is that her camera up one up everybody in the same right nobody invited you in here today it’s Damon and Jo Damon and Josh do that cuz people actually get confused it’s game it’s generated a minute okay we’re in a hotel and yeah you guys know it’s all staying Airbnb is we stay with host families we stay in hostels but today we’re in a hotel and we came up with a list of tips to make the most of your next hotel stay and now you’re probably thinking oh I’ve seen some of these tips on the internet we’re gonna tell you the ones that we think are actually legitimate I don’t know this like using your iron to make a grilled cheese okay that one’s cool if you sit in one it was like you can boil broccoli in the coffee pot oh dear that just we actually use first legitimate tip but all you need to know at home just come with me okay so you see this nice big white bed I feel so good except this pillow here these throw pillows these things never get washed because you know what you do you do this and that’s really saying they don’t have a removable pillow case like these ones so if I’m gonna get washed at often this means they’re collecting dirt and you don’t want that on your pretty little face do you know your dome you get two hotel room you’re feeling so good while your life you won’t play the chance to celebrate so you put music on your phone but it is not loud enough and it’s so depressing if you’re in the bathroom and you can’t hear your music so you find something to put your phone and to make your own speakers so after an hour-long jam session your phone’s probably dead if you’re in an international hotel probably don’t have an adapter to plug your phone in so you find the television use your USB cord and go to the USB port boom so you’re finished charging and you have nothing better to do with your life I mean and so then you want to take a shower and shave your legs because you don’t want to look like Jewel Bako when you walk through the swimming pool so you look for the shaving cream but there is not and then you get the conditioner and you laugh when your legs you got yourself some free conditioner to take home because you know I’m gonna take all of these lotions home goodbye strap your nice shower with shaped legs you might want to use the hotel Rose which I do all the time now when you first put it on you may think that you look like P Diddy from a 90s music video and you do but don’t we all want to be P Diddy Puff Daddy Sean Combs so you’re all shaved up robed up and your phone is now charged but you don’t know what the Wi-Fi code is because the only network that they allowed you to access was the basic B once said everybody else is on so what you’re going to do is you’re gonna check Yelp Foursquare or any other online forum to see what the Wi-Fi code for the high-speed network is because you better believe we will be posting that answer and so will other people so you can get some Netflix on okay so when you finally found the high-speed Wi-Fi passwords and you’re ready to watch some Netflix and go to sleep your bill is probably too mushy for me all for too mushy so here’s what I do take off the pillowcase grab a fresh towel and place the towel inside the pillowcase and you have yourself a more firm pillow now I can go to sleep and if you’re like us and you’re always running late you need to call down to the lobby and tell them that you need a late check-out I believe anybody get a tan permit to check out like 15 minutes if that’s possible okay awesome thank you so much that’s how you do it so when you’re getting ready to leave your hotel room and you don’t want to forget which room you’re in grab your phone walk outside your room and set a photo ID but you guys okay if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe and comment below did we miss any tips because those were our like part 1 hotel – well we have 50 minutes left up in here so make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video go by officially it’s like seven now because we’ve done this video so many times ok we need you to keep clicking the side while we’re trying to get up out of here there are so many more videos to watch we need you to subscribe like comment and love us because we’re gonna be at the pool oh one thing one get one thing this you can check out but you can leave your bags in hotel and then go to the pool jammer right we’re yeah we’re gonna go we’re gonna definitely do that like leaving this establishment it’s one of those like you can you gotta you gotta go home but you gotta get out of here I’m not going home and I’m not getting out of here you get out of my room okay goodbye