Vaughan Lazar, President and Co-Founder: Pizza
Fusion in and of itself is an organic and natural restaurant concept. Our motto is “Saving the Earth One Pizza
at a Time,” so we’ve taken a very holistic approach (CUT TO) to the space. (CUT TO) we’ve really tried to look at every
single step along the way to make it a much cleaner operation typically it is. Well, the pizza itself obviously being an
organic food item – it’s free of pesticides, hormones, any preservatives. It’s a much healthier alternative to America’s
favorite food. (CUT TO) The building of our restaurants are
very green: from the materials that we use to all of the detergents and supplies (CUT
TO 00.02.14) I mean, even from the employees’ uniforms; they all wear organic cotton uniforms. If you’re gonna walk that kind of walk (CUT
TO) in the restaurants, we also have to walk that here at the corporate office. (CUT TO 00.04.40) So it’s important for
us to choose partners that also have the same core values that we do. Office Depot is a great partner because in
all the research we’ve done when trying to find someone right for our office supply
and our office products and services, we’ve found they upheld this level of integrity
and they have the same core values as we do. Office Depot really has proven that, you know,
this is something that they do hold true. (CUT TO 00.05.38) 100 percent recycled content
paper, some of the other binders and recycled supplies is very important to us. Also, offering certain recycling programs
as well. Knowing that we can take our printer cartridges
somewhere to have them properly recycled or reused is important to us, and Office Depot
offers that. I think that’s a common, you know, misconception
is the fact that people do think it costs more to be green. In fact, we’ve found throughout the four
and a half years we’ve been doing this, that you can often times save money by going
green. (CUT TO) people just don’t do their homework,
I think. And a little tiny bit of effort, you’ll
find that you can save quite a bit of money. So you know, it’s really important that,
you know, from the food supply chain to the office services and supply chain, it’s equally
as important that those partners are the right ones to fit our core values. We’ve found that Office depot really did
walk the walk when it came to that.