Hello youtube friends It’s your YouTube HaRu Hongdae is one of the top nightlife spots
recommended by the Seoul Tourism Organization Hongdae is the center of Korean club culture Friday night and Saturday night in front of about 10 clubs You can see the long line of clover waiting to enter You can dance all night long to the latest
hip-hop, electronic and house music Outside, there is a busking place
where music and dance lovers gather all week Experience celebrity events and exciting themed parties Hongdae, full of young people’s passion.
There are many things to see, food, and shopping Let’s go exchange money before we enjoy club shopping Let’s go you arrive at Hongik University Station
by subway line number 2 You will come out of exit 2 If you come out of exit 2, you will see this place You can go straight from here in this way Go straight and you will see Travel Depot on the left You can exchange money here In Travel Depot not only do you exchange money You can also get tourist information by selling SimCard When the exchange is over, let’s go enjoy If you want to enjoy the passion of Korean youth
and Korean club culture and Korean food shopping Visit Hongdae and make fun memories That’s the end of the video for today Thanks for watching It’s been your YouTube HaRu good bye~