This is our room Very big comfortable bed TV desk Sea view from bed Let me tell you the room tariff Rs 5000 INR per night Room price in langkawi little high compare to Kuala Lumpur , but Keeping resort in mind Rs 5000 including breakfast , with nice view of sea I think , its good deal You can book here Full sea view Small breakout area is there You can drink tea and coffee This is called container cottage because the shape is like a container You will have a private balcony Where you can have tea coffee Which is facing the sea I am drinking coffee in my balcony This is an excellent feeling Because , nice view a cup of coffee Nice breeze blowing around . not so hot Pleasant weather now You please enjoy the view Let me enjoy the coffee Let me show you the resort The Ocean Residence These rooms are called container These are sea facing rooms We are staying in container cottage You will get great view . Shape is like a container These rooms are Might be bit low cost Because there is no direct sea view They have a separate swimming pool A long pool which can be accessed from all rooms Very good property Because you need to relax in Langkawi You can take room toward the town / city But if you want to relax on sea approaching area You many not enjoy on the town If you want to stay in this resort The Ocean Residence Then you need to come bit far from City / town around 3 KM Because its a resort You will get excellent view from here This is restaurant Morning complimentary breakfast Will be served here Looking like a cafe Mr. Iman has subscribed in my channel Next video will cover him as well He himself asked me to subscribe in his channel I have done that People here is welcoming on youtube vlog , video etc . This is the main entrance After entry this is the reception area Very peaceful area Away from town Natural & sea view Very beautiful mountains there This resort in an Island This a reception area, small villa is here Ocean front Villa 2 Sea view from villa This might be bit costly suite rooms Ocean suites This will be bit costly Sea view from the balcony on top Design and look is very good Sea view is covered from most of the rooms Only one category the long rooms where attached swimming pool is there You will not get direct sea view Langkawi is a good selection. Though it was not planned We booked 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur But at last moment one of my friend suggested that 3 nights not needed for Kuala Lumpur Atleast spend a night in Langkawi Immediately i canceled one night in KL Then booked a flight and came to langkawi One night is not enough in Langkawi As so many places and activities to do But my fly back to India at 10:30 PM tomorrow from KL So , i got a chance to stay 1 night But in one night I will cover the top destinations Ocean Shop If you want to purchase something Ice-cream or any small item You can purchase from here This is reception area You can seat and relax here Can take tea or coffee , its complimentary Very good cozy area staff behaviour is excellent Very good customer / guest handling Basic medicines are there for medical support