It is something that we build,
with the client, it’s not a relationship of a client and a
therapist. We’re basically family.
More than friends. People that visit us, they come every year. So, they feel our resort, they feel the spa is like home. So I suppose, I would ask you; ‘What are your daily habits? Where do you
live?’ ‘What’s your job?’ And depending on how stressful
your daily life can be based on that, I would recommend
a selection of different things that could be a combination of a face treatment,
of body exfoliation, body massage, a body rub, so it’s not just one thing
that we usually offer to people it’s a combination
that relaxes the mind, the body and the soul. I have a very big previous work experience
and the fact that I’m here so many years says it all
So I feel, like I’m at home as well, not only the clients. It’s the bond
between my colleagues, it’s the cooperation it’s the people
it’s everything it’s something magical.