I like the term ‘ bartender’, because this is what we have to do. Drinks is just a part of our job, bartending is an interactive job. You have to speak with your guest, the guest will give you some feedback and, as I’m saying, in one way we are trying to be the mirror of our guests: what we receive you will receive it back in a very positive way. I love the ‘classics’, and the one that is closest to the ‘classics’ give you all this palate, gives you this round taste, I can say it’s “Jasmine”. It’s bitter, it’s sweet, it’s quite aromatic… I love this cocktail. I start by chilling my glass and my shakers, then I will pour the ingredients in my shaker, I will shake it, I will stir it in the glass, I will make a simple garnish… ..then will give you it to enjoy. Because we’re working around the Summer and we need something really chilled and refreshing and with some local ingredients, there’s a “Cucumber Wasabi”, We use some cucumber water in that, grape juice, some wasabi paste. If you like sushi you will love this cocktail, and vodka flavoured with lemon, it’s extraordinary.