Hi, this time i’m in Bali and i will stay in three different hotels starting under Rp. 50.000 OH NO! starting at Rp. 50.000 to the most expensive now the first hotel it’s the cheapest hotel i’m looking for and the review is good let’s see d’Beds Hostel very strategic location at the intersection between Legian Street anf Kuta Beach Street according to the reviews i read it only takes five minutes to walk from the hostel to Kuta beach the first plus value is enter into this hostel using a card so it’s safe only cardholders can enter this hostel on the first floor we were greeted with a room for breakfast go to the second floor d’Beds Hostel has four floors second floor, the model is the same as the third and fourth floors there are three choices if you want to stay in this hostel d’Beds Hostel have several rooms there is room for women only or a room that is only for men and also mixed rooms between men and women this is my room and my bed number is 212 this is the place i will stay for one night this is my bedroom, 212 want to know how it’s inside the room si quite cold, although there is only one air conditioner and this room contains six beds three below and three above this room is also equipped with sink, bathroom and one toilet in this hostel room it is quite clean and also quite calm even though in all of the beds there are residents not only me don’t worry if you want to use the toilet but the toilet in the room is still used by other people you can leave the room because there is one toilet outside for all rooms on the second floor there is a small table that can be used if you are in the room and the desk can be closed again there are also two power outlets and one lamp in my opinion the lights are dim when i’m pack my back inside the room i still need the flashlight in the morning we will get free breakfast are jinggo rice (traditional Balinese dish) two breads and tea or coffe interested? just try staying overnight next let’s go to the second hotel in the second hotel, i was welcomed by the dog the second hotel is Dedy Beach Inn the place is to the left of Lippo Mall Kuta the hotel price that i got was Rp. 155.000 because i have a shopee.com voucher Rp. 35.000 so i only paid a total Rp. 120.000 welcome to Dedy Beach Inn Hotel i’m on the third floor and if you enter this room we have to enter our room password wow, it turned out to be really big for Rp. 120.000 there is a television, towel safety box refigerator and the bathroom is big from the review i read, every morning there was always a dog in front of the hotel that’s true the dog always hang out in front of the hotel in the morning the bathroom is really big the hotel is pretty good for Rp. 120.000 the hotel is very strategic so if you come out here Lippo Mall is there strategic enough i dont use breakfast in the hotel i can brunch there good morning this time i want to take a trip to Garuda Wisnu Kencana it was true the dog is not a hotel owner’s dog i don’t know who the dog is in the afternoon, it’s good idea to be spoiled and relaxed in the hotel pool this hotel is pretty beautiful from the looks the place is very comfortable and it’s quiet not many people are swimming here