Hello, I’m Shahram Forutan. World Champion in powerlifting. Today topic is about high bar/low bar squats. The bar has to lay as deep as possible on your traps. The reason is the amount of muscles down there holding the bar. You can hold your body straight much easier. In case you lean forward anyway the bar can’t roll up further. Your shoulder and back muscles are strong enough to hold the bar easy further down. If you squat very heavy and the bar is to high up the bar often needs to roll up just half way to get to your upper neck and with heavy weight there is a chance 3 of your intervertebral discs could jump out. Let’s say that isn’t very pleasant. In my last Video the bar wasn’t deep enough and this should not have happened. The reason is that I had a chest training the day before and I was extremely sore in my shoulders so I couldn’t pull my arms back further. You can clearly see how high it was and it was wrong. But fortunately it was only like 170 Kilograms and this is not extremely heavy for me. So the high bar wasn’t as tragic. When I squat like 250 Kilograms, I definitely wouldn’t squat high bar. If I would anyway, I certainly couldn’t hold the bar not to mention do a couple of reps like that. This is an answer to some questions from the community.