[Music] just arrived in Mexico City finally on vacation been working pretty hard past few months excited to be here I love every time come to Mexico City currently in Condesa first time staying here thought I’d show you around let’s check out the hotel so here we got living area nice through here I get the bedroom sort of wood paneled door there here’s the bathroom oh Lucia I don’t know how I get out there here we go whoa yeah looser vibes very nice yes so I think tonight we’ll go to maybe a bar nearby or something have a friend who actually owns like a kind of Club thing to check out called Ben Golub are definitely recommend it if you’re in town and just really happy to be here honestly it’s very comfortable right now coming from San Francisco temperatures pretty much the same you can see over there in the distance Tory Reforma all the skyscrapers you guys enjoyed this mini tour of hotel Condesa de fa and yeah we hope to show you some more things in the coming days bye guys [Music]