– First of all, I am 60 years old. (cheering) My boyfriend’s– – Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re 60? – I’m 60. My boyfriend’s about to be 70. – Huh? (laughing) Your boyfriend about to be 70? – Yes Steve and the issue is– – Well hold up, man. You bout to be 70? He look good! (cheering)
(clapping) – Well anyway, he has
daughters around my age. So, the issue is ya
know, we work together. So, when people come
up to us, they’re like, “Uh, is that your father?” “No.” Or either they’ll come up to him. “Is that your daughter?” So my question to you, how do I make him feel not so ya know, insecure about what people think? Who cares what people think? – It’s really not a problem. He almost 70, he don’t look it. – [Woman] Yes, absolutely. – I mean, this man,
could you stand up sir? (cheering)
(clapping) – [Woman] Yeah! – Let me tell ya something. A doctor, just bear with me
’cause this gon’ be good. A doctor one time told me, he said, “Watch how people get up.” He said, “People in they
40’s, they get up like this. “People in they 50’s,
they get up like this. (grunts) “People in they 60’s, they turn, “roll over, and they get up.
(laughing) “People in they 70’s,
they don’t even get up. “Just go hey, come here,
bring me that remote!” (clapping) Your man, I said, “Stand up, sir.” He did just like this. (clapping) He got up like a young man. So, we don’t really have a problem here. He ain’t insecure. If he was insecure, he wouldn’t have you. But he got you ’cause he can. (cheering)
(clapping) Now, let me also ladies, give you another important piece of information about men. If you are on a man’s arm, this is a fact. You are the finest chick he can get because guess what, if he could get finer, he’d have went and got finer. But he got the baddest
chick in the world to him. So quit trippin’. Now, listen to me, it ain’t a problem. You got a woman in her
60’s that look 30, 40. You hit the jackpot. Stick your chest out. Let me tell you something. (clapping) Thank you very much. We’ll be right back! (jazzy music)