What’s up guys, my name is Simon In this video we are going to explore Hong Kong. Let’s catch the flight. So i have just arrived to Hong Kong. The flight was surprisingly enjoyable. It took me 9 hours from Vienna to Peking.. ..and from Peking another 5 hours to Hong Kong. I am gonna get my morning espresso.. ..before I tell you more guys. I got my morning dose of caffeine.. ..so i can tell you some basic information about
Hong Kong Hong Kong is city in China but it has its own
government & courts and laws. It means if you are not planning to visit mainland.. ..then you do not have to apply for Chinese Visa. Almost all countries can easily get Visa on Arrival… ..valid up to 180 days Hong Kong’s population is more than
7,5 million people.. + 60 Million tourists every year. It’s the one of the most crowded cities in the world. It’s also the center of trade between China and rest of the world.. Once you arrived at the airport.. ..you have few options how to get to city center. Bus, Taxi or Train / Subway. I am gonna take Train / Subway because it takes only 24 minutes ..and its much cheaper than Taxi. Thanks to Subway is transportation in Hong Kong
really easy. If you are planning to stay longer.. I highly recommend you to buy Octupus Card.. Which you can use for all public transport in the city and also save you bunch of money. You can use your Octupus Card credit in some restaurant and coffees as well. Rents in Hong Kong are well known as one of the most expensive in the world.. Small studio in the city center would
cost you around 3000€ and for bigger 1 – 2 bedroom appartment 4-5k € Hotels can get so expensive here well.. I am gonna show you difference between.. 20€ Hostel and 500€ Luxury Hotel. Let’s start with the hostel first. It’s located in some broken, old building.. First impression is not good at all 😀 It’s suppose to be a capsule hostel called The Nap. I am so excited because I have never been in capsule hostel. Capsule hostels are becoming more and more popular in the crowded cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong. Mostly because they save lot of space and in compare with normal hostel you still have some kind of privacy. The only disadvantage is.. ..it feels like sleeping in shelf. So you just have seen how it looks like in one of the cheapest accomodation option in
Hong Kong. I paid 17€ for night and i have to say i was really pleasantly surprised. I expected its going to be worse but it was clean, modern with high speed wifi connection. Location was perfect as well. Now we are going to move to one of the most expensive hotels in Hong Kong. It’s also the highest hotel in the world. His name is Ritz Carlton and price for night starts somewhere around 400€ – 500€ I personally can’t wait to visit this place. Currency here is Hong Kong Dollar for 1€ you will get 8,7 HKD In case you would like to withdraw money. be careful because some ATMs
might charge you commision around 3-5€ In other case you can exchange your cash but i do not recommend to do it at the airport because they offer you really bad rate. Exchanges with the best rates are located at the Tsim Sha Tsui street So that’s it for today’s video. I would really appreciate if you let me know your feedback in comment. You can also smash thumbs up & subscribe button if you would like to see more. If you wanna see more of my work Check my instagram @simonsnopek Thank you for watching.. ..and hope to see u soon !