The definition has to be customized to what your most valuable customer wants and then that’s how the hospitality industry needs to go at it. It’s one thing to say that the guest is at the center which means that everything you’re doing in your hotel is all focused on what you’re hearing from the guest, but I think the truly high-value guest – the guest you want to never leave your business – you need to take it one step further. You need to look at it from the perspective of: “This is what we need to do when they are at the hotel, but what about when they are not at the hotel”, What about when they’re at home, what about when they’re just booking their airlines is there a way that we can also help them do that? So it’s about taking what’s really important to your guest and understanding that they’re not only staying with you, but they’re also really loyal to another company, brand, luxury retailer, luxury yacht company, or luxury airline company How can you also assist them and really make their lives easier? A lot of hotel companies are trying to – right from the very beginning or as soon as the customer walks in the door – “throw” luxury at them. But people travel for different reasons and as much as you really want to think that you know why they’re there you really don’t know until you have that first interaction with the guest. So I think that you can really define luxury by first engaging with them, finding out what is the true purpose of why they’re there, and then you develop luxury over the stay and it becomes more of a lasting memory. It’s really important to understand your workforce, and understanding that having a diverse workforce and a diverse culture is one thing but then to be able to utilize that in how you train, how you grow people and how you use their knowledge to better service the guest, or better service the strategy or the vision or your company, then it’s really going to work together. Diversity is never enough and if you don’t invest in inclusion, you will not be able to succeed and then you take the risk of having an unbalanced culture and that’s your strongest motivation