– My friends on the internet
and our fellow subscribers. Jeff here again, I’m comin’ to you live from the Home Depot here
in Coconut Creek, Florida. And I’ve only got a few minutes here before they close the
store and kick us all out but I want to show you, I am walking down the big vanity aisle here
so I wanted to show you how to choose a good vanity
here without getting scammed ’cause there are a lot of scam ones here. So what I’m going to do is
start right down over here. Lemme check this little
guy out right here. Lemme flip the camera around. So they got this little guy
here on the display here and I can already tell,
like, these are really cheap. These are like, I don’t know
if it’s some kind of plastic or if they call this like that thermafilm, it’s very similar to
mica, formica, you know. But the problem is, is when it gets humid, these just soak up humidity like crazy and these start to blister, right? And, so, yeah the whole
thing is like that. Kinda, cheap. So, and then you see how
these doors are just kinda, they’re not very well put together. But that’s what happens and surprisingly they’re charging you 299 on that one. But let me go over here. This is the ones that
you should worry about because you see these nice fancy ones and you look at them and you go, “Oh, man, these are
nice, I gotta get this.” Well first of all, I think
this is way over priced. And the reason why these are overpriced is like when you start to look inside and look, take a closer look
at the mechanics involved here, see that? That’s called particle board. You never ever wanna have particle board in your vanities, see. And this is what the
builders always give you when you buy your house is they give you this cheap particle board stuff. Right there’s particle
board, and then when you look at the, see how the side
of the drawers here, it’s just got two staples
instead of the dovetails. So the kind of, the kind
of cabinets I normally buy from my supplier locally don’t
have that kind of nonsense. They have dovetail construction
on the doors there. And a lotta times when you
read the complaints on these, on the reviews online, people
complain about the alignment of the doors, it’s just
way too tight on here. So, even though these look gorgeous from, you know, a few feet away, the construction of them is not very good. It leaves a lot to be desired here. And was it this one here? Aw, see, like here, look at this one here. Just, well that one’s not
even put in right here. But a lot of times. Show ya what else you look for, too. You can see, you look
up here in the corner, again, you got particle board right there and then you see that bracket there? It’s just a piece of plastic. See that? So all they’re giving
you is a plastic bracket with three staples goin’ down it. That’s what’s supposed to hold
this whole thing together. And there you can see the particle board. And they leave it exposed too. So particular in kitchen
when they do this to you, they really put the screws to you when they’re doing kitchens for you. When you have a dishwasher,
and those dishwashers are blowin’ up steam
like this over the years, this starts to buckle out on you and those start crumbling on you. In our kitchen, we had
a door that was already just coming off because eventually the, all of the particle board
soaks up all the moisture, it just crumbles apart. And virtually every
apartment or condo we’ve ever taken over in foreclosure
that we’ve had to come in and rehab and when you’re pulling out the old vanities,
you’re literally dragging, like, it looks like
breadcrumbs, you’re leaving a trail of breadcrumbs all the way down to the elevator, it’s just unbelievable. See, like these. That’s from the crumbling particle board. It should be in my opinion,
it should be outlawed by all of the building codes. They should not even be allowed to give you this kind
of stuff in a cabinet. It has no business being in
a vanity in your bathroom or in your kitchen because of the, the amount of humidity in there. And again, look in here, see that? Look at all the inner
workings and that’s all, everything here is just
held together by cheap, cheap particle board and plastic. And again, here we have
the brad nails here, like they’re expecting these tiny little, looks like 21 gauge brad nails, they’re expected to hold
these, these things together. So whenever you see stuff like this, I wouldn’t recommend it. And come on, at this price tag? 479, that just blows my mind ’cause I can tell you that a lot of the, like, the cabinet supplier
I deal with locally, I buy my vanities just like this, this is 36 inch, I pay about
350 for the vanity, okay? And these guys are chargin’ 479 here? Really? And if ya look here, okay,
their drawers come out okay, not all of ’em do that. But the ones I buy, you
always wanna make sure that the back of the drawer
comes all the way out to the front, too. Okay, but what happens is the ones I buy are usually a lot cheaper than this. They’re like 350 and then
you just buy the vanity top. Now, the vanity tops they have here are actually very nice and
I’ve bought them many a time so I will buy the cabinet
box from my supplier for 350 and they, they can’t touch the price that Home Depot charges,
they can’t get it as low. So I’ll usually will come here and this one here’s a pretty nice top here that comes with the square
sink already in there and it’s real good quality. This is, it looks just like granite but it’s not, it’s a manmade stone, it’s an artificial stone product that never needs sealing so that’s what’s really cool about those. So, yeah, for Home Depot,
fine, don’t get these. I don’t like any of these vanities here and let’s take a look at this one here. Same thing, see? You got the particle board there. And we’ll look over here on this one here. Yeah, see this one here the
drawer comes out all the way but again, you got two brad
nails holding the whole thing together and there’s
their manufacturing. There’s their quality craftsmanship there. And, and remember, this is
how they come in the box. They come in these
boxes, all put together. So you can’t blame the store. So, and again here’s another one, again, so now you know what to look for when you open these things up. You shouldn’t be seeing
any of this particle board, you shouldn’t be seeing any of
these plastic brackets there with the brad nails or the staples on them and you shouldn’t be
seeing any plastic here. So you can see that how
cheapy cheapy they get on you and yet they’re still charging
you, you know, huge money. Now, unfortunately for many
people who don’t have the money, this is all they can afford and that’s what really
stinks, you know, for them is they can’t afford
any of the better ones. You know, if you go to
the sit down counter around the corner here
and sit down with them and you can order the better quality ones but of course they cost
just a lot more money here. But you know this has been
buggin’ me for some time and I just wanted to come in here and show you guys this so you can be aware when you’re comin’ to
buy these things here to make sure that you’re
getting all wood, okay? Now, so here’s the thing here, if you look at the sign
here on the front of it, it says solid wood drawer fronts. So that means that on this thing here, only the front of these
drawers are solid wood. Everything else is who knows what. Jeff, thanks for the
heads up, you’re the man. You got it, Kevin. You got it, thanks for tunin’ in tonight. And then there, I think these doors are also probably wood right here. Real, and this is like a real thin wood. I don’t know, I don’t
know what this is here. But, you know, watch out. Just ’cause you see
the word wood on there, don’t think you’re getting
solid, see how they, they made the first two
words say solid wood but it’s just drawer fronts. You gotta look at all the
words in that sentence. You’re not getting a full wood, okay? But, you know, like I said. The vanity top is, are
usually pretty nice. Yeah, so, there’s another one there, too. So like I said, I’ve bought
plenty of the vanity tops here and they’re pretty good. Usually the 36 inch ones end
up being about 189 or so. The 48 inch ones like over here end up being anywhere
from like 279 and up. So they’re pretty cheap
because to get something that looks that good that
looks just like granite but isn’t granite and
you don’t have to seal it and it comes with this
nice square basin on it, I mean, you can’t beat it. Lemme see if I can show
you this one up here. That one’s up way high. They have this one at a
more of an angle here. So the vanity tops usually
come with that sink and that way if you, if you
buy whatever vanity you buy, wherever you buy it and you
come and buy the top here and then you just put the top on there and you hook up your, your
P-trap just goes right to the bottom of that. To the opening there. And usually, see, look how
cheap it is at the bottom there, too, you see all that right there? See how it’s all banged up and chipped up? That right there, what
they’re not showing you is like a really cheap cardboard type and in your bathroom, that’s
gonna soak up moisture and if you ever have anybody
with a spill in the bathroom like bathtub overflow or something, that’s gonna immediately
damage your vanity there that you just overpaid 479 dollars for. So that’s why if you
do decide to come here and get your cabinets from them, you should probably come over
to the sit down area here and pick out, like, the
better ones that are made out of wood and you gotta make sure from them that they are real wood. That it’s not just, okay, well
we have wood on the front, we have wood on the side, you know. Lemme see on this one here. I can look in the back. See, I see all metal and stuff in here. See how the hinge, the
hinges on here are metal, screwed right into the wood and these are nice finely milled here with the dental frame
and there in the middle. That’s the kind of stuff you wanna see. And lemme see if their drawers
over here are any better. Yeah, so, lemme come here. You can see it’s got the
dovetail construction on these drawers but of course, you’re gonna pay a lot more too. So in the big box stores,
you tend to pay more for that kind of stuff. And what I do is we go across town to some of these discounters and we know that their stuff is 100% wood. For example, when we buy, I
usually go to JK Cabinets, I think they’re from China
and all of their stuff has been really good for us. And I think they have
JKs in a lot of cities. But there’s a lot of companies like that. And they’re shutting the lights. They’re gonna close us in. So I gotta tune out folks, but I just wanted to bring all of that to your attention real quick. I’ll probably do a more
detailed one in HiDef later on that we can upload and better quality than the YouTube live,
livestream compression. So anyway, thanks to all
of you for tuning tonight. I appreciate each and every one of you who tunes in on a regular basis to these little shopping
excursions that we do. And they are closing the shop
and I guess so am I, folks. So thanks and we’ll see
you on the next one. Bye, y’all.