The Nara Hotel that seems that just popped out from a Ghibli studio featured film it’s todays destination of our Sebastiano this fabulous place, that he is not sponsoring it’s a must for the people that want to live a unforgettable experience in Nara famous people like, Einstein, Charlie Chaplin and the Dalai Lama stayed here, and from today also Sebastiano Serafini! ok, he told me to say this sentence, is it too obvious? -whatever Hello guys and welcome to a knew video of Sebastiano Serafini in Japan! if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave a comment. Today I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite hotels in Japan it’s a extemely historic and fantastic where I spent some nights, during my stay in Nara, it’s a five star hotel and it’s all worth it! You have the feeling of being inside a ghibli movie all of the rooms have a fireplace, all people that work there are super kind and well – dressed the breakfast is so rich, like in a super luxury hotel, you can basically choose from a japanese breakfast or a more western breakfast, I recommend to choose the japanese breakfast, because it’s very high level. You will see everything in this video, I don’t want to anticipate anymore, Whatever, this hotel exists since the year 1909 and a lot of people slept there, like a little bit of all japanese emperors, when they visited Nara, and then different princes from other nations slept there, among the most popular or funny persons there slept, Charlie Chaplin, the Dalai Lama and above of that Einstein! There was a room where in a corner Einstein played the piano, can you imagine it? I wanted to play on it just as I saw it, I was super excited, but they told me I couldn’t play, so ok… This hotel is situated on a hill you will be surrounded by nature and parks, it seems to be like on a mountain in a super luxury cottage and while you eat you can see these deers, it’s so beautiful! sorry, the birds are too noisy but I will hope that above that, you apreciate the video. See you tomorrow always at 2pm (GMT+1), I hope you enjoy this video of the hotel Nara, if you happen to go there, I recommend you this hotel! Ciao let’s go eat breakfast! well, breakfast here cost about 30€ it’s not that cheap, but it’s really good! this one is the Japan style, most tipical one in Nara, I took the traditional Japan style breakfast. beautiful sight! here we have the Umeboshi, the Daikon, some vegetables, Tofu, Nori seaweed the Nara zuke, the rice, this one is the Miso soup, here we have a type of fish with some eggs, my friend took the Nara style breakfast, he took the rice with chaga tea it’s a high level cuisine it’s really good! the “tori” above the fire is too nice I need to do a video about them! this is when the emperor came, oh, I wanted to play the piano, but it’s forbidden! This piano was used by Einstein, well, did you know that our Einstein could play the piano? so, Einstein yes and me no?! This one every 15 minutes rings, they putted it here when the emperor was elected, very nice!