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Hotel Receptionist and Front Desk Interview Questions and Answers. Now, the first interview
question is going to be: tell me about yourself why you want to be a hotel front desk receptionist?
When you attend the interview, which is most likely to be at the hotel itself, make sure
you dress smart and you are also positive, confident and smiley when you arrive at the
venue. You will be assessed as soon as you turn up, so it’s very important. But in regard
to the answer to this interview question, two tips I want to give you before I give
you a sample answer. The first one is, in your response to this interview question,
be totally customer-focused. Remember that the customer or the guest must always come
first! Have a high level of commercial awareness. What I mean by that is, how you act within
the role of hotel front desk receptionist, will have an impact on the success or not
of the hotel. And also, remember that the needs of the hotel and the guests come above
everything else, and we’re going to mention this within our response. Number two, if you
can work additional or unsociable hours, this will massively work in your favor. So, if
your personal life is such that, yes, I will be available at times to come in and help
out when needed. That’s a big tick for getting this job! Here is my suggested answer to the
interview question: Tell me about yourself and why you want to be a hotel front receptionist
desk agent? Here we go. “I am a hard-working, customer focused and professional hotel front
desk receptionist who fully appreciates how important my actions within the role will
impact on the success of your hotel. My personal life is at the stage where I can fully commit
to this role and work the necessary unsociable hours needed to provide the excellent levels
of customer service needed to help the hotel grow and thrive within this tough industry.
I believe I have the necessary customer service skills, the organizational capabilities and
the communication and interpersonal traits to make sure all visitors to the hotel have
a memorable and enjoyable experience which will service to encourage them to revisit
the hotel in the future.” You can either write down that response or
if you want to wait, I will tell you where you can download my full set of 21 Hotel Front
Desk Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers. The second question of your interview
that I would like you to prepare for is, what are the most important skills and qualities
needed to be a hotel receptionist / front desk agent? A couple of tips for answering
this positively. Read the job advert and then recite the skills that are needed. Providing
of course, they are a match for your own skills and qualities. Have a quick look at the job
advert before you go to the interview and take a note of the important skills and qualities
they are looking for. Also, have a set number of skills and qualities to talk through in
your answer, and a good number is 8! If they ask you this question, you would say: “Yes,
there are 8 important skills and qualities that you need. I have those and these are…”
and then explain what they are. The reason why I want you to give a number is because
most of the candidates will sit there at the interview and they will look up into the air
and think: “OK, you need good customer service. You have to be polite. You have to be patient
and calm, be able to deal with complaints.” They will give a list off the top of their
head. However, if you give a set number, it shows that you really do know the skills and
qualities needed. And you have already thought about this before you come to the interview!
Here is my suggested answer to the hotel receptionist interview question: What are the most important
skills and qualities needed in the role? “In my experience, there are 8 very important
skills and qualities needed to be a great Hotel Front Desk Receptionist. You need, above
all, exceptional genuine CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS where you respond to the needs of hotel
customers and visitors in a fast, professional and timely manner. You also need a FLEXIBLE
approach to your work, be ADAPTABLE & AVAILABLE to work the hours needed, have a CALM and
PATIENT approach to dealing with customer queries, and also be able to competently DEAL
WITH COMPLAINTS as and when they arise. Finally, you have to have an awareness of hotel COMPLIANCE
& SAFETY REGULATIONS, be able to MULTITASK and also have a level of COMMERCIAL AWARENESS.”
That means you fully appreciate that the operational capabilities of the hotel must come first,
above everything else. So, take out of those 8 really important skills and qualities needed
to be a competent hotel front desk receptionist and use them within your answer to that question.
Next interview question we need to prepare for: Why do you want to work for our hotel
as the front desk receptionist? Pretty much guaranteed to come up during your interview!
A couple of tips to help you give a top-scoring answer. Show the interviewer that you have
carried out some research into the hotel. And there’s a couple of really easy things
that you can do to demonstrate that you have done what nobody else will, which is look
into the hotel. Now, if you have previously visited the hotel, or if you have friends
that visited the hotel before, point out the good bits about the hotel… don’t point out
any areas of improvement, but point out the good bits. Remember to look at some of the
positive TripAdvisor reviews and tell the interviewer what has attracted you to this
hotel within the role of hotel front desk receptionist. So quickly go on TripAdvisor,
look at the great reviews and see if there’s a common theme amongst the reviews. It might
be that all the staff are attentive, or the level of service is great. That would be an
easy thing to do, is to have a look on TripAdvisor. Remember, during the interview we don’t really
want to be talking about anything negative. So if there are things that need to be improved.
Well, you can say that if they do ask the question, what would you look to change if
you came and worked here as the front desk receptionist? Here is my suggested answer
to this question. “There are three good reason why I want to work for your hotel.
Top of my list is, having looked into your hotel online, the levels of service you offer
and also the reviews left by the customers and visitors of the hotel, you clearly insist
on only the highest standards. I too have high standards, and I want to work for a hotel
where I can put my skills and experience to good use. The second reason is, because the
hotel is local to where I live, it will be easy for me to work the hours needed and to
also come in to help out and work additional hours when the hotel needs extra support during
busy periods or staff sickness. Finally, everyone I have come into contact during the interview
and application process has been friendly and welcoming. In addition to the hotel obviously
being run extremely well, and the cleanliness of the common areas to a high standard, I
would love to work here with the rest of the hotel reception team.” That shows that you
have looked into the hotel, you’ve done your research. And once again, I liked the fact
you are stating at the start there’s three reasons why I want to come and work here.
That tells me that you’ve considered this carefully and you’ve already thought about
the question before you come along. So you’ve done your research! Next interview question
for hotel receptionist / front desk agent: Give me a few examples of good customer service?
If you think now what good customer service you have received in the past and write down
a list of really good things. My advice is to list some great examples of customer service
you have either provided yourself in a previous role, or where you have received it from someone
else. Give examples of going above and beyond what is expected in regard to customer service.
So here is my suggested answer to this interview question: Give me some examples of great customer
service? Examples of good customer service include going out of your way to help a customer
instead of just doing the minimal amount. This might be by taking your time to explain
a product or service to them, or even by asking them probing questions to really get to the
bottom of their query or question so you can meet their needs. Other good examples of customer
service include responding to queries promptly and doing what you say you’re going to do.
In my opinion, too many businesses and hotels say they will get back to a customer or pass
a message on to someone else only for it to never happen. You should also think ahead
and resolve complaints quickly and sincerely, and make sure the issue doesn’t happen again.
Other examples of great customer service include offering discounts or incentives for returning
guests. Simple things such as greeting customers with a smile and pleasant gestures that make
them feel valued and welcome. Being attentive and genuinely interested in the guests experience
and following up with a request for hotel feedback and then thanking customers and guests
for taking the time to respond. In my experience, it’s the small gestures and the manner in
which you communicate them that resonates more positively with hotel guests and customers.”
There are loads of examples of really good customer service there. Now, what they might
do is ask you a question. This one is very, very common during hotel receptionist and
hotel front desk agent interviews, and it is: Describe a time when you went above and
beyond what was required? And all hotel owners want people to go above and beyond, because
when you do go above and beyond, it serves two purposes. The first one is that guests
will come back to the hotel; but secondly, they will go online and leave a really good
review. The minute you do something poor at a hotel as an employee, then people are quick
to go on TripAdvisor or TrustPilot.com and leave bad reviews! They are more likely to
tell people about the negative experience. So, if you go above and beyond, you are genuinely
doing what most hotels don’t do. Here is my suggested answer. “I can remember working
in a previous hotel receptionist role and a guest entered the hotel absolutely drenched
because it was raining outside. I immediately asked my colleague to collect some warm blankets
and towels for them and to also arrange complimentary tea and biscuits to be sent to their room.
This small gesture of being caring and considerate went down positively with the guest and when
they eventually left the hotel, they left a glowing 5-star review on Trip Advisor. Sometimes,
going above and beyond what is required simply means doing small things that other hotels
would not ever consider doing. It’s a great way to show fantastic customer and to also
make guest want to return to the hotel time and time again.” Now, you might not have
worked in a previous hotel receptionist role, but you could say that you’ve, you know, seen
a situation like that before. And this was a great example of someone going above and
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