Hey cruisers the sun is setting here in
Long Beach and we are at the hotel Maya if you hear some thump base that is
because there is a massive and I do mean massive reggae concert down by the Queen
Mary and it is super loud super busy there are it seems like there are tens
of thousands of people there so we’re trying to get to a place where you can
hear me talking but I can hear the bass anyway
wanted to tell you a little bit more about this gorgeous hotel it is a
wonderful place for pre cruise travelers and it’s very unique and I wanted to
just share with you some of the things that we think make it unique my number
one favorite thing about this property is all of the fire pits that are spread
out around the property I think there’s about seven of them in total you can sit
by them and talk with your friends have a cocktail put your feet up you can
roast marshmallows that are provided to you in an adorable little kit by the
housekeeping staff in the after dinner hours it is so unique and different and
add to it that you’ve got the beautiful Long Beach skyline behind you and it’s
just there’s just really nothing quite like it it’s a really unique pre cruise
experience another thing we love about staying at this place is that the the
resort has kind of this small feel to it so there’s lots and lots of big towering
hotels in Long Beach that you can stay up before your cruise and they’re also
really awesome but there’s something that feels really intimate and kind of
beachy about the hotel Maya you have little clusters of buildings little
clusters of seating and things like that the next thing that I really enjoy about
this property is the pool and hot tub you guys you know I’m a sucker for
heated pools right they heat their pool – such a beautiful swimmable temperature
it’s really approachable it’s great nice hot tub very modern-looking a nice size
and they keep it super clean fresh warm gorgeous yellow and white striped towels
everywhere for you you can even order food and drinks poolside so there’s just some of the fun things
that we enjoy about this property and that keep us coming back year after year
have been here many times before so we highly encourage you to check it out if
you’re considering a pre Cruise stay in long beach thank you so much for
checking out the hotel Maya with us this weekend and until next time we’ll see
you on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe