llao llao hotel good good this afternoon we have planned
something special let’s have tea in llao llao hotel he is one of the most famous hotels in
the whole country in all of Argentina too well known here in patagonia and is a
hotel llao llao five star is a hotel luxurious we are not staying here
but we are going to have a nice afternoon having tea together our reservation is
by four in the afternoon so we still have an hour so let’s
walk around here a little show them the property because hotel llao llao is beautiful so
we are going to give you a tour the other side is located on the outskirts of bariloche at
kilometer height 25 perfect for those who want to become a
small city break the hotel It is located on a hill between
Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes and framed through the peaks of the hills López and
thunder is a place of pure beauty yes well I tell you a little about
transport and how to get here have a Very easy car to reach the hotel
we are staying in the reeds in life bell tower so google maps and se
I was saying it was going to be an hour and 20 minute walk that is quite not
we wanted to get tired so we used the card goes up that we bought in
bariloche but it’s almost almost there to hotel
now they will see Y i the construction of the hotel llao llao was
designed with stone and wood style Canadian and when one walks through their
hallways and halls is like that one I was inside a cabin
logs is a luxurious place and at the same time very cozy and there is more Y so let’s say a little early
it turns out that tea is at four and half no at four so we got
three options can we expect in the lounge we can walk through the
main hall where they have small stores and a lot of art on the walls or
we can wait outside on the terrace and it’s a beautiful day so here we are
enjoying it taking a little sun until it’s time for tea and now we are going to take the winter
garden to have tea and olga or as you can see tea time llao llao offers a
varied buffet table with all kinds of red fruit tart cakes
with brawn muffins and chocolates sandwiches and much more is better to come
without lunch to try and enjoy a little of everything
we start with the saladitos los sandwiches not with salmon and cream cheese and
another with raw ham that smiles and that maybe bite will be compact with
avocado and a cheese hides to me
Salmon is very tasty, it has a little of lemon juice sandwich
saluzzi cough like a famous raw cheese Pri cheese are going to see how you are what are we going to look for more
sandwichitos because they are delicious with this nor that they know that very rich very rich this aggregate
I asked for one called hywind with thai wind and it is a tea with malignancy
coconut and I think that jowls and mango Papaya I forget
I had It has a very tropical aroma like
thailand like it is a soft green tea with a very
nice aroma good to look very tell us what your name is
issue for me have cinnamon ginger key pain
cardamom i think you say and in May it means Indian market
here you have spices from that part of the world samuel processes 35 desserts
tell us what are you eating chocolate when that is already an almond if
burn with my hand by ivonne gómez mont many berenguer and
Cheesecake with berries all dead and now we are testing
first is almond chocolate and the bariloche area is well known for
their chocolates so what else are we going to work the macaroni
and yes I think it’s a show like you look
since that with berries our very creamy bird and finally the
lemon Lemon dance one of the favorites
is this berenguer all and now testing
I put cream and jam on it is undoing them very rich then they offered us a second drink
I chose a hot chocolate that spill a little and samuel chose a
cappuccino the hot chocolate was very sweet and thick exactly like
i like it Y
and just when we think that the tedh it was over they offered us a drink
of sparkling health and that was our experience drinking tea
at the hotel llao llao we loved it was very funny we took this in the winter
garden very nice winter garden price was 52 us dollars and that
included a lot of food sandwichitos cake with all kinds of candy too
two drinks per person first we drink tea then I had a hot chocolate
a cappuccino dies and at the end of it all sparkling so it was a lot of
meals we are more than satisfied what that we use the buffet is three or
four times so it was worth it beautiful place to
meet also have restaurants here where one can come to eat and we are
watching the menu It’s not as expensive as $ 17 or $ 20
for a main course that is not bad because this is a 5 hotel
stars and so come here to bariloche worth it you can’t
stay here as we don’t reach can come to have a nice
tea and well now we are waiting for you The bus arrives and we are returning to the
reeds here we have samuel to see what does he tell us he tells us we ate a lot of food yes do not add in club a lot