my name is Paul Rusesabagina I am the house manager of the most luxurious hotel in the capital of Rwanda a place that my family and I happily called our home until the day everything changed daddy there soldiers on the street killing everyone it’s a massacre united nations are here now where is peacekeepers this peace leaves we’ve got trouble replicator this is a four-star hotel in the refugee camp have no means to protect these people and a country descended into madness killing Tootsie children to wipe out the next generation and the world turned its back how can they not intervene hundreds of thousands are dying if people see this I’ll say oh my god that’s horrible and then go on eating their dinners one man had to make a choice all the fights are leaving even the UN soldiers all the superpowers everything leaving it all then I go start the slaughter we have been abandoned there will be no rescue the can only save ourselves United Artists presents the true story of a man who fought impossible odds I cannot leave these people to die to save everybody good they say you let the masochist you were telling the truth I will tell you and created a place one side the hotel your hope survived we need to help one another that is the only thing that is keeping us alive Hotel Rwanda