male narrator: New Orleans
is a city where anything goes, famous for its rich
street culture, hot jazz scene
and even hotter cuisine. Thousands of people visit
New Orleans every month. So how do you invent
a totally new kind of hotel in the Big Easy? It’s gonna be anything
but simple. – This is not what
we want to see at all. It’s not there. – This is our chance
to get it right, because you can only open
a hotel once. – Uh-uh. No!
– [laughs] – I need you here
in the next 45 minutes. This is absolutely
unacceptable. – Oh, I’m ready. I’m like, “Let’s do this.” – Go. – Ah. I’m shaking. – I have to go to my room
and cry. Trust me, I’m not happy. narrator: To create Marriott’s
latest boutique hotel brand, it will take vision,
determination and one hell of a lot
of moxie. [rock music] ♪ ♪ [clock ticking] [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ In New Orleans,
the Marriott development team is attempting the impossible. They’re opening a hotel
unlike anything the city
has ever seen before. It’s a bold new concept
in hospitality. They call it Moxy. Marriott partnered up with
hotel owners around the world to create the new brand, and to launch it in style, this high-profile location
will be right around the corner from New Orleans’
historic French Quarter. – Our concept had to do
with New Orleans, especially the French Quarter, being one of the last
Bohemian outposts in the United States. – We really had
to blow out everything and completely rethink how we
were gonna make this space work. narrator: Nine months ago, architects began
transforming the old building into Moxy’s chic,
industrial space. Now that the grand opening
is just 11 days away, reality is hitting hard. Renovation still has
a long way to go. Top executives from Marriott arrive to oversee
the final countdown. Leading the team is
Jason Nuell, VP of Brand Operations. – I personally started
working on this project probably a little bit
over two years ago. What’s really important
for us now is to be part
of the execution of it, because we’ve designed things
for a certain reason. We want them
to hang like that. – Okay, yeah. – Not like that. It’s just a matter
of fine-tuning everything. We didn’t put
anything in here we didn’t think,
this is it and it’s good. Will we defend
what we’ve created? Hell yes. ♪ ♪ – Jason is kind of
the Hotel Whisperer, the guru of a lot
of the design and the thought process
of the look of the living room, the look of the room,
the look of the bar. – The bar is the anchor,
and then for me it’s all about how big and
how bold is that bar gonna be? So front desk is here, right? Never been done before,
so we know it’s new. The world I work in
is the lifestyle space. It has to be more than
just a functional product. We’re making experiences
for people. narrator:
Finishing construction isn’t the crew’s
only challenge. To introduce their hotel
to the public, the Moxy staff is planning
an outrageous party for opening night. – This is a brand builder. This is our chance
to get it right, ’cause you can only
open a hotel once. ♪ ♪ – Because we open
so many hotels, we create a timeline
based on the number of weeks out from opening
that the hotel is. And once that time clock
starts ticking, you’ve got to make sure
you can deliver in the end. There’s a significant amount
of dollars attached to this. – The countdown’s
the most exciting time. You’ve got 11 days to go
before the hotel opens, and you’ve got everybody
that’s so passionate trying to achieve one goal. – Everybody needs
to be able to know how to do everything,
and the only way to do that is to get into the hotel
and basically live here for 10, 11, 12 days straight. [clock ticking] narrator:
Since the Moxy experience is never business as usual, it will take a special kind
of employee to bring the fun. Instead of hiring
traditional workers from the hospitality industry, Moxy is assembling
fresh faces and free spirits. Attracting the perfect staff is gonna be
one of the hardest parts of opening this hotel,
and there’s not much time left. all: Moxy! [upbeat music] narrator:
To find their new staff, Crew Captain Kenny Jacques and their Sales Director,
Jennifer Merryman, hit the streets. – Here at Moxy
we interview people way differently
than any other hotel. And we really hope
that we can find some people that are, you know,
not your typical hotel person. Some artists, musicians, and just some incredibly
spirited people. – Let me give you my card. – All right. – I’ll get back to you. – All right. – All right, man. All right, man. – Awesome. – Cool. – Um, okay, one o’clock. – Yeah, that guy looks
a little too serious. Tourist. – Tourist. When we hire, we really
look for personality over experience. Have you ever worked
in a hotel before? – No, I’ve always
shied away from hotels just because of the fact that
every time I look they want experience. I don’t have it. You know, I don’t have
hotel experience. – Do you always
smile like that? – Yeah. – All right, well,
that’s all we need. – We want to break the mold what a traditional interview,
what a traditional hotel and what a traditional job
is like. If you were to have
a house party, what is it like? – I’m dancing, because I’ve had
a couple drinks in my system. I think it’d be pretty loud. – Do you want to work
for Moxy? – Um… I’m definitely, like,
kind of amped. – Perfect! – All right, awesome. – This’ll be awesome. – From the very second
we met her, she exuded Moxy. – Oh, my gosh, this is
a place that I need to be. I fit in to the T. narrator:
For Kenny and Jennifer, the staff search continues. While back at the hotel,
stylist Dari Casillas is just getting started. Dari has been brought in
to style Moxy’s open concept public spaces. – I can see there’s
a lot of things to do still. Marriott brings me here
ahead of their opening to stage the areas. I bet it’s gonna look amazing. Moxy amazing. What I like the most
about Moxy is it’s creative,
it’s eclectic, its irreverence. Is that a word? [chuckles] – I ought to give this one
to my ex. – “You’re the worst.” Don’t you love it? – Yeah, I love it. narrator:
Dari usually spends weeks creating the perfect
atmosphere for her clients. This time she only has
two days to get the job done, and it’s got to be perfect. – Do you expect to be done
in a day and a half? – It has to be. I’m leaving and I like
to see things finished. narrator: But as Dari and her
assistant unpack her orders, she immediately realizes
there’s a serious problem. – This one is not here. You received only these two? – Mm-hmm. narrator: Less than half
the orders have arrived, so Dari will have to source
the rest of the items locally. Somehow she’s got to decorate
5,000 square feet of Moxy in just two days
without losing her mind. Trust me, I’m not happy. [clock ticking] [clock ticking] narrator:
The boutique hotel Moxy is scheduled to go live
in just eight days. It’s up to Dari Casillas to style the public spaces, but most of her orders
haven’t arrived. Now her back is up
against the wall. I got so many cool things. I don’t see them here. I might not have enough time
to finish everything. I have to finish unpacking just
to make a list of the things that I have not received
and what I have received. And after that, shopping, and go to my room and cry. Kidding. [laughs] I don’t cry. narrator: New Orleans
have never experienced the magic of Moxy. So Jennifer assembles her team and goes out
to generate some buzz. – Since we are gearing up
to open, the think it’s really important
to get our crew out in the community,
talking about Moxy. – Oh, I’m ready. I’m like, “Let’s do this.” – Right now we’re going to
open French Quarter Festival, which is a huge music festival
that happens every year. And so we thought
it was really important to make sure that
we’re a part of this, especially since
a lot of locals come to this festival. all: Moxy!
[cheering] – It takes a lot of guts
to come into this market, where you have
the traditional hotels that have been around
for decades. And so I knew that
being a part of something that was so nontraditional
would be really fun and challenge what I know
about hospitality. – Hey, girl,
you’ve got lots of moxie! Here you go! all: Moxy! – Whoo! all: Moxy! – Yeah!
[excited chatter] Let me see y’all go.
all: Moxy! – May 3rd! narrator:
While Jennifer’s crew was getting wild
in the streets, Kenny is stuck. He’s been waiting months
for the hotel’s liquor license to be approved,
but it’s still a no-show. This is potentially
catastrophic, since guests receive a free
drink when they check in. No liquor, no Moxy. [line rings]
– Hello? – Hey, man, it’s Kenny
from Moxy New Orleans. How are you? – Good, Kenny. How you doing? – Just, you know,
the question we’re all trying
to get answered. Any update on the
liquor license? narrator:
Without a full service bar, Moxy can’t open on schedule. The cost to both
the fledgling brand and Kenny’s reputation
will be enormous. – Nothing starts until
we have the green light to sell liquor. Everything’s riding on it. – I know this isn’t
what you wanna hear, but, no, no update right now. Wish I had
better news for you. – This is a really bad
situation for us. We absolutely
need this license to open this hotel, now. narrator:
Securing the liquor license is just one of Kenny’s
countless challenges. Today he’s taking a walkthrough
with Amie Gareissen, point woman for Marriott HQ. – Hi, Kenny. How are you? – Hey. What’s going on? narrator:
Kenny’s got to show her that he can deliver the Moxy
in just seven days. – At an opening
what we normally do is we give our guidance
just essentially on what we think is a big priority
that you need to have happen at this point in time. Kenny’s been our leader
in charge, and we’ll coordinate,
walk through the space, and identify
some additional areas that he needs
to pay attention to. So then from a standpoint
of staffing, do you have enough individuals
that could make this happen? – Amie’s maybe the project
manager’s worst nightmare. She’s kind of the yes or no if we’re gonna open
the Moxy on time. – I’ve opened a lot of hotels. When I saw this project,
I just thought from knowing how this goes,
it’s gonna be tough to see that they can
make this happen. – There are things
that I thought were okay or I didn’t even know about
that she points out. – Someone was kind enough
to put ferns and stuff, but we need to get rid
of things like this. – Okay. It’s not supposed to be
for the first time, but sometimes I don’t know
what she’s talking about. – This shelf needs
to be removed, and it’s made out of metal. So what can we do
to adjust this piece? – I’ve tried to slip
a few things past her, but I think maybe
I’ve gotten a few, but not much. – This part is a priority. We need to get this wrapped up,
because right now when you look around,
there’s activity in all areas, and we’re getting
within that timeline where things need
to be over, finished. – All right. – Guest ready. That is not good. So that barn door
has been in discussion, and we don’t want to see into
the service side of the kitchen. There’s a lot to do, and you think, wow,
I’ve got to make this happen. [rock music] So do you think everyone
understands the timeline though at this point? Because, again,
we’re at midday on Monday. Not to make you sweat. – Yeah, I mean, we’re concerned. – Okay. Okay. – So I’ve spoken to my boss
at my management company, and we are all concerned
about that. – Okay. narrator: To find the decor
for Moxy’s public spaces, Dari takes off on
a shopping spree with Cierra. ♪ ♪ – Today’s crucial. I’m concerned that we are
missing a lot of stuff. Sierra is my expert advisor, and she’s taking me around. She’s gonna take me
to the fabulous thrift shops of New Orleans. – Oh, my God, they have
so much [bleep] in here. We gotta make some deals. – If you identify something
that is very New Orleans, just tell me. – Yeah. ♪ ♪ Here we go. The fleur-de-lis
is a symbol for the Saints. – Sometimes people think
that the stuff I get, it’s ugly or it’s junk. But I already want to know
what I want to do with it. Isn’t she lovely? One I position it,
people are like, “Now I understand.” – ♪ All right ♪ – Her name is Leslie. – Uh-uh, leave Leslie
where she is. Uh-uh, leave her
where she is, honey. We cannot afford to have
no little ghosts and goblins around here. Uh-uh, she jump off
the shelf and start running. Uh-uh. – Do you believe in that? – Uh-uh. No. – So I found a lot of things in
the thrift shops that I liked, but I was still looking
for Voodoo shops and things that are more
festive as well. We’re in the correct place. – Yeah. – These are amazing. – They are. – Well, I like the purple beads. – Yeah, yeah. – Right? So I’m taking this one. – All right. narrator: Dari finally
has everything she needs. But no matter how good
Moxy looks, one piece of the puzzle
is still missing: the liquor license. – When you open a hotel,
there’s so much dotting Is and crossing Ts
and paperwork, and the fact that we don’t
have our liquor license, it’s just out of your control. It’s very frustrating, And so Kenny is
a little stressed out. – I’m just calling the city, trying to get
to the bottom of this. It seems like we’re kind of
not the priority that we feel we are. So just continue to try
to put some pressure on them. If I don’t get it,
we’re not gonna open the hotel. It’s kind of something
that keeps you up at night, because you can’t control it. [clock ticking] narrator: At the center
of Moxy’s social life is an elaborate, funky bar, but the first cocktail
still hasn’t been poured. With opening day
less than a week out, the liquor license
is still MIA. – When you have a space such as
our lobby, living room, bar area, but then you
realize that the heartbeat of that space is the bar, well, if that’s the heartbeat, then the liquor is the blood. – As long as put our beverage
orders in by tomorrow at 3:00 P.M.,
all vendors have confirmed that they can get it to us,
you know, COD for Friday. So we’ll stock everything
Friday. All right, thanks. Talk to you later, bye. That was Amie. We got word
on the liquor license. It’s somewhere in the building. The attorney apparently
dropped it off. I don’t think he really did,
but no one here has seen it. I really want to get it
in my hands right now since it’s supposedly here
to really feel good about it. Check this person’s bag. Whoever that is. Uh…I think this is it. [chuckles]
In this person’s bag. – You can’t really give
a welcome cocktail if we don’t have anything
to make a cocktail with. So it was a little scary. – That’s a beautiful thing,
right there. – Put it in a very safe place. – Yep. – Just remember
where that safe place is. – I’ll try. – [chuckling] Yeah. narrator:
Before the bar can open, the staff has
to get up to speed. Bartenders are still learning
how to mix the signature Moxy Cocktail. – The final weeks, that’s
when people really realize it’s not about making a bed. It’s about making a Moxy bed. It’s not about
how you mix a cocktail. It’s how do you mix
a Moxy Cocktail? all: Three, two, one! – Let’s do it! – Ooh! [laughter] – We’re taking crewmembers that
have never bartended before, and we’re opening a bar
in about 48 hours. But that’s okay. We’re gonna get them
behind the bar and get their shaky nerves
out of the way, and we’ll get ’em mixing
some cocktails in no time. Go. – That’s so not fair. Oh, my God. – Turn it around the other way. – Ah. When they told us
we needed to bartend, I was definitely scared, ’cause I don’t have
any bartending experience. I don’t know
what goes with what, what will taste good. I don’t know
anything about that. I’m shaking. – It’s okay. – Everyone was freaking out
and trying to figure out a way, “Wait, what am I doing? What am I doing?” – Go to town. Come on, come on. Go for it. There you go. – [indistinct shouting] – It took some time. We like to see
30 seconds per cocktail. So we have a little bit
of a gap here. Our extended time was about
5 minutes and 50 seconds, but the cocktails came out
great at the end of it, so we can always work on speed
and execution at the end. There we go.
[all cheering] Very nicely done. narrator: Once they’re done
with Mixology 101, the crew heads out for more
on-the-job training. Marriott’s social media guru shows them how to level up
their photo game. – The focus is taking pictures that are fun, spirited,
thoughtful. – All right, you ready? – Talk to me about this picture. What’s going on here? – I feel like having
a seafood hangover. Like, I stuffed myself so much,
like, “Ahh, I’m throwing up.” – What would the hashtag
for that be potentially? #crawfish? #seafood hangover? #at the Moxy, right? – Definitely. – So there’s a lot of different
things that we can do with that to make that a fun picture. – [chuckling] [bleep] – Awesome. Very nice. [bell dinging] narrator: Most of the staff
can celebrate the end of another tough day. For Dari and her crew though, a long night of decorating
still lies ahead. ♪ ♪ – You’re on the clock. Every 24 hours things change. It’s amazing what
we can achieve in 24 hours. ♪ ♪ narrator: When the sun rises
the next morning, there are just 48 hours left
until Moxy goes live. Crunch time has
officially begun, and now it’s up to Jennifer
to make sure all the loose ends
are tied up. – Once you get
one or two days out, it’s like, this is happening. We’re gonna have people
walking through our doors in 48 hours. So are the rooms perfect? Do we have the music playing? Are the speakers set up? Is that actually hooked up
to the circuit? It’s that kind of stuff, so it’s making sure that
everything’s gonna be perfect. – I have about
12 out of order rooms. I have two AC guys
going in rooms that I’ve already cleaned. So I’m like, hey,
absolutely do not put anything on my made bed already. So it’s like, I’m so sorry. narrator: The reimaged exterior
was designed to show off Moxy’s bold style and spirit. Trouble is, the facade
installation isn’t done. Not even close. When she hears
about the delays, Amie jets in
to help troubleshoot. It’s just two days
until go time, and Amie discovers
that major construction still isn’t finished. Not for the first time,
Kenny is in the hot seat. – So we’re sitting
at Monday afternoon. Installation’s not complete, and then we still have
to paint this stripe. – Yeah. – And we have the rest
of today and tomorrow. Do we know how late they’re
gonna work tonight? – I’ve done everything I can,
so it’s scary for me with the pressure
that we were under to get this place open. It’s harder
than you would think. – This is not
what we want to see… – Yeah. – The few days
before opening at all. And then we still have
this entire area which needs to be cleaned. Opening is two days away. Construction has to be complete. This has to be cleaned and
complete the day before opening. – Yeah, correct. – This look and feel is just– It’s not there. [clock ticking] [clock ticking] [bell dinging] narrator: While the
construction crew struggles with the hotel exterior, Amie and Kenny get real. No way will Moxy
open on schedule. – We’re sitting here
two days out from opening. – Yep. – And how to get
those answers. We’re really just gonna have
to review the results tonight. If an opening is delayed, it could potentially cost
thousands of dollars. You have public relations
events, you have media. You have all of these
different things that you have to rearrange. There’s a lot on the line. – If it doesn’t open,
that’s my fault. We’re not making money. We don’t have guests coming in who were expecting
to see Moxy. narrator: After reviewing
the ongoing projects still in progress,
Amie calls a staff meeting. – So just big news
is that based on the exterior we have to move
the opening date. The night before opening
is when I really know they just could not
accomplish it. That’s when you have to have
the difficult conversations. So we’re gonna be moving
that back one day right now, but that will potentially
continue to move if that exterior
is not completed It’s impactful. It’s a very personal process
for everyone. And so it’s
a little bit gut-wrenching if you have to make
those adjustments. – They’re still working on
the exterior of the building, and actually they’ve
asked me for rooms tonight so they can work
as late as they can. We’ll let ’em do
whatever they want as long as we can get
this place opened. narrator: The last-minute
extension helps, but the staff is still
racing the clock to complete
the finishing touches. – Even though the opening
has been pushed, operationally we need
to have everything set. Today is D-Day for us. ♪ ♪ Find an electrician, see if
they can pop this out for us. – Okay. – The next two days
is the difference how we separate ourselves
from the rest of the market. – I was thinking that
we could put yellow there, and then put those back
in the lounge area. – It was designed a certain way
on our floor plan, but actually
when you get in there not only is it
what it looks like, but what’s it feel like
when you walk in the space? So yellow, yellow? – Yeah, let’s try it. – Okay. narrator: Moxy is finally
feeling right, but it’s still
not ready to open. Before Amie can give
the green light, she makes
her final inspection. – Everyone’s
on pins and needles. We’re gonna walk around,
we’re gonna check our list, and we’re gonna see if
everything has been accomplished so that we can open the hotel. – They took out
the center shelf, and so we have a storage area
for the grab-and-go chips. That looks good? – Looks good. – Cool. – In advance of our walk, I think he secretly
snuck around to make sure that he had checked
off everything on the list. He was in control,
in charge and knew exactly what
condition his hotel was in. So let’s take a look and see
how far they’ve come. – Okay. – The awning has been
a big concern. To green light the opening, I need to go check and see
if they’re done. So it looks like they just
simply have to remove the film. It’s like the big reveal. – Yeah, I know. It’s definitely gonna
be done today. – Okay, great. – I’ve been waiting
for the green light to open this hotel
for months. I don’t know how
I’ll handle another setback, so I just want to get
this place open and get the final
confirmation from her. We can’t go through
another delay. [clock ticking] – So I think finally
we’re ready to go. – Really? Awesome. – I know. – I’ve got a few more things
to do outside, and then we’re good to open. – Awesome. – Got the green light. – Oh, yeah, let’s do it. – Ready for the first guest? – I’m ready, we’re ready. We’re all ready. – I know, I’m excited. – Thank you. It’s an amazing feeling. There’s been thousands
of man-hours, and a number of people that
have helped make this happen. We’ve accomplished something that not a lot of people
get a chance to, so we’re pumped up. – This is years
of work and effort. It’s dreams that you have. And to see these dreams
finally come, to where
you could open the doors and you can see
the celebration and the excitement
in everyone’s eyes, I think it’s just
indescribable. ♪ ♪ narrator: Opening the hotel
is a major victory for the Moxy staff. But now they have
a new challenge, to throw a grand opening party
that screams Moxy. Just when Kenny is sure
nothing else can go wrong, he gets bad news. The air conditioning system
is fried. It’s July in New Orleans, and if the AC can’t be fixed, Moxy’s opening night
will be one hot mess. – One of the units on
the first third of the lobby was kinda going haywire. We’ve made a call
to the AC company, and they’re up here
looking at it, but it needs to be done
right now. We definitely want it
to be nice and cool tonight. A lot of people showing up. narrator: Now it’s up
to the event planner to pull it all together,
no matter what it takes. – My DJ booth is not here. This is absolutely
unacceptable. I need you here
in the next 45 minutes, or I’m not gonna pay
for what I’ve ordered. This is the moment when
things get super chaotic. We are finding a new table
for our DJ booth. We are going to print
on some reprints of artwork that’s going up on the wall. We are sourcing some
additionally lighting fixtures to really brighten up the space and make it all come together. So this is go time. Everyone’s kinda running around, getting their [bleep] done. [clock ticking] [upbeat music] narrator:
Overcoming training struggles and construction delays, the Moxy team nails it. Time to party,
and it’s gonna be lit. [cheers and applause] – All this way
and all this work to finally get
this thing open. As you can see, a lot of great
people here having a ball. I think all this effort’s
really been worth it for us. ♪ ♪ – I’m so proud of the fact that all of us
have come together, and a lot of us didn’t know what we were getting
ourselves in to. A lot of us didn’t have
the right experience to do this. And we got 108 rooms ready. – I feel very, very proud. Moxy’s like a fun party that you’ll want to be at. – You never forget an opening. You’ll talk to people that have
opened a hotel before, they’ll be able to tell you
when, what it was like, and they’ll still
remember that hotel, passionately about it. – Now we’re open,
and it’s just–it’s magical. It’s just–it’s magic. [cheers and applause] – Are we excited,
Moxy New Orleans? [wild cheering]