Welcome to my virgin kitchen folks it is Barry
here and I am joined by Jimmedy James hello welcome hames in the virgin kitchen today
we are making a special treat for you that is right I feel like a bit of a hunter today
Barry, hunter oh we always knew that mate, a bounty hunter I see what you did there we
are making a bounty a traditional confectionary snack here in the UK you may call it something
different around the World, how can you describe it james I would say it is coconut coconut
covered in chocolate, yes it is a coconut nugget, with a shield of cloak of chocolate
draped on top and the ingredients are minimal if you would like to hit pause write these
down the full method is on myvirginkitchen.com, please summarise the ingredients jimmy.
I would say we have icing sugar or powdered sugar, condensed milk, I love condensed milk
you could literally just drink that, I could the main ingredient this bad boy, coconut,
and then we have our chocolate chips that we will melt down for our chocolate smothering.
Easy peasy those are all the ingredients you need to make your own homemade bounty which
is what we are going to do right now. Lets do it, bountylicious.
So we are going to make the nuggets now we have got the coconut in the main bowl right
Jimohty and then we are going to add the dry ingredient which is the icing sugar, in that
goes so we push that in like a nice little snow cloud there, amazing one more ingredient
I hope you guys are keeping up it is quite tricky steps, this last one is condensed milk
just gonna help scrape that in I do just want to drink that right jimmy, do you jimmy, was
that a yes, it was just a hmmm I am just thinking about it, got lost in the moment there. Alrighty,
lets mix it up then yeah. All we do now is get our spatula or weapon of choice you could
use a spoon if you prefer and we will mix it gently at first to stop a cloud of icing
sugar going up and splashing in our face. That would be horrible, as you can see already
it is really starting to thicken up. Good thing with the spatula is you can scrape
and get those bits of icing sugar that are trying to hide away you can see how it is
becoming quite mouldable now, you can see how it will be a bounty bar now, like coconut
play doh. Jimmy has just finished mixing that looking
good mate, you know while I was mixing that giant food was coming into my mind I can see
man we should just stick that in chocolate. I have some water here in this bowl it is
important to have cold wet hands we can go like this and start grabbing our coconut mixture
shaping it into any shape you like, so just grab a handful of coconut and mould it into
your desirable shape so we are going to do a traditional bounty shape which is something
like that like a rectangle, a rectangle with curves on it and curves are not a bad thing
ladies and gents you know that as much as we do you could just go for a coconut ball
nothing wrong with that we will not be offended but the slabs are quite good right, ok yeah
lets go traditional like a kinky sushi, kind of looks like rice you could almost prank
someone and say hey want to make some sushi, alright I am going to put these in the fridge,
James is putting those in the fridge how long for half and hour, no that�s too long about
thirty minutes, yeah that sounds better 30 minutes is way too long.
For this step the spatula is going to double up as a microphone so jimmy what is the next
stage madame, the next step is to melt the chocolate chips, do you know what they call
a lamb covered in chocolate no idea, a chocolate baaaa oh sorry, shall we put these in here
then. So this is like giant food style right here,
this is a bain marie so it is going to simmer make sure the water does not touch the base
of your bowl and it should melt into a gorgeous chocolate lake agustus gloop would be proud
of, hmmm pool of chocolate. It is starting to melt already, hmm love it
if you are using a standard chocolate bar you would just break the chocolate into chunks,
so while the chocolate is melting barry is keeping his eye on the fridge to make sure
the coconut nuggets are ready. Mate those coconut nuggets are done nice and
set it was almost as if I could not take my eyes off of them, awesome because our chocolate
is nice and melted through august gloop would be proud do you not just want to wear that
Jimmy, I thought we would just cover our coconut nuggets in it mate, oh that is a good idea
and possible pun potential there right here is a cooling rack and underneath some baking
parchment an anti dribble layer if you will because what we are going to do Jimmy, is
what, we are going to cover our coconut nuggets in chocolate and let it dribble through. This
is going to look so good I cannot wait to share this journey with you. Alright the nuggets are done they are firm
jimmy, they look firm, firm but fair, look at that actual sound effect right there so
we will take one slug, one time and then stick it in our bowl like that almost poo poo it
in there just roll it in the chocolate so it is completely covered wonder if I can get
the old effect on it, do what you want jimmy, place it on the rack like so nice and we will
just repeat that over and over with the remaining coconut slugs.
It is a satisfying feeling, oh what a feeling when there�s coconut yeah.
Our coconut is now covered in chocolate and it is ready for the fridge and I think I get
to watch them set again most amazing step in the world, we will give them at least 30
mins in the fridge longer if you can then we get to taste them oh yeah.
Mate I tell you what they are looking done, wow folks tasting time. That is definitely
a bounty it tastes just like the real thing, yeah just like it, well done us, so super
minimal ingredients really hope you give this recipe a go thanyou jimmy for joining me in
the kitchen thankyou for having me if you do try this recipe do not forget to send a
picture @myvirginkitchen let me know what you want to see next, do not forget to subscribe
for more regular videos and we will see you next time. Cheers guys