(dramatic music) (grunts) – [Everest] Visiting hours are never! – [The Nurse] Busy night at the Artemis. – I thought we could do a little game. – Alright.
– Go for it. – Alright, we’re gonna see
how many pop culture hotels you can identify. – Oh, it’s not gonna well for me. – Okay. – Oh, wow. – Oh, God. – Transylvania – Transylvania, that’s Dracula. – [Drew] There you go. – [Bautista] Looks like
it’s Hotel Transylvania. – Transylvania. – Hotel Transylvania. – Transylvania? – [Drew] Yep. – Is that Versailles? – Oh, no it’s, um Ray Fiennes, right? – [Jodi] Oh, Grand Budapest! Yeah, okay. – [Charlie] Oh, actually this
is going to go well for me. – Grand Budapest? – Grand Budapest. – Oh, Grand Budapest. – Budapest Hotel. – Yeah – Grand Budapest. – Grand Budapest. – Shining. – No, this is- – Oh, wait, it’s the floor. Oh, so that’s the carpet
from “The Shining”, but they’ve used it in
“American Horror Story”. – Yes! – Is that Hotel Roosevelt? – The Continental. – No, it’s AHS. – American Horror Story, way to go. Okay, cool. – [Drew] American Horror Story: Hotel. – Oh. – Okay – Oh, “The Shining”. – [Charlie] Oh, yeah,
that- The Overlook Hotel. – [Sofia] That’s the Overlook Hotel. – “Shining”. – [Drew] Yeah, The Overlook Hotel. – Look at you. – Oh, it’s from “Blade Runner”, isn’t it? – [Drew] No. – I can’t tell, I don’t
have my glasses on. What the hell’s going on? – Oh, that’s “The Shining”! – [Drew] That’s “The Shining”, yes. – Where is that again? – The interior is in Colorado
and the exterior in Oregon. – Portland, yeah. – Oh, Charlie, you’re good. – I’m a film buff. – “Casino”? – No, no no. – Yes! – Is it “Casino”? I was
about to say “Swingers” but it’s “Casino”, yeah. Nice one. – Something in Las Vegas,
but we don’t know what it is. – [Drew] That is “Casino”. – [Bautista] “Casino”. – [Charlie] Ah, “Oceans Eleven”? – [Drew] No, “Casino”. – Oh. – “Ocean’s Eleven”? I don’t know. – [Drew] “Casino”. – Oh that’s “Casino”. – Yeah – Oh, that’s good. That’s a deep cut. – If you know your movies. – Hotel California? – No, it’s the Safari
Inn from “True Romance”. – (both) Oh! – Tarantino! Oh my god, that’s one
of my favorite movies. – Love “True Romance”. – I have no idea, is it Batman? – [Drew] “True Romance”, the Safari Inn. – You guys, we are bombing. – [Drew] “True Romance”. – Oh, wow, yes. – Oh. – That looks like “True Romance”. – [Drew] Yes! You’re the first person to get it. – Your mom probably
knows this if you don’t. – My mom does? – Yeah. – Don’t you talk about my mom. – Oh, is it “Casablanca”? – It looks like the assault in “Bad Boys” – [Drew] No, no, it’s the
“Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – (laughs) – Oh, I was about to say that! I love that movie! – I was gonna say “Kingsman”. – I mean, you’re British,
you should know this. “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. – Ah, yeah, but I’m also not 76. – (laughs) – Jodi, you’re in this
movie, so you have to know. – “The Hotel New Hampshire” – There you go! – Okay, I remember that one. – Come on, bra. Come on, bra. – Yeah, it’s- – 1974, “New Hampshire Hotel” – Wow, no, look at all these hotels! – Oh, I do know. “Hotel New Hampshire”? – Yes! – Oh, Jodi’s gonna kill us. – “Hotel New Hampshire” – Oh! – [Drew] Close!