I’m sorry, but I can’t let you in I can’t let you in, people will complain No, no, no I used to live in a goshiwon, but the owner kicked me out Nobody accepts him, A man who gets rejected every day What happened to this man? Production Crew/ Can’t you live somewhere else…? Production Crew/ Why do you keep getting rejected? My hands… are a bit… Hand’s condition looks serious There’s thick scabs on his forehead My skin’s like this all over my body, if you look at the spot where I sat down, There’s skin flakes Other people don’t like that Skin flakes fell on the bench, he only sat there for a short period of time How’s his body condition right now? When he took off his shirt, his bare body appeared His legs seem worse Production Crew/ What happened to your body? I have psoriasis Production Crew/ Have you tried going to the hospital? Although I did go before, I can’t afford it anymore [Psoriasis]
Long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin. Skin patches are typically red, dry, itchy, and scaly. Production Crew/ Don’t scratch it, it’s bleeding The most excruciating part is the unbearable itchiness Production Crew/ Since when did this start? It happened unexpectedly 5 years ago, on a cold winter day It’s hard for him to walk, due to his severe leg psoriasis He heads somewhere with his sick body and keeps pulling down his sleeves, while checking his surroundings He doesn’t want to cause inconvenience to other people, so he lives with constant anxiety He arrived at the market after a long ride He’s looking for a job… [Market 1]
What’s your name? / Choi Yong Jae Ok, thank you. I’ll contact you This job interview is now over, I’ll contact you. But we didn’t even talk properly, if you say the job interview is over already… I don’t think you’re the person we were looking for [Market 2]
Are you sick? I have psoriasis, my body’s a little… We deal with customers here I can wear gloves, and you can pay me less Please, can I work here? We deal with customers; I don’t think it’s gonna work Continuous Rejection Production Crew/ How many times did you go to a job interview? Countless times I have to go and look for a job again And try to make it work I’m sure one of them will hire me It’s hard to tell how many times he repeated this process he turns back calmly That evening He went to a nearby internet café He’s looking at recruitment ads Production Crew/ How long are you gonna stay here? After looking for a place to work for a while, if I fall asleep, I’ll stay here till tomorrow morning Production Crew/ You’re sleeping here? Yes Production Crew/ You don’t have a house? I used to live in a goshiwon But got kicked out because of my skin flakes He roams from one internet café to other, because he’s homeless My mother passed away 10 years ago, and although my father’s alive, situations are tough for him too It came to a situation where I have to live by myself Since he was 20 years old, he had to live by himself 5 years ago, small red spots on his skin became his condition right now, because he couldn’t take care of it properly Psoriasis that suddenly appeared on his body one day Stole many things from him I have nobody, it’s lonely, and I have to cover my skin all the time That was tough He searches for a job every day And sleeps in his seat That’s only for a while He heads somewhere before dawn an employment agency Employment Agency Manager/ He’s really kind and diligent Employment Agency Manager/ Everyone approves of him in the site Employment Agency Manager/ He tries hard, but can’t come to work sometimes because of his sickness Employment Agency Manager/ It’s a shame that he can’t come to work This is the only place that accepts Yong Jae He usually moves materials It’s break time, everyone goes to eat lunch And Yong Jae stays in the construction site by himself he lets his legs rest for a while Production Crew/ How are you gonna work like this? No, I have to finish what I’m responsible for today They won’t hire me later if I show my weak sides His feet are badly swollen, it’s hard for him to walk Although he’s slow, he quietly finished his tasks for today After being covered with dust, he needs a place to take a shower [Dry Sauna 1]
How much does it cost for a sauna? / 6,000 won What’s wrong with your hands? My hands? I have bad skin condition You can’t go in if you have a skin disease If you have a skin disease, other people will complain What if I only take a shower, without going in the public bath area? People still complain about that… [Dry Sauna 2]
How much is it for a sauna? 7,000 won… Wait, I can’t let you in. I’m sorry In the end, He went to a nearby public bathroom and got rid of the dust [University Hospital]
We have to look for a solution Since his situation is serious, we visited a psoriasis specialist in a university hospital Specialist/ These skin flakes aren’t contagious, even if other people touch it Specialist/ It’s a by-product of his immune response Specialist/ so even if other people touch it, it’s not contagious Doctor runs various tests on him Specialist/ On top of your skin condition, Specialist/ There’s excessive inflammatory responses in your body Specialist/ According to your blood test results, your inflammation marker was 8X higher than average people Specialist/ Since Yong Jae spent most of his time sitting in internet cafes for long hours, Specialist/ Oedema in his legs worsened severely Specialist/ I’ll start the treatment by prescribing the safest medicine to treat his psoriasis [Seoul Hope Support Center]
And Social Worker/ He needs a house where he can live independently Social Worker/ We plan to provide it for him This is a temporary house for him, he can live here while he receives treatment He now has his own bathroom, and can shower without any worries I’m so glad to have a space where I can shower The first thing he did: take a shower Production Crew/ How long has it been, since you showered like this? It’s been a long time It’s also been a long time since he lay down with his legs straight I think I regained energy From now on, I must show confident & energetic sides of me I can do it!