Difficulty – Professional
Rank – Silent Assassin
by Sulig This will be complete Walkthrough.
Movies, cutscenes and dialogues won’t be skipped. All the pieces are in place, 47!
Lee Hong’s been backed into a corner.
He’s hunkered down in his stronghold. We did have a man in there, but we haven’t heard
from him in weeks. Assassinate Hong, get his
Jade Figurine and come on home. You’ve got to succeed on this one, 47.
There won’t be any second chances. We’ve played this mission in Hitman: Codename 47,
so we know what to do more or less. We can enter the restaurant as a guest and go to
the brothel to save again our well known whore. Or we can skip that thing and sneak into the restaurant.
I’ll show second option. In first option the whore tells us where’s the agent,
after we help her to escape. So we rescue him. But after that Hong and his bodyguard are going to eat
at the restaurant. It’s much harder to kill him there. That’s why I chose the second option. We know about
the agent anyway from Hitman: Codename 47, so we rescue him. And then we have to kill Hong in his office, which is easier
than killing at the restaurant. We can free the whore later. But I won’t do that. As they say: ‘Let a hoe be a hoe’.
Enter the restaurant just like in The Wang Fou Incident mission. I won’t have All Zeros, because I’ve killed that bodyguard.
I couldn’t anesthetize him. I’ll need the syringe at the office. Choose first option to get AZ easier.
Change clothes and use elevator to go down to the basement. The whole mission is very easy when you have disguise.
Just don’t run by the guards and don’t stay too long by them. Don’t worry about this bodyguard. Just free the agent.
He won’t spot him and you as well. Safe location is randomly chosen.
I’m lucky this time. Now let’s kill Lee Hong. Oh shit! I’ve accidently pressed the Run Button.
Lucky me… again. The sunlight hit my room and I don’t see anything.
It’s too dark for me now. I don’t know how but I saw Zun out of the tail of my eye.
It’s very important to be sure, that Zun won’t come back now. Now we must anasthetize the walking guard and hide his body.
That’s why Zun can’t be on this floor. If he is – wait. Close the door, so Hong won’t see what’s goin’ on. Now stay out as far as you can from Hong
and walk the other door, so you can get to him from behind. Don’t forget to pick up safe combination! Drag the body away from door. It can be possible that Zun
will see dead Hong when you’ll open the door. Shooting fuse boxes will turn off the lights in room. As opposed to Hitman: Codename 47 opening the wrong safe
or opening without combination won’t turn on the alarm. Now just go to the exit. I left Ballers, because Hong has attacked me everytime
when I had them in inventory (and I was playing the same) I think there’s no connection between these things.
Apparently something’s fucked up when I was recording. Checking if exit is where I think this time. Mission completed!!! No AZ but still SA rank 🙂
THANKS FOR WATCHING! Subtitles can be changed, so if y’all see
some errors, mistakes – write to me.