See I was born with the Devil’s gift. Kept it hidden most of my life, but.. The older I got, the stronger I got. So I started using it. For business. You know? The more power on the street I got the more firepower I got, like that shit went hand in hand. You know one was feeding the other. Ain’t nobody tell me no. Except my old lady. You know she used to uh pray for me. Even when I didn’t want it. ¿Y esto? / what is this? Otra vez con tus pendejadas / Again with your bullshit God didn’t give me this why should he take it away? Hey! This is our home! You put that back where you found it. I’m taking my kids to mom’s. You ain’t taking my kids nowhere! See when I get mad I-I lose control, you know. i just- I don’t know what I do. ‘Till it’s done. And the kids? He killed them. Didn’t you? Own that shit! Own it! What do you think is gonna happen? Huh? Hey Harley come on. What you would just? Think you can have a happy family, and coach Little Leagues, and make car payments? Normal is a setting on the dryer! People like us, we don’t get normal- Why is it always a knife fight every single time you open your mouth? Ya know outside… You’re amazing. But inside, you’re ugly. We all are. We all are! Except for him. He’s ugly on the outside too. Not me shorty. I’m beautiful! Yeah you are! We don’t want you here. Get to the part in that binder saying I was sleeping with her? Yeah. I’ve never been with a witch before what’s that like? Apparently, that’s why the creatures chase him all the time ‘cuz the witch is scared of him. The only woman I ever cared about, is trapped inside that Monster. If I don’t stop the witch it’s over. Everything is over everything You’re free to go. Your daughter writes you every day. Every single day. You had these the whole time? You had letters for my daughter the whole time. I’m Gonna get you there. And you’re gonna end this Imma carry your ass if I have to. Because this shit’s gonna be like a chapter in the Bible. Everybody’s gonna know what we did And my daughter is gonna know that her daddy is not a piece of shit