we just got done with beach day and on our way home we got and ducks chicken I don’t know and ducks I don’t know if it’s chicken anyway I wanted to have this the entire time you got the takeout so they can just relax we’re going to eat this in the hotel [Music] [Applause] cool so we were just going to have our hotel room and you just got selected [Music] this place is so big so good go bitch okay and there’s so many beds I can bring here here here here here maybe yeah here here before this place feels like home I’m going to set up my charging station in PC the plan is to set up the charging station right oh wow look at this [Music] without a doubt the most technical kickboxer in the heavyweight division in mixed martial arts winning the k1 bra freeze knocking out subscribers Badr Hari for the top tick boxes of the world he has fought the elite of the elite thank you very much I love hotels that have bars at the pool and make hot days more bearable that was an amazing pool session you just realized that there’s four pools in this place anyways take a shower and get to work [Music] anyway good shower water temperature was a little bit finicky do they like really hot or extremely burning hot there you gotta like get it right in the right place a little bit but now robbing one of the most important things at a hotel is the Wi-Fi a Wi-Fi is critical the internet here compared to the other hotels we’ve stayed is really really fast well not as fast to Japan but it’s fast enough for us to be able to upload our videos also to do general emailing website updates any of that stuff we can do it all here I think one of the reasons why he is that’s an excellent this access point is installed in every room well I’m assuming that because we have one in our room just walking outside if you can see that the web access right there there’s another Wi-Fi access point it’s there because that covers the pool just a little down the way another one right here there’s just like all over this complex it’s awesome this place is covered thanks Ann Garden 7:30 in the morning Mike and I going to go work out hopefully we’re not late for breakfast we gotta go good morning just like I did yes gonna do some weights right now definitely I do [Music] [Music] always important to hydrate while you’re working out you just got back from the gym good workout now we’re going to go get changed and go to breakfast oh my god I gotta fight chicken salad trying to keep it light this morning having a fried chicken salad I think the salad part is good I don’t know about the fried chicken maybe we’ll have to make to it on all healthy breakfast you had breakfast like an hour ago I’m kind of getting stressed out I really want to go to the opposite side B just to check it out because we haven’t checked it out yet but Michaels still working she’s just like always working and I just want to have fun what am I gonna do what am I gonna do I can’t leave without her she’s gonna get mad so I’m just like walking around in the room I have nothing better to do then just walk around in the room think it eat some chocolate Mike are you done okay we’re going to the beach oh all right how’s it going can I get that suit out okay autumn number three towels in hand ready for the beach thank you when going to beach is you have to have everything prepared first things first Howell’s walk backpack check drone two extra drawn batteries chuckling gear smuggling gear hi Pato Pro sunscreen we’re good to go all I need to do is change and good let’s go finally got out of the hotel moving towards the beach so we got a little bit past but then we realized you put on my phone of all things I forgot my phone I might go want to get an umbrella – I [Music] [Music] got it back on our way it’s hot super hot outside just find a pen my girl [Music] so my god I made it to the other side of the island instead of say on the beach we found this hotel called the seven stones not bad what do you think Michael I can hear you got a little bungalow thing features dress right there and we’re right here so one of the things that I just found to be very evident is when you’re traveling and you’re going from hotel to hotel like by the beach you can find a nice hotel and just have a drink there looks like you’re actually saying isn’t it it’s awesome [Music] that was a good bathroom trip now we’re going to go and find somewhere else here to go and maybe have more awesome hotel dough recommended next time coming back here alright we just got done with beach day and on our way home we got and dogs chicken I don’t know and ducks I don’t know if it’s chicken anyways I wanted to have this the entire time but we had to go to all these restaurants so that Michael finally let me go here and we got to take out so we can just relax we’re going to eat this in the hotel throw in a movie air conditioning it’s going to be super awesome [Music] we’re watching Westeros I didn’t realize that I Colangelo painting it’s actually a brain did you guys know it’s a brain that’s crazy