Offering heavy-duty, all-day slicing and precise
cuts, Hobart’s HS7N slicer is the perfect addition to kitchens in delis, restaurants,
and more. This slicer accommodates products up to 12
inches wide or seven-and-a-half inches in diameter and produces slices up to 1 inch
thick. The variable-speed automatic product carriage
offers three stroke lengths and four stroke speeds for the highest level of operator control. The HS7N has a sanitary burnished aluminum
base that is difficult to soil and easy to clean. An ergonomic handle ensures the highest level
of operator comfort. Slicing is performed by a 13-inch CleanCut
knife that will last 2 to 3 times longer than traditional carbon-coated or stainless steel
knives. Borazon sharpening stones are mounted at the
top of the blade, keeping the knife’s edge sharp and ensuring consistent cuts. During cleaning, Hobart’s exclusive Zero-Knife
exposure feature provides added protection for the operator. For more information or to add this Hobart
slicer to your kitchen, call our customer care team at 1 (800) 541-8683 or visit us
online at today.