Hi Bold Bakers! A fun fact about me that you might not know,
I am an impulse eater, which means when I get hungry I will eat anything around me. So I have to have good food choices close
by, just like my homemade granola bars. They are made with ingredients that that are
good quality and they’re good for you. As always the recipe can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com
and make sure you check out my website for all of my other recipes. Okay, let’s get started. So this recipe is an all in one kind of a
dealio, we have a nice big saucepan, we’re gonna mix it up in here, and then we’re gonna
put it into our baking tray. Very little fuss. So into my pot, I’m going to put in my butter. So all of you know I love to use Irish butter,
but you can also replace this with a healthy fat like coconut oil. Next ingredient is some honey for sweetness. These guys need to be sticky so that they
kinda firm up. Adding another sugar in here with a little
bit of a different flavor, maple syrup. Followed by a little bit of brown sugar which
gives it kind of a caramel flavor. And then last but not least, some cinnamon. Not only does the little bit of cinnamon make
these taste really good, it’s also actually really good for you too. Okay so then over a medium-low heat, let all
of these ingredients melt together. So if you want to use just all honey or even
all maple syrup in this recipe, feel free to do that, I just like how the two of them
give a little bit of a different flavor. Okay this is looking good, it’s melty. Smells really good. This is like a tasty glue that holds your
oats together. One your butter is melted and your mix comes
to a simmer, you can turn off the heat. So let’s talk oats, these are rolled oats
and they work best for your granola bars. You don’t want to use steel-cut oats and you
don’t want to use 1-minute quick oats. These are the best ones. Now, oats are fantastic because they are full
of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and what I love about them is especially if you have
them in the morning, they keep you fuller, longer. So they kind of slowly release their energy
and they kind of fight that hunger so they’re a really, really great way to start your day. So this is the fun part, this is where you
get to add in whatever you like into your granola bars. Well, whatever you like within reason, to
your granola bars. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, whatever you like. So here I have some dried coconut, I adore
dried coconut, and the best thing about it is that it’s full of healthy fats. So in you go. Next up I have some chopped almonds, add in
whatever nuts you like, pecans, cashews, what have you. These are full of antioxidants so they’re
really good for you too. I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling
even healthier just looking at this. Next up I have some dried cranberries, I love
these little guys, I always have them to hand to put into salads and different recipes. These are full of vitamin C, put in raisins,
apricots, or leave them out and double up on the nuts. That’s up to you. And then last but not least, a little bit
of salt, because you know what I’m gonna say, all baking needs salt. It just enhances the flavors of everything
else. And then with your spatula just mix these
all together until it’s really well coated. Just keep on stirring until you’ve coated
all of your ingredients really well. This is looking really good, now here I have
in front of me a 12×9 tray. You can use a little bit smaller if you want
your granola bars to be that bit thicker, I like this size. I’ve lined it with some parchment, got my
big pot of granola, and then into my tray. Oh my gosh, that smells really good. So all you want to do is just spread them
out with your spatula and press them into your tray. When you’re making this, if you’re thinking
you’re not a huge cinnamon fan, honestly, the tiniest bit in there, it adds warmth and
kind of a depth to these granola bars, it’s really, really yummy. So now like I said, get creative, if you don’t
like dried fruit add in more nuts, add in different seeds, just follow the quantities
that I give on the website, all a cup of each, because you don’t want to add in too much
stuff or your granola bars will be kind of dry. This is important because it just makes sure
that your granola bars are nice and compact. See honestly how long did that take us? Like less than 10 minutes, and our granola
bars are all ready to go into the oven. Bake your granola bars off at 350°F/180°C
for roughly 25-30 minutes or until they’re a lovely golden brown on top. So while they’re in the oven let me just tell
you if you want to make a no-bake style granola bar, that’s totally fine, I’ve got lots of
different recipes on my website, all you have to do is mix them up and pop them into the
fridge. So here’s our granola bars, out of the oven,
they smell amazing, and they look perfect, I can tell that they’re done because they’re
a lovely golden brown on top, and they look like they’re nice and sticky, so we’re gonna
set these aside and let them cool down for a few minutes. Once your granola bars have cooled down you
can remove them from the tray. So my granola bars are nice and firm because
they’ve cooled down, so now I’m just going to cut them around 1×4, now theirs is totally
up to you, you can cut them any size you like. I just think that it’s a good portion size. So I’ve got my bars cut up into 18 pieces
and here I have a bowl of bittersweet melted chocolate. Now, we’re not finished here, I’ve got some
really exciting news for you. Did you know that bittersweet chocolate is
actually good for you? It is. It’s good for you and it’s delicious. It is full of antioxidants and it helps you
to release endorphins which makes you happy, and who doesn’t want that? So we’re gonna dip our little granola bars
in some chocolate. Then lay them on a tray and obviously leave
their chocolate side facing up. I like to dip them in chocolate until it’s
around halfway up the bar. Lovely. So once you’ve dipped all your bars, you want
these guys to set nice and fast, so what you can do is pop them into the fridge or even
the freezer, for around 5-10 minutes or so and let the chocolate firm up. So I took my bars out of the fridge, as you
can see the chocolate is nice and set, so what you want to do is flip them over, and
have his naked side facing up. Now I’ve got a little bit of reserved chocolate
here and I’m just gonna drizzle it over the top. You don’t have to be fancy here, this is pretty
rustic. Just drizzle over and create nice little lines. This is just a little bit of an extra kick
of chocolate, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. But if you ask me, the reason I like to do
is because it makes them look really professional. Check that out. Beautiful. If you want to use a darker chocolate, that’s
totally fine, if you want to use white chocolate, that’s up to you. Gorgeous. So these granola bars will keep in an airtight
container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks and if you want to freeze them, pop
them into the freezer and then you can take them out whenever you want them. They are great to go in lunch boxes, to have
at your desk, or even to snack on after a cooking show. Oh my gosh. It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions to eat
food that benefits me more. Not only are these made with good quality
ingredients, they’re good for you too, and they make me very happy, so it’s a win-win-win. Right now what I want you to do is head over
to my website, I’ve got 500 more recipes and tons of videos that you might not have even
seen before. I’ll see you back here really soon, for more
Bigger Bolder Baking.