[Music] hi I’m calling because I would like to book a room hell no when will you be staying with us July 21st is that for one night yes it is what size room will you need get just me so a single room I understand would you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room non-smoking please do you have a laundry service yes we do put your dirty clothes in the box and leave it by the door is there a gem in this hotel yes there is on the second floor sounds good I will send the confirmation by email thank you for calling thank you bye welcome to the vacation hotel how can I help you below I have a reservation for today may I have your name please you it’s James Stewart ah okay mr. Stewart according to our records a room for two guests was booked under your name no there must be some mistake I have booked room for four persons just a moment let me check it again here we are your booking is for the 19th right yes exactly we have already mr. Stewart it’s on the third floor here’s your key card your room number is 304 the Porter will help you thank you our luggages are in the taxi how are you I will ask the bellboy to get it enjoy your stay thank you hi I want to check out can you please get my bill sure I hope your stay here was comfortable yes it was fine thank you if you have any feedback you can let me know well the dinner arrived too late but everything else was okay I’m sorry to hear that I will make sure that doesn’t happen again have a nice trip [Music]