Hi!! It’s Kumamiki. Today, I’m in Australia. I’ve never benn to Australia.
This is first time. I can’t wait this trip. I’m dying meet koalas.
They are so cute. Ok.
I will introduce the hotel room. I’m in PAN PACIFIC Hotel in Melbourne. Here is very nice room. First, there is very big closet. iron locker Bath robe is a bit old. It’s OK. Here is bed room.
There is big bed. Coffee Wine glasses Many snacks. There are many drinks. I want to eat it!! I love Kit-Kat. There is big desk.
I can edit. YouTube gave me many presents denim jacket Snack? What’s this? I think this is a boomerang. I don’t know. Thank you YouTube. This is the bathroom. Bathroom and shower room?? and toilet. There are many amenities. shower cap sanitary bag Vanity Kit shompoo conditioner body wash Body cream and dental kit. I like this room. And I love …dadaaaan!! Atmosphere is very good. There are big building. And big river. That’s all.
I like this room. Thank you watching.
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