luggage this big hi Pemircess sorry i couldn’t explain it before what travel do i ride and i am now heading to Ubud use travel whose name Perama Tour i’ll explain below later and the rates are really cheap what if you one way trip for example, i am from Kuta from Kuta to Ubud from Ubud to Kuta again and that’s only Rp. 100.000 but if you are check out that Rp. 60.000 later it will be in description box okay see you in Ubud arrived in Ubud i want rent a bicycle let’s gotogether it was really easy find bicycle rentals or motorbike in Ubud Blima Bali Home Stay place that reviews ( really good and i am curious how good Blima Bali Home Stay hi, really sorry i can not record when i am riding a bicycle because it’s rather difficult huh with luggage this big ok and this hotel very cheap and with facilities like this that’s really cool let’s see what in it for your information in Ubud prices the hotel is higher than in Kuta in Kuta hotel under Rp. 200.000 you can already enjoy hotel have AC but in Ubud no but it doesn’t matter because in Ubud the air is cool than in Kuta Blima Bali Home Stay has only three rooms this is my first time staying at home stay it really feels like home because we can talk directly with owner of Blima Bali Homestay from my conversation with the owener Blima bali Home Stay i am curious whyis the name of this home stay Blima bali i think Blima is an acronym for Bli Made (a Balinese name for man) apparently no, that’s all Balinese from pomegranates if i don’t chat with the home stay owner i definitely don’t know besides talking about history Blima Bali Home Stay evidently owner of Blima Bali Home Stay is also a painter not only painters on canvas but also paint statues like this this means for for yourself not for sale there are people who are oh order and in the morning there is free breakfast and surely i choose banana pancakes i swear it feels really good i want to be here again hi good morning this time have breakfast really cute there is fruit and also there is banana pancake because of this banana pancake the most what is it favorite here so we will try together if i do back to Ubud,surely i stayed at Blima Bali Home Stay really sure because the place is clean comfortable quiet and surrounding community very friendly i really enjoy breakfast with Ubud air is very cool finally with hobbling i can take videos when i ride a bicycle Pemircess Smart Viewers curious? where am i going when i rode a bicycle in Ubud wait for the next episode! thanks for watching don’t forget to like, subscribe and share videos okay thanks, bye bye