the doors you kind of feel the pattern which is in the furniture and in everything that you see actually. We’re looking for people who have a generous and altruistic approach to hospitality. We’re looking for people who would love to give our guests an unique experience. We want to create special moments for our guests and our staff members should be very much a part of that. So that’s what we’re looking for in new people. We can offer them the international vipe and the international atmosphere to work within. We would love to be inclusive and get people from all over the world with different experiences furthermore we also want to be international recognized, we would like to be known as one of the best boutique hotels in the world. We’re looking for waiters, housekeeping personnel, front-of-house team members, bartenders and chefs. So if this could be you, please send us a video and we’ll get back to you.