Welcome to, the gorgeous, Phuket. Where the sun shines. If you
want to unwind relax this is the place to be.
We’re here for one week, and we can’t wait to have some fun. So when is the best time to go to Phuket?
Well, it’s in between December and March. Make sure you have some insect repellent
handy. Tipping isn’t mandatory. Do not drink from the taps, always buy bottled
water. This is a map of Phuket to the north you have the airport. We’re staying
at Nathan Beach at the Pullman Arcadia. A little further south is Laguna and Phuket’s party central, Patong. So this is our beautiful hotel. We’ve been
having such a fantastic time and the views are exceptional. We’ve seen the
most incredible storms. We are in the Ocean Grand Suite. It costs around two and
a half thousand dollars for a week and that includes breakfast every morning. You can bring these out and they’re your
side tables. these are the cute little elephants they made for Jones birthing coffee or tea haggling is an art in Phuket so you can
haggle at the markets and it’s street vendors Asians are widely available to
make sure you’re looking out the credit card fraud we’re going to go on a boat
tour and we’re going to be visiting Hong Kong bays which is really famous for a
James Bond movie was filmed lots of crowds here 3000 adaptive low
season and 4,000 people with a high season every day we put this finger inside and wish after
that we can marry so I come here baby day I read this finger every day Jones :
we weren’t able to get our drone up unfortunately because it is a World
Heritage listed by UNESCO maybe first a lady in a fron planning
the front wasn’t it – hong island we ride when super cocky to me and it is so beautiful we also went to
corrode honey okay thank you it waited they will need
to pay for anything you know the clock the house I love Teresa to Muslim
village so we sort of had to cover up you can’t wear bikini we’re able to get
some lunch there it was quite delicious if you’re vegetarian just have to ask so we’re going to go into a cave we have
our torches remains not very good this one you know before it’s very crystal
but when Allah tourists come you see some people touch each other
it looks like ice cream literally just smashed my head on that oh my god please
wash your head okay on older brochure advertise that around the 3,000 baht
mark however we were able to negotiate our to us down to two and a half
thousand baht each what are we gonna do today welcome to the dawn of age we hide a
screw to finally 305 for the day and you need to strike here and bigger
weights about five minutes is such more different be careful on the roads accidents are
common in Phuket so make sure if you plan to get on the scooter or a
motorbike or even drive a car but you’re having international driver’s license in
case of emergency make sure you get a pen and piece of paper write this number
down the tourist police are on one one five five we’re up to cocktails she’s thinking abilities is young the
white ADA closing one guard I’m not to get obvious Buddhists what’s in the non-existent
sunset tonight sunset every single night would go to this little stool that’s
just down the street and it’s just been amazing John and I have been getting the
HUD Thai or Tom Yam they’re 60 baht each $10 we loved Phuket we had bang for our
buck the beaches were amazing and all in all the weather was pretty upsetting
thank you so much for checking out this video it means so much to me you
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you next time