The T area… The T area The T?
-Yeah Alright Hello! Room Service What a surprise Room Service?
– Yup Are you guys trying to get me drunk or something?
– No This is a present from MGallery It looks so cool Are you two.. Well.. Comfortable here? Extremely comfortable This is one of Hoang Ku’s favorite hotels in Saigon Thank you, Hoang Ku and Salim Excuse me.. No..
Stay, stay To take off Take off We have to respect tradition Oh, alright Salim Hoang Ku Welcome to Bar Stories How have you guys been? There are new things every day Recently Hoang Ku just had a collaboration
and created a T-shirt collection Where? Tadahh Hoang Ku collaborated with.. 21ST URBAN Wow… 21ST URBAN is Nhat Minh’s Right… It’s the first collection that Nhat Minh
collaborated with other people The theme for this collection is rated 18+
and anything that’s related to Ku That’s great Like this banana-printed shirt
That’s great Like this banana-printed shirt What’s so dark about a banana? Think carefully It says « Me Ku » in the back Do you have it printed in the back?
– No.. No
It says « Me Ku » in the back Do you have it printed in the back?
– No.. No And what’s this? This is a slightly tilted neck
the eyes are closed Trac Thuy Mieu says this is way too exposed It’s the collarbone Collarbones are too sexy? As for Ku’s simulation..
there are roses and fireworks Oh so Ku was shooting fireworks? It depends on people’s perspective Let’s drink a bit
It depends on people’s perspective Let’s drink a bit Whisky Gosh, it just keeps pouring in Dustin likes it long Long and slim Hoang Ku and Lim, can you guys drink? Well I came here to be drunk
Hoang Ku and Lim, can you guys drink? Okay, I’m here to serve you Nobody here can drink
Okay, I’m here to serve you Nobody here can drink Nobody Is that so?… Let’s drink, I’m tired When people ask how much I could drink Smell it first Can you drink it? Here you go
Can you drink it? Can you drink it? Dustin only drinks Whiskey with ice Oh Strong I know my limits Yeah We should know ourselves Cheers! This is the first time Bar Stories changes its format First time we’re laying on a bed Yeah
First time we’re laying on a bed First time we’re laying on a bed It’s just the two of us on the bed Dustin is still at the side
It’s just the two of us on the bed It’s just the two of us on the bed It looks like he wants to move inside No No…Really?
Be honest Sit outside and look at the bed
Be honest No…Really?
Be honest Do you know why Dustin invited you to Bar Stories? Friendship How long has it been?
– 8 or 9 years Maybe 8 years Do you like being refer to as
a hot girl or some other name? No, I don’t like being a hot girl But since.. People just assume that from seeing my photos.. Also about my job…
People just assume that from seeing my photos.. People just assume that from seeing my photos.. That’s when people started calling me
by that title though I debuted as an actress Do you like to sing? I do actually You need to have the right tone
– Yeah, the right tone
But.. You need to have the right tone
– Yeah, the right tone That’s enough.. That’s enough being a singer
– So will you.. ..pursue your singing career?
or does acting comes first I think acting comes first Salim is even more beautiful than before Really? Even more beautiful than before
– Don’t you dare say no You’re definitely more beautiful That’s something.. Everybody can see
– No need to make things up No, you’re really beautiful, really
– Be honest I mean it
– I’m beautiful.. You too Youu? I’m pretty too Do you think you’re more beautiful? Of course I am Satisfied?
– No Why not?
what else do you want? I’m a perfectionist
I don’t think I’m pretty enough Come on.. Why? Women are like this..
– Yup For example.. I have eye-bags There are so many, you just to cut them all
– I’m like.. I want to have a taller nose
Over time I tend to less keep smiling so as not to gwt wrinkles Your face is like?…
It’s always like this Emotionless.. To limit the wrinkles Smiling too much.. Will leave you with wrinkles in the future
– I like wrinkles… I like wrinkles
Will leave you with wrinkles in the future
– I like wrinkles… I like wrinkles It makes you look experienced right?
– Yeah It’s traces of time right, Hoang Ku? But I don’t like leaving traces on my face
Hoang Ku: – No But it’s traces of happiness No Lessen the happiness, lessen the fun And we’ll be younger Dustin see that Hoang Ku is really good at.. introducing himself Hoang Ku thinks.. How Hoang Ku could be one of
the best costume cunselor Loved by everyone and many
artists want to collaborate Actually Ku think Ku is a walking book It means I have lots of stories There are dramas, comedy, and sad stories What can Hoang Ku tell Dustin and Salim right now? Ku is the kind of person…
There’s no hiding Ku share everything Ku can on social media That’s Ku have almost no secrets Like.. Here we go again
– Instagram Where is it? See? I’ve seen this photo before What time is it? Maybe.. I thought you could see it right away..
– 4 o’clock, almost 4 Almost 4 o’clock Xoi takes a bath and Hoang think Why “Xoi” Before I posted this photo, there’s another
one which people call “goi xoi” I don’t know people call it “goi xoi” That’s why I posted this photo to ask.. Why “goi xoi”
– Hoang is called Ku.. But C U is called “xoi”. Why? There’s nothing to hide See? There’s nothing to hide all is shown.. To everyone
– Yeah No, it’s what Dustin really
admire in Hoang Ku pay no attention to other people And there are many people watching And it’s what Dustin want to talk about now “Influencer” Is a kind of occupation which only
exist in our time right? It wasn’t there in our parents’ time
– Yeah Not even in our older siblings’ time It was about…
– Right We didn’t know what “influencers”
were and now people ask about it I have to answer a lot
– So how do you define “influencers”? Based on your own knowledge To me, influencers are positive people They could start a positive activity for the community They could convey nice things that are around for everyone What about Ku? For Ku a person who could influence the community Positive or Negative depends
on people’s perspective But clearly someone who has many followers
from multiple backgrounds Multiple backgrounds Obviously that person has lots of followers How come “influencers” is a job? Because we can influence society Brands will come after us
by, for example.. Ask us to promote a product Back then commercials will be
shown on TV, or newspapers Like today Dustin wants to promote this wine bottle Maybe Hoang Ku could…
– Hold it First we need to experience it First Ku needs to drink it and if Ku likes it Then how much will it cost for Ku to promote this? It depends on the amount of followers and
Hoang Ku’s interaction with the audience What does it take to be an influencer? Through pictures and videos of course Cuz people tend to interact
with pictures more nowadays It’s about how we promote the product We definitely need to take photos
or filming with that product What determines the likes? Hoang think it’s the “Content” People are always online these days Everyone looks great on social media But to make a photo that tells a story For example Hoang could post a status that said Today…
– It has to be a good story Meeting Dustin and then
drink some good wine. There At what time?
Meeting Dustin and then
drink some good wine. There Meeting Dustin and then
drink some good wine. There So does it mean that an Influencer’s talent
is telling stories through videos? But Hoang Ku and Salim.. So people who are attractive will have more likes and followers, right? Yeah
– Certainly Of course Hoang think nowadays..
– Because… First we need to hit ourselves in the face
– Right Things need to look pretty.. Before we look at the contents
– For Hoang.. Having the good-look is already a talent for Hoang But it’s unfair for those who are not pretty Then we need to try in every way If we don’t have the looks then we should work on the contents
– There’s the looks, as for the contents Our spirit
– Right? Personally Hoang think if our looks isn’t good
enough then we should work on the contents We need to learn, gain more knowledge
we need to think of something interesting There are people who said they could buy the figures What do you think? It’s easy to get the likes and comments There are companies that sell likes and comments.. Comments coming from the Facebook
accounts of influencers or artists People buy the likes to.. Kind of like fool those who don’t understand social media
they would just assume the place is famous Later…. For example if people
wnat better description There will be statistics from Facebook or Instagram To determined whether the likes are genuine So for professionals they want to see if.. These influencers are really influencing They would have an accurate table of
whether this influencer Is this interaction real or not? That’s why.. false likes Aren’t important anymore Has any brand told you That promotion hasn’t met KPI
and needs more effort We need to find some way to KPI I haven’t I know every brand that came to me I did I’m not that famous
though being an influencer But there are some brands that
still want to work with me But then Facebook’s algorithm said
this post wouldn’t receive many likes I’m not someone who has much
interaction not a well-known figure Some brands would say “Do you have any means to buy the likes?” What? I’ve never done it before
just let it be! But my boss would scold me if I couldn’t make it Have any you been in that situation? I haven’t
– Not Ku It’s lucky that the brands that came to Nguyen Hoang were… They all believe in the interaction that Hoang have For example this post needs to get
this amount of likes, comments or shares People just want me to experience the product After that I’ll give out my evaluation to my followers Some say The well-known influencers Are completely different in real life, compared to social media
Do you think of yourself that way? No Ku actually hope that People always see Hoang Ku in real life
the same as Hoang Ku on the internet I personally find myself quite photogenic But people also say I’m friendlier in real life Aww.. cute
– Like more cheerful..
But people also say I’m friendlier in real life Aww.. cute
– Like more cheerful.. I don’t know whether they were refering
to the me online or the me in real life So do you think we look the same
compared to our pictures? Cuter But do we look just
like in the photos? Well you look the same but you haven’t taken
a photo of your entire body, Just part of it Of course. It’s my way of making myself look taller So those that met me in reality always said
“Why are you so tiny” Cuz if we a photo of our full body
we would look small
So those that met me in reality always said
“Why are you so tiny” Cuz if we a photo of our full body
we would look small But if we… Piece by piece
It would seem bigger If there’s any photo that has my full body
I would need to extend my legs Oh, the leg extension app Of course, everybody does that It’s either me or them, anyways
– So they all do that? It depends on each pictures, not 100% Yeah! But there are ways to take tall photos Oh never mind, I’m just asking
– Yeah just pretend so I would.. Gosh why would I.. Do you think plastic surgery is limited? Or we could do as much as we like Well it’s up to you People who are not so focused
on being perfect just.. Have their noses done, for example
That’s it As for people who like invading surgeries.. They tend to have multiple parts of their bodies fixed
I think there’s no boundaries If Hoang Ku and Salim meet someone Beautiful
– Yeah.. But they still want to do more.. You have to stop them Cuz I really like pretty people Why do they still want to be prettier It’s already enough
I’m just saying Don’t you think I’m good enough? Plastic surgery isn’t bad
– But we should know when to stop.. And learn how to make yourself beautiful
– Being dependent on it is bad Would it leave behind any problems?
How could we know? All unnatural things are not good We all have to pay a price Everyone deserve to look better Obviously being attractive opens many doors for us..
– Yeah, we need to.. Be more open
We have to face it Alright, now we’ll get to
play a very evil game “I WOULD RATHER DIE” There are 6 shots of holy water, no normal water No need to smell
– Oh my god My questions are for Hoang Ku
Hoang Ku’s are for Salim And Salim’s are for me For the one being asked, one is to answer honestly
else, two is to drink the holy water I, Dustin, accept the rule I, Salim, accept the rule I, Hoang Ku, accept the rule State one reason for not collaborating with
someone in Viet showbiz for the second time Oh.. You will make an example, right? Yeah I have to be a role model, right?
I’ll say or drink Do you guys want me to say or drink? Just say it Wanna hear?
– Yes, we wanna hear Just some chitchat
– We’re here to talk So do you have someone like that? – Everyone does
– Everyone is the same If it were you, would you say? – Yes
– Yeah Really?
– Yes Lie…
– It’s true Lie There’s only me actually..
This is the first time we collaborate Yeah Ah, but what if it’s really me? Yeah…
– In this show There might not be
the second time if it’s true Actually, there’s none
I’m Miss Friendly Anyway, I’ll drink for you guys Boring, right?
– Yeah No, I don’t really have someone like that I want to collaborate with..
– Okay, passed State one celebrity who’s known for their fame in Vietnam So it’s not because of their talents? Yeah… not because of any talents Mrs Tan Vlog Mrs Tan Vlog is a typical case of celebrity who’s known.. for her fame Mrs Tan is famous because her son has been alread
making vlogs for a while and he introduced her into it So everyone knows that.. Mrs Tan has no special talent Her uniqueness is that she makes “Everything big” And in the clips, Mrs Tan talks very cheerfully She’s also very ingenuous
And in the clips, Mrs Tan talks very cheerfully I agree!
And in the clips, Mrs Tan talks very cheerfully I agree! If answered correctly, the one who asks must drink Really?
– YES!! Okay, okay.. Alrightt
– Yeah.. Among Vietnamese stylists,
who do you think is the worst? Maybe there’s no the worst… Because each one has their own style Maybe this person can’t make this style
but can make another one This is just double talking Yeah… no double talking so, drink State one brand of bottled water
that you think should stop production Oh no.. Lose job… lose job It’s something with a certain color.. Alcohol? Sting I knew it! I never drink it
– Colorblinded Really Why? I think it’s good
students often drink it It has a lot of sugar
color additives as well Please drink
I already answered STING Drink for real? All! You don’t say… Come on, come on I told you, this game is cruel
Come on, come on Hoang Ku Between Salim and Chau Bui,
who do you think is more professional? I personally think Chau Bui is more professional No, Hoang Ku is to answer
I personally think Chau Bui is more professional I personally think Chau Bui is more professional I personally think it’s Chau Bui
Obviously it’s Chau Bui Because, firstly..
I personally think it’s Chau Bui I met Salim first, and then Chau after that When Chau just started in showbiz, I was her manager I don’t know if you know that? Salim is still very childish, she likes to play
around and only works when feeling like it Chau Bui is one of the most
professional influencers nowadays that I know I agree In regard of female
if it’s about male then it’s me Female… female… Speaking of Chau Bui If people don’t know much
they’d think that Chau Bui does everything herself But actually, behind her there is a really big team She has to work a lot to be able to build that team
which helps her move forward There are lots of other influencers
and new ones come everyday But still, she’s number one now Great! Amazing Drink!! Hey, it seems that Ku never had to drink once – Yeah… because I answered so well You have to answer well so Ku has to drink This is your chance So now… Provided you have the 5 magic stones of Thanos – Right So you have Thanos’ gauntlet Now, if you were to snap and make 5 artists
to disappear from Vietnam showbiz Who would you choose? Excellent! Completely disappear Wonderful! This is the power of Thanos Salim Just wait… Excellent Must they be artists?
– Public figures Influencers… Chau Bui
being more professional… just snap it Chau Bui
– Yeah, right I also want Chau Bui to disappear Min Who?
– Min Phuong Ly 3 female artists Son Tung Chi Pu Wow Please drink, Hoang Ku Okay that’s enough, I’m gonna snap whoever is beautiful State one female MC that you don’t like
but already had to collaborate 2 times I don’t match well with Duong Thuy Linh Miss Beauty?
– Yes She’s older than me
Miss Beauty?
– Yes Miss Beauty?
– Yes She’s lovely…
I just don’t match well with her style A bit stumbling About to become a zombie Hoang Ku’s turn! Nowadays there are many designers trying to become stylists and there are many stylists trying to become designers State one person that you think shouldn’t
do both those things at the same time Stylists trying to become designers are Kelbin Lei who has his own brand Dinh Thanh Long also has his own brand Le Minh Ngoc also has his own brand Those three do very well with their brand Kelbin Lei is also his personal color Very suitable for people who follow him Le Minh Ngoc has Urbanista
which is about simple clothes like T-shirts for teens with simple designs Dinh Thanh Long just announced
his own fashion brand It’s not known whether it will grow or not But it looks like he seriously invests into it So I feel that everyone does well in both roles Do you plan to become a designer? My dream when I was young is to become a fashion designer When I finished with fashion business
and became a stylist I realized that I want to
make everyone to dress beautifully not that I want to draw their clothes So I wouldn’t choose to be
a designer then become a stylist because everyone I know does well in both roles I don’t see any designers trying to become stylists Do you agree Drink – Okay, okay See how well I analyze? According to your ideal model of man
who would you choose in showbiz? Ong Cao Thang is my ideal model Like this? I really admire him and his love
Mrs Thang and Ms Dong Nhi I’m really glad to hear that they just got engaged 10 years
I’m really glad to hear that they just got engaged My god, I had to share that post immediately
I’m really glad to hear that they just got engaged My god, I had to share that post immediately Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang
were my idols when I was young Probably no second Ong Cao Thang,
so it’s all but a dream So will you be forever alone? How can you know? I’d keep it a secret So you still want to find… I’d lose my love if I show him
so I’ll just keep him for myself
So you still want to find… I’d lose my love if I show him
so I’ll just keep him for myself Look at those people, nothing happened there? It depends, their fate is already sealed Cheers for Ong Cao Thang Cheers for Ong Cao Thang and Dong Ni Cheers! I have one more friend, we’ll continue with her Oh… calling support
– calling support To have the number, right? Okay, go! Ah… Here Hello Xuan Nghi Welcome to…
– Hi Xuan Nghi – Hello, hello
Welcome to…
– Hi Xuan Nghi Do you remember? This is Xuan Nghi
– Hello, hello Do you remember? This is Xuan Nghi This is… Hi!
– Hello, hello This is our little Xuan Nghi back in the days In the old days, we saw her in tapes
Now we see her… You’re drunk! Now I see you in real life so it’s a bit emotional Now I see you in flesh and blood
Now I see you in real life so it’s a bit emotional A rule of Nothern people is that “in 3, out 7” – True Do you know?
– Yes Oh my god So you have to drink 3 shots when joining
and if you leave early you’d have to drink 7 shots Take it easy…
– Take it easy Cheers to everyone 3 shots for you
– Yes You have to change into pijama I’ll do styling for you Thank you! Out Partty
– Take your time I’ll eat then Now we play a game This is a team game One will taste some food and
the other one will have to guess The one who tastes has to describe verbally without saying the name of that dish And the losing team will have to
drink 2 shots of holy water Okay How will we team up? Rock, paper, scissors or what? Then… we’ll be a team?
Rock, paper, scissors then Then… we’ll be a team? No, rock, paper, scissors? Well we’ll be a team – team of guests – We are close-friend team Okay, so we two are a team
those two are another, okay? What team is this?
– Close-Friend team What about our team?
– Glossy pijama One, two, three, loser plays first 1 2 3
1 2 3 Okay
Now try this dish What’s this? Not like that
You have to put in on the table, then everyone… No no, we already help him with that Be careful not to drop it It’s the finger My god Coconut weevils… coconut weevils My god Don’t eat just use your tongue This is a type of cake… it’s long and white It’s crispy It’s often sold in front of school gate No, it’s not
It’s often sold in front of school gate No, it’s not Nó có 1 chữ thôi It has only one word No, it’s not Hey, I think I know the first one It’s something that… It’s something we used
to eat, it had vitamins Is it sweet?
– Yes, some kind of sweet Honey sweet?
– No, no
Is it sweet?
– Yes, some kind of sweet Honey sweet?
– No, no My god, another one Okay, this one will be easy This is some kind of drink, very sweet Coca cola?
– No It tastes like fruits Next?
– Next, next 1 minute 34 seconds This is something Koreans
often eat, a kind of noodles… Tokbokki
– No It’s used together
with instant noodles It’s salty Kimchi
– Correct One dish left, one dish left Time out
Time out! Firstly, this kind of cake
I don’t even know This is Vitamin C sweet This is Fanta
– Orange Fanta What’s this cake? I don’t know it You don’t know?
– I don’t know eiher Even the Northern person doesn’t know?
– No Just try it, you’ll know
– I know, I know this smell But we have only 1 point It wasn’t easy but very difficult
But we have only 1 point My god, what a waste
It wasn’t easy but very difficult In front, right, right What’s it? Say… sour, spicy, salty, sweet? Starbucks
Sour? Coffee Okay, next
– My god This… what’s this? What’s this? It’s for children and put in small packages Children noodles
– Correct It’s chewy Haribo?
– Correct What’s haribo?
– Some kind of marsh mallow Oh my, so excellent This is used to eat together with mashed fruits Yogurt?
– Correct Anything else? Next, son This is something that Lee Kwang Soo
appears it its promotion video I know Lee Kwang Soo but
I don’t know what’s it It’s some kind of cake that…
– Chocopie Correct Wow, excellent Amazing Any strategy? Oh no, an overseas Vietnamese Speak English then Second round Bow down, bow down What’s it used to eat with? How many syllables? What’s it used to eat with What’s it? Lick it, lick it It’s a bit thich What color? Brown It’s so weird, just next It’s porous… KitKat No no It’s look like some sea creature Is it starfish?
– No, it moves horizontally Is it crab?
– Ah, it’s banh phong cua Crab chips
– Correct This, this
Be careful, careful Is it liquid or solid? It’s sweet and liquid You dip bread into it Dip bread into it…
It’s sweet If it’s sweet then it’s jam It’s can be used with coffee Ah, condensed milk
– Correct Okay It’s something similar to the first one
it’s floaty or something like that What’s the first one
you haven’t told me yet It’s half liquid half thick It’s liquid but it becomes solid in the fridge Ice cream It’s not ice cream, it’s something floaty What’s it? Time out, time out Jelly How could anyone guess when you said like that? We cook it then let it solidify, right? Any liquid would solidify like that We scored 2 points
– So difficult, right? Go, bow down Bow down?
– Yes Just bow down, right in front of you Hey, what do you like to eat? Oops, my bad What does monkey like to eat?
– Banana What do you like to eat? Okay, next It’s also some childhood food It’s like a yellow bar A yellow bar
– Yeah, small I don’t know what’s it
A yellow bar
– Yeah, small I don’t know what’s it I don’t know either
I don’t know how to call it Yeah, I don’t know either,
but it’s like a small yellow bar It’s like noodles but harder Pass, pass
– There are a lot left What’s it? She’s not afraid at all Yeah, this girl isn’t afraid of anything
– Nothing Pass, just pass It’s too difficult to describe It’s a bit hard… A bit hard? Yeah? What’s it? What’s it?.. It’s something.. from the North that has many layers What’s it?
Something with 7 colors? Yes, correct Xu xe?
– No no What’s it?
– It was once sold on Phan Chau Trinh street. Yeah I know it has 7 colors but I don’t remember Pass, later
– Yeah, pass Pass, next dish
– Be careful This is very gross, be careful Not yet It’s something like a bomb in your mouth Crackling candy?
– Correct Time out I just regret that I couldn’t
guess that 7-color thing Time out What’s kind of cake is it?
– Pig skin cake Pig skin cake, Pig skin cake Here we call it cloud nine cake Is this Green rice cake? This is banh bo I don’t know this either So, draw We share together OK, Fifty-Fifty No, they have one and we have one You drink first, I’ll drink later This is banh bo
I haven’t tried This is what I like the most There’s something for everyone Ah… Crackling Candy Not done yet, I still have a really big box of keo no Everyone will have one to bring back home Oh my, so lovely
Thank you so much It looks so different now We used to eat it when we were really small I haven’t seen it for a long time
but is it available now? This is from Hongkong It has many different smell
about 10 There was only one back in the old days We can see there are lychee, lemon
peach, strawberry and grape, so on And especially it can be used with cocktail This is the last one, one glass for each Cocktails are from Social Club, made from… Everyone, pick one
This is strawberry-flavored This is mango-flavored, Blueberry-flavored This is sour They have many different smells, It seems like I’m selling crackling candy Peach cola Grape
Green apple I like Cola Everyone, pick one Lady first Please…
You choose first I choose this Pink is pretty What do you choose?
– What do you choose? Why did you come back Vietnam? When I was 16 years old, my family migrated At that time, I went to high school The school I attended was some kind of art high school Then I studied vocal, I played in some band Then I went to university and continued to
study music leaned towards production I graduated last year and
I’ve been working for half a year I worked as a show organizer there When I saw them on stage,
I felt uneasy I missed the stage So when I was back home,
I continued to compose and sing by myself Then I realized I turned 25 years old Generally, I don’t have any problem But I truly want to be a singer I also want to be a single song writer
and write songs for other artists So I decided to come back I can pursue my dream as well as expand my business Coming back Vietnam is something
I’ve always wanted to do for so long I thought
“iNow or never” If I hadn’t done, I’d have
regretted my whole life Ask some questions Thank you!
– Thank you Now we will listen to Xuan Nghi
singing some of her songs In Coffe .. Bar Stories won’t be as
it is without Bar Live This is a small part of Bar Stories I’ll choose Cafe Des Beaux Arts Cafe Des Beaux Arts means The Fine Arts Here is Mgallery, a place to enjoy
the sophistication of art I’d like to sing a song for the audience, the guests and Mr. Dustin I just published this song
and it’s called “Lofi Song” Amazing
– Thank you How is the song? It’s very sweet
– Thank you Did you take a long time to write it? I did together with my boyfriend, so perhaps…
– Ah, sounds so sweet It probably took one day
but it’s done a long time ago When we were in the US, sometimes
we met and then wrote together like that Lovely?
– Yes, very lovely Gotta find a lover…who can write songs And now I’ll sing another song
for the guests and the audience It’s also written by my friend and me It was introduced in June
and got very positive feedback It’s called “Summer Night” This is Bar Live and Bar Live now concludes Bar Stories
together with Hoang Ku, Salim, Xuan Nghi and the friend See you again next time in Bar Stories Goodbye I have something…
– More gifts? I have a quiz for everyone I’m very concerned with health issue
especially sexual health Protect oneself against HIV Try to see if you can answer all correctly What is PrEP? A preventation after HIV exposure B before exposure C preventation of sexually transmitted diseases B Before exposure Yeah, the correct answer is that
“PrEP is preventation before exposure” How much does PrEP diminish chance of HIV infection? A 100% B Above 80% C Above 90% I think it’s B C Above 90% I heard somewhere
that it’s about 93% or 95%
C Above 90% It’s just a wild guess
I heard somewhere
that it’s about 93% or 95% I heard somewhere
that it’s about 93% or 95% Above 90% is the correct answer If PrEP is used properly, chance of HIV
infection can be reduced up to above 90% After how many days will Prep achieve maximum effectiveness? A 7 days B 21 days C Both A and B are correct I feel like 7 days is correct Both A and B are correct PreP can only achieve maximum effectiveness
after 7 days in case of anus sex After 21 days in case of vagina sex What is the recommended dose of PrEP? A 1 pill per week B 1 pill per day C 2 pills per day I think it’s 1 pill per ady 1 pill per day is the correct answer How many customers does the PrEP in Vietnam? A 2000 B 2500 C 3000 PrEP available in Vietnam
is really great news So I’d guess the lowest number
Answer A I guess answer B The correct answer is C
there are more than 3000 customers I think this is an impressive number Honestly, it’s unbelievable Even Hoang Ku and everyone else couldn’t think
that PrEP is already available in Vietnam More than 3000 people
already have access to PrEP Target of PrEP is everyone But the most potential users are those who are sex workers
or don’t have safe sex People in LGBT community Transgenders But anyone can get a medical check-up
to know whether one is infected with HIV Then one will be able to buy PrEP
with no cost The cost of test is about
100.000 ~ 250.000 VND Test can be done every 6 months Test can be done at places like You can find more information at Page “Xóm Cầu Vồng” – “Cô Nàng Gợi Cảm”
to know more and get tested