Howdy folks welcome to my virgin kitchen it
is Barry here you are looking gorgeous, gorgeous homemade daim bars, good times. That is
right homemade daim bars trust me these taste identical, identical to the real things they
are so good and I made mine pretty darn big as you will see any minute now this was part
of the recipe voter on it was either funnel cake or the homemade
daim bars and daim bars just shaded it but I do want to try and make a funnel cake so
maybe I will do that soon but people like (reads out selected names of people who voted)
amongst many others voted for this you have made a wise choice my friends we make this
together if you want to have a go at making it hit pause on the video now write all of
these ingredients down this is how you do it. First up we will make our moulds and what
I did was grab a sheet of foil and my phone case I wrapped it around there to make a funky
little foil mould which worked a real charm just to say guys that step is completely optional
if you want to make a huge daim bar traybake and make it easier for yourself you can pour
the whole mixture into a silicone tray with chocolate on the top but knowing you guys
you would have wanted me to make the bars so I did the harder option.
To make our filling grab yourself a saucepan whack in the butter, sugar, golden syrup aka
corn syrup and whack that onto your hob on a medium flame mix it together as it melts
and it will start to bubble and go light golden brown be very careful with this step but once
it is at the light golden brown stage take it off the heat, pour in the almonds you want
to put that back on the heat to warm through again mixing it through only for around about
4 or 5 minutes you want to keep it that nice golden brown colour because if you burn it
that will be minging. With your filling at that stage it is time
to pour it into the moulds now obviously doing what I do it is quite hard to film as it cools
down very very quickly so here is what I quickly captured I started to spoon it into one case
but do that to all the others and what you will find is that sets super super quick can
you hear that (bangs on chopping board) really hard stuff so whack all of your moulds into
the fridge and it is time to melt our chocolate yep so melt up the chocolate you know the
pan over the simmering water giant food style and get it fully melted but then let it stand
off the heat for 5 minutes that way it is slightly cooler and the chocolate will not
run off. With the middles out of the fridge and all nice and cool remove them from the
foil moulds and slowly dip them into that chocolate roll them around oh my goodness
that looks good carefully lift them out and droop off any excess chocolate before letting
them rest on a nice little rack do that to all of them and then you are in heaven.
That is it then guys just to say when you whack them in the fridge give it a good 2
hours to really firm that chocolate up otherwise it will be sliding all over you it really
is worth it you get that amazing crunch on there and remember you guys voted for this
recipe so get involved on my virgin kitchen for the next poll and in fact I can not decide
what to make so let me know down below what you want to see me make next and I will put
my two favourite ones in there and battle it out as usual.
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