Mo’s getting f* up. She doesn’t smoke tabacco ever Hi guys! Welcome back to Way Beyond Pad Thai Channel and today, Somehow in This video, we’re in Malaysia already Last video, we’re in Singapore I’m at this hipster area Super cool ice-cream shop Massage place, Barber shop The area called Tan Hiok Nee Heritage walk I don’t want Malaysians to hate me so much About my pronunciation Just walked past this place and it looks pretty nice Very cool. Let’s check it out Hookah District 2.0 Johor Bahru Let’s just hope it’s open Seems like the place is not fully open yet There are some snacks But not sure where to get that Hookah Chicken chop.. that’s weird as sh* It’s like a pork chop chicken.. Maybe they smash it ? I don’t know either. I found it on the internet Maybe we’re going to give it a try. Just RM5 After we ordered it He went into the kitchen which we can see it from here He just deep frying it, I believe This whole area Hookah District 2.0 Johor Bahru they have all the food The Hookah itself is here It’s already open.. Right now it’s 6.. almost 7 and it’s already open We’re going to pick some of these flavours RM10.. That’s cheap In Thailand, they gouch you Homemade Red bulls, haha So this is a homemade and this, you buy? Al Fakher Al Fakher from Dubai So I’d rather do what they make What’s your favourite? Apple & Mint Our Hookah’s here We ended up the thing that The dude recommended Apple Mint Hookah Not bad Tastes like a blunt Minty tobacco Not a blunt So this is clean right? Yeah, we just put on So we’re gonna get.. f* uppp Mo’s getting f* up. She doesn’t smoke tabacco ever and the food’s already here also, chicken chop Thank you We found out, why it’s called ‘Chicken Chop’. Because there’s gravy on it Is that it? Yeah, Like a pork chop Gravy is interesting Not American style but.. Kinda sweet Almost like American gravy with sugar in it I don’t know what American Gravy tastes like Did you try this? Probably soggy coleslaw, looks like Not that it’s super duper good but.. I just want this I just like coleslaw in general Hot it’s hot With that smoke, so hot Watermelon Now it’s starting to get pretty loud This is lychee drink. and you can actually see the lychee fruits Temperature cool..? Right? It’s supposed to be temperature cool right because it’s mint Just after these 2 hits I’m already feeling it I’m already feeling it. Oh my, I’m so weak A lot of stuffs in it? One of these is a pack of cigarrettes Oh serious???? I told you outside So this is not good for me? Like, not good? No, it’s tabacco.. I feel light headed because the heavy nicotine and lack of oxygen.. Those hits for the photos, actually f* me up right now Charcoal changing at the different spots Cause it’s burning different tabacco down there Thank you Thank you Yay guys so we’re done for The Hookah District, Johor Bahru This is really chill spot to come hang out at night or in the evening in JB Do you like the place? It’s like everything Drink, eat, smoke Oh but you can’t drink alcoholic drinks here because they don’t serve those I was like why not? They said they can not drink, they’re muslim Yeah guys, check this place out If you’re ever in JB I love the bathroom too I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in the next video… Or I will take you guys on this Walking street for a little bit The heritage walk and the Bazaar Karat Sea coconut That’s an interesting one right there. I have actually.. never tried It’s like palm fruit What do you think about that? Not bad What is it though? Water, sea coconut, sugar and natural flavors so.. We pretty much didn’t know the Malaysian menu The guys recommended chicken legs. Turned out it’s chicken feet. I’m ok with it but I’m not that hungry Kev is going to be the one eating it Can’t wait to try chicken feet From another country This actually smells like the Laksa Way spicier though Instantly felt the heat Not that stupid hot but you can feel the heat Don’t forget to subscribe to Way Beyond Padthai channel and I will see you guys in the next video