In this episode, some hacks you can use on your travels. You might find yourself sometimes, when you’re in the hotel room, you order some room service but you got no table to actually place your food on. All you need to do is grab the ironing board! I’m just going to put a towel over the top so I don’t dirty the ironing board la. And use it as a table, and you can eat comfortably without having to put it all on your lap, or holding it up to your face. Now the problem is, my food is cold and there’s no microwave in the room. All you need now to heat up your food is an iron and some aluminium foil. Wrap the iron up with an aluminium foil. Grab another piece, and create yourself a little bowl. Now I just need to keep my iron nice and steady so it’s not going to fall. Put my little makeshift bowl on top of the iron and then I put my food in there! Switch that on, and now we just wait for it to heat up! It’s working really well. You can see the steam or not? Wah, got steam eh! And then when you’re done, just turn it off and put it on your plate and it’s ready to eat! Nice hot leftovers without a microwave. You can actually even cook an egg, my friends! I might have cooked it for a little bit too long. Nonetheless, it’s cooked, right? Say you’re in a hotel room and you are craving some cup noodles with some hard boiled eggs. First of all, you’re not going to call room service because they’re going to charge you an absolute bomb, for some hard boiled eggs. So the solution is, just to get your own eggs from the supermarket, put your eggs inside the kettle. And then, just boil and wait. Is it switched on? Ok. I think my eggs are done, I’m going to take it out and see how well they’re cooked! A perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, that you can cook in a kettle in your hotel room. Check this out! I’ve made myself a little Gudetama! So cute right? This a great way to keep your room service leftovers. All you need is your shower cap, which they provide in the hotel. Just place it over your plate, it makes a really nifty little cover for my leftover food and I can come back to it later, and it’s going to be fly shit free. Well this stops all the insects and dust and everything to get into your food la. This hack is for those who haf forfoten – This hack for for those who have forgotten their hair tie. All you need is a shower cap, find the elastic-y bit. Cut the elastic bit out. It looks like a dog’s breakfast. But it’s going to serve it’s purpose, alright. Cheh neh neh neh, I still think this is much better than using a rubber band, because rubber bands pull your bloody hair out all the time. So say you’re on a holiday, and you want to indulge in some snacks, and you’re unable to finish them and you don’t have a clip. Don’t worry because all you need are some straws! You wanna grab one of the straws and you wanna cut it down the middle. Grab the other straw, fold the bag over the straw like that, and then with your cut straw, you just kiap it over the other straw. So that’s all there is to it! And it’s not going to fall out anyway, it’s very secure so you can throw it inside your bad and it’ll be completely fine. I hope. So you know how sometimes when you’re traveling and you’re wearing makeup and you forget to bring your makeup remover? Don’t do what I did many years ago, which was to get a cloth and scrub the makeup off with the cloth. I ended up with two black eyes man. Which is not good la. Anyway, nobody wants a black eye ok? So a great way to remove your makeup is actually just using some conditioner. And all hotels have conditioner right? I’ve got my eyeliner, and then I’m going to grab some conditioner, put it over the eyeliner, wipe it off and just like that, it is wiped off! See. Really really simple, and you won’t have black eyes. Orh bah kak, which means black eyes. Conditioner is not the only thing that works, you can also use moisturiser or anything oil-based, that also works. Also, conditioner is also a great substitute for shaving cream, so you don’t have to do a dry shave, which is also very handy to know. So if you hate any kind of light peeping through the curtains when you are in a hotel room and you just want to have a nice sleep in, here’s a simple solution! Just grab a hanger, the kind with the clips, and with the clips, you just kiap the curtains like this. So there you go, it is super dark now, and you can rest peacefully. So there you go, it’s really really dark, and now you can rest. Now if ever you’re stuck with wet socks and you need them dried really fast, here’s a really good solution. Just go to your hairdryer, place a sock over the nozzle, and let it do its magic, baby. Wah it’s really hot! Oh my god! As you can see, it’s drying really really quickly and now I got a really hot sock. That took like less than a minute. Super fast, super easy and now I’m ready to wear my socks. And we have come to the end of yet another episode now if you didn’t already know, I’ve started designing our own merchandise! And we’ve got some stuff up on sale! So maybe you can go and find something you like. You can go check them out on at Also, you can follow me on Instagram on @RJT99 and if you like this video, subscribe, baby, and don’t forget to hit that bell so that you can get notified each time a video comes out! Or you can just simply download the free Clicknetwork APP to watch most of the videos before they hit YouTube. Thanks for watching guys, muah, ding!