Potsdamer Platz is one
of Berlin’s most vibrant centres. The Beisheim Center is located here, and is home to two luxury hotels. One was recently fitted
by Inolares with an innovative
room automation system. Stay here and you’ll enjoy
the highest possible comfort. A major role plays
the room panel programmed by Inolares, which is based on
the highly flexible Saia PCD® technology, The Beisheim Center is prime
real estate in the heart of Berlin. With the modernization
with SBC products it takes on a lead role
in building digitalization. The network-based infrastructure offers totally new potential
for energy efficiency, and simplifies the maintenance and
operation of complex structures. A special challenge was to do the work
during running operation, without the operator having
to make any compromises. This produces significant added
value for the owners. The big benefit of this automation
is its control: Quite simply with a fingertip
on the room panel’s touchscreen or via a tablet or smartphone. Alternating lighting scenarios
can be set as defaults. Guests can arrange
housekeeping, wake-up calls and room service
just as they wish. Special requirements
are also possible. The rooms’ ventilation
and shading are also controlled with this unit, which talks to international guests
in the language they understand best:
theirs! Everyone then feels at home –
wherever they are from. And whatever they plan to do. We got the idea
during renovation work in a 5-star hotel when we came
across a room control system that was really rather outdated, something just wasn’t right. So we developed an interface
based on the room panel from SBC which is both user-friendly
and also looks really good. The highlight is we can
adjust the user interface to the most diverse target groups
and their requirements, in a design hotel in New York – or a quiet, remote facility for seniors. In total some 300 rooms
and 40 suites, plus conference rooms, restaurants,
corridors and the foyer were fitted with more than
330 Saia PCD7 room panels. Some 300 E-Line modules
automatically ensure optimum lighting, shading
and heating and ventilation. But the room automation
is not just comfortable for the guest, it is also thoroughly energy-efficient
in the entire building. With huge savings potential. Saia Burgess Controls
and its system and technology partners form a strong team for
building and infrastructure automation. We focus on our products here. The free programmability
and the numerous interfaces enable practically
unlimited applications. We supply the components and systems, our partners take care of the planning,
engineering and implementation. Inolares could then meet
the operator’s requirements up to 100% and design a user-friendly and exclusive
user interface for our room panel. With the Saia PCD7 room panel, automation specialist SBC and its technology partner Inolares have created
an innovative automation solution for luxury category hotels, which can be flexibly applied
in all commercially used buildings.