(electronic music) – Hi guys, welcome back to– – [All Together] That YouTub3 Family! – Today we’re going to be
playing Hello Neighbor Statues in our giant box fort. – ♪ dun, dun, dun. ♪ – This is a competition between us The Ohana Adventure,
and Shot of the Yeagers. We’re gonna be posting a lot of box forts and we’re gonna be trying to win against their box fort videos. Be sure to watch their videos and ours and comment down below, that we won. – We won, yeah! – Okay, so, with the
hello neighbor edition for the box fort we’ve added a whole new area. It’s a whole new room,
let’s put it that way. There’s rooms within rooms. There’s moving walls just like you’ve seen in the other mazes so it’s actually really cool. Again, I’m gonna say,
to those who are playing that are not the neighbor expect the unexpected. Some things may look one way but they could be something
totally different. – [Audrey] Uh-oh. – (laughing) So, as
statues with the neighbor if I see them move, I can get them but if I come around the corner and I don’t see them moving it’s like I don’t even see them, right? So, they’re like a statue. Their job, is to go in and
find the three colored balls. We’ve got three rainbow colored balls that are hidden in the maze right now. If they can get all three and get back to the starting point before the neighbor gets them, they win. If the neighbor gets them first then, of course, the neighbor wins. – Okay, so, before we start playing this Hello Neighbor Statues,
in our giant box fort that is now taking over our house it’s growing in size, it’s getting crazy we want to let you know that we are going to be
compiling a list of names that you are choosing for me and dad. If you haven’t had a chance
to suggest some names for us go and check out, “What
are our names?”, video. Comment down below, underneath our comment what you think our names should be. Pick a first name for
me, a first name for dad and a last name for the family. We’ll be narrowing it down this week and then you guys can vote at the poles and probably next week,
we’ll select our final names. Hurry, and go comment those down. – Only the names in that
video, in that thread, count. We can’t search all over all
of our videos, it’s too hard so make sure you go back to that video and put it in that thread,
underneath our pinned comment. – Yeah, so, press reply under That YouTub3
Family’s pinned comment. – All right, you guys ready? – [Mom] Yep. – [Audrey] Let’s go. – Okay, so, the neighbor wears
noise canceling ear phones so the neighbor cannot hear
the people going into the maze. I’m gonna go down and start wandering. You guys, give me two minutes and then start coming to
try and find the balls. – [Mom] Okay, but if Logan
doesn’t freeze, we’re not caught. – [Dad] Oh, Logan’s playing? (laughing) – [Girl] Logan the doggie. – [Mom] He’s a cheater. We’re going to put the neighbor camera down in the corner of the screen how most of you like it. Let us know if you still
want us to keep doing that. The neighbor is going to be quiet actually, the neighbor is going
to humming and making noises so we kind of know where
he’s at, in that crazy maze. But, it will be muted, in
the corner of the screen. So if you like that, instead
of switching back and forth between the neighbor, and
us sneaking in, let us know. – They all left me, I don’t
know where they’re going. I’m just here on the couch still. My hair is a little crazy
because we went skiing today. A little short vlog for you guys. This is our second time skiing and Jordan, and I, and Jake, and mom were actually able to
go down the blue squares which is the intermediate level. Jake, tell them what
happened to your ski poles. – Oh, my pole thing bent. – So, Jake was going down the
hard mountain, and he fell and the ski pole hit him
in the neck right here it kind of jabbed it. It’s like the pressure was so hard that his pole actually bent and now it’s in the shape of a J. – It looks like a fish hook. I think you could go fishing with it. – Yeah, it bent really bad. That was a crazy end of our ski trip but he’s fine, so that’s good. – [Mom] Yeah, we’re just glad
that he didn’t get really bad. – We’re super glad that he’s okay. Oh my gosh, literally,
for three days in a row Audrey and I have not been planning this but we’ve been wearing
about the same thing. We are both wearing black leggings with basically a similar shirt. – Yeah, we went skiing, so I mean– – [Mom] What are you gonna
wear, besides your leggings? – Everyday, for the past three days we’ve been doing this
exact same thing everyday on accident. It’s been quite funny. – [Mom] Do you think dad’s ready? – I think dad’s ready. Let’s go. – He could be on the
other side of the wall without us knowing. – Hey guys, we have to have a plan. – Um, let’s go. – That’s a good plan. – We gotta sneak around. – [Mom] Make sure to totally freeze– – [Audrey] Yeah, how about
we use Logan as our spy? Let’s use Logan as our spy because he knows where dad is. – [Mom] Go Logan, go! – [Audrey] You’re the spy, Logan you gotta tell us where dad is. – [Mom] He’s like, “I
don’t know where to go.” – [Jordan] He wants to play. (laughing) – [Mom] Shh. – Guys, he’s right here. – [Mom] It says door, there’s no door. – Guys, right here. – [Audrey] He’s trying to trick. – [Mom] Look guys,
there’s a door right here. Jake, not this way. – [Audrey] I hear him. – Freeze in here. – [Audrey] (whispering)
Guys, is there another door? Oh, go through this door. (gasps) What! Freeze Ty. Logan! Oh, no, I lost track of Ty. Wait, what are we looking for? – [Ty] Rainbow ball. – He’s coming. I hear him. Keep going, slowly. I can hear dad humming. He’s right there. Okay, I’m in this room all by myself. – [Mom] I see you in there,
I thought you were dad. – [Audrey] Hello, mom. He’s right over here. He’s coming guys, he’s coming. – Shh. Freeze, guys. – He’s coming. He’s right here. He’s right here, he’s on
the other side of the door. – Freeze! Shh. (Dad humming) (laughing) – That was so close. – We almost got caught. – That was so close, guys. – I don’t know what to do. Should we move, or not? – I’ll spy. Here, hold the camera. – I’m so nervous that he’s gonna find us. Logan is so noisy. – [Mom] Logan is a dog. Just let him go, as long
as we’re not moving. Ty, come on. This way, Logan. – Freeze, freeze. – [Mom] Ty, come on, go. (Dad humming) (laughing) – Logan went, and he started
playing with the neighbor. – [Mom] Ty, stand. – [Audrey] What in the world? – Come on, guys. – [Mom] (whispers) Hurry. (chaotic sounds) – [Audrey] Oh wait, that’s a balloon. – [Mom] You found a
balloon instead of a ball? – I thought it was a
ball, but it’s a balloon. – [Jake] I found a ball! – [Mom] Wait, Jake’s got something. Where’d you find it? – Back behind there. – [Mom] Sweet. – In here, with Jack Sparrow. – Guys, you gotta guard me. If he sees me, he can
take it out of my hands. – [Mom] That’s true. – Yeah, he can. – Stick it in your shirt. – [Mom] Okay, wait, what’s our strategy? Do we want to get the other
two balls before leaving? – Did you hear him, he’s coming? – [Ty] Hide in there. – [Mom] Just freeze. Don’t let him see us. Just put it in your shirt. – [Audrey] Yeah, put it in your shirt. – [Mom] Let’s see. It totally looks normal. (laughing) – It’s okay. – [Mom] Looks good. – I don’t hear him. – I don’t want to go first. Jake, you have to go in the back. – [Jake] Just go! – [Audrey] Where are we? – [Jake] Freeze! – [Audrey] He’s coming, he’s coming. He’s on the other side. – [Mom] We’re good, we’re good. Keep going. – [Audrey] Did you put a ball in here? – [Jake] No. – [Jordan] There’s so many
different passageways. – [Mom] How do we get out? – I don’t know? – [Mom] Where do we go? – I think we have to go down this way. Guys, we have to go down this way. – [Mom] Okay, we took a wrong turn. – Okay, I guess we’re gonna
go deeper into the maze. – [Jake] I found another ball! – [Audrey] We found another one! – [Mom] Shh, shh. (laughing) – [Mom] Shh, shh. (laughing) – He’s got two now. Logan’s under that tunnel. – [Mom] Come on, baby. Come here. – Shh, he’s coming. – [Mom] Close the door. I’ll stand here and block it. Shh, hold still. Close this, so they don’t see him. – Yeah, Logan’s right outside that door. – [Mom] Shh, shh. (Dad humming) They just passed, go, go, go. I think he might be coming though. Hurry, go fast! Go, go, go. Is Ty with us? – [Audrey] Look, you
can drop off over here. – [Mom] No, come on, out. Is Ty with us? – We’re stuck. No more options to get out. – [Mom] Look for doors. – [Audrey] This way,
look, it says, this way. – [Mom] Sure. – [Ty] Guys, over here. – [Mom] This way, they found a door. It isn’t a door. How do we get out? – This is open right here. – [Mom] Yes, we got two! – (cheering) Yeah. – [Mom] Okay, come put the two out here. – Look at Logan, he’s so happy. – [Mom] What if he comes out here and sees them, and takes them? – Hide them on the stairs. – He went that way. – [Mom] Okay guys, so we’re
going back in for the last one. – I think this is really a door. – [Mom] I don’t think
that’s a door, Jordan. – [Audrey] Shh, he’s here! – [Mom] We could pause right here and he can’t get us, guys. Logan’s like, “I’m out.” – [Jordan] He was slipping and sliding. (dog barking) – [Mom] Do we want to go back in? Where have we not been? – I don’t know. – [Jordan] I feel like
we’ve been everywhere but this maze is so big. – [Mom] We’re missing something. – [Jordan] Yeah, there’s
definitely a trap door. – [Mom] It says there’s a
door, and there’s no door. – [Jordan] I’m so confused. – [Mom] I’m very confused because
there is space right there that there should be
something, but there’s not. – There’s a room right here,
how do you get into it. – [Ty] This way. – [Mom] Don’t break it. Shh, freeze. – [Jake] Mom, I see the door. – Shh. – [Audrey] (gasps) I found it! – [Mom] No! (gasps) There’s a door? What? – [Jordan] We’re trapped now. How do you get out? What is this? – [Mom] What is this? Is there a secret door in there somewhere? – [Audrey] I can’t find it. – [Mom] There’s no other fill. – No, it can’t be this way because– – Shh, I hear him. – [Mom] We’re in the secret room. – Ty’s not! – Ty, don’t move. – Don’t let him know we’re in here. – [Mom] Okay, we’re
all in this secret room it’s a mini door. – I don’t know how to get out of here. – Look for walls that are not taped. – [Mom] I don’t know if there would be because over here is the basketball hoop over there is the air hockey. I don’t know if there would
be a door leading out. What’s our strategy? – I feel like we just need to– – [Mom] Just go? Okay, go. Logan, where’s he going? Shh, he’s coming. (Dad humming) Freeze. – [Mom] Did you see anything that way? – [Ty] He’s that way, he’s that way! – [Mom] Okay. Careful, so you don’t run into him. – [Jordan] There’s a ball, guys. – [Mom] Wait, come this way, guys. They found a ball. Where? – We found it. It’s in a trap door. – Look, look, look. – [Mom] (gasps) There’s a hidden door there? – [Audrey] Let’s go, come on! – [Mom] I didn’t even see that. – Me either. – [Audrey] How do you get out? – [Ty] Right here. – [Mom] That’s why he
kind of pointed at that and went, thumbs up. I was like, “What?” – Okay, we gotta go. – [Mom] Let’s go, Jake. – We’re safe! (cheering) – [Audrey] We won! (cheering) – [Mom] We won. Okay, so that round was pretty crazy. We were able to beat the neighbor though. – Curses. I thought that one in
the little tiny closet in the back corner I didn’t think you guys would
be able to find that one. – [Mom] Yeah, there were some hidden rooms that we didn’t know about, again. This time, Jake has volunteered
to be the new neighbor. We’re all going sneak in and
try to get the three balls. – That’s right. – [Mom] That worked pretty
well, with the statues with freezing. – Yeah, I tried to get you guys to move but you guys were really
good at being statues. The only one that really moved, was Logan. – I saw Jake move sometimes when you weren’t looking he’d be like– – [Mom] (laughing) – Then you’d look back, and he’d be like– – Okay, so where do you
guys think he the items? – [Audrey] I don’t know. Does he know all the secret rooms? – I don’t know. It depends on what you guys did. I think one is gonna be way
in the back, by Johnny Depp instead of that little corner it’s gonna be underneath
that little hut that I built. I think that’s gonna be one. – [Mom] Did you guys notice our castle? Our golden castle part, moved upstairs. – I had to move it. (laughing) – [Mom] Part of it is there. Part is in by the dining table. It’s literally taking over our house. – Our maze is slowly expanding. – It’s taking over the entire basement and now it’s moving upstairs. – [Mom] Do you guys want to
see it go down the stairs? – [Ty] (shouts) Yeah! – And then, come up
and do the whole house. – Oh, yeah! – That would be hard for
you guys to get to bed not just us. – [Mom] It’s already hard to live in. – I think enough rooms have been built. – We could do a half slide, half stairs that way you slide to get down
and stairs to get back up. – (gasps) Yeah! – [Mom] But then, if
you fell off the slide you’d land on stairs,
and go, bump, bump, bump. – Yeah! (laughing) – [Mom] Okay, lets go. – Let’s go find the neighbor. – [Mom] No, not the neighbor,
we want to find the balls. – Oh yeah, we don’t want
to find the neighbor. – [Mom] (laughing) Let’s
hide from the neighbor. – [Jordan] You ready, Logan? – [Ty] Dad, tell us where the secrets are. – [Mom] Shh. We don’t know where he
went, which direction. – [Audrey] Jake is a hard neighbor. – Jake is a speedy neighbor. He can go so fast. – [Ty] Oh, I found one. – [Mom] (gasps) What? – [Dad] He found one. – [Audrey] He found one already? – [Mom] How did he find one? – It was right here in the crack. – [Mom] Oh, get that one out. Good job, buddy. That’s awesome. I think he ran it all the way upstairs. We have to stay together, guys. We’re all separated. – [Audrey] Everyone, get back to base. – [Mom] Okay, which route are we going? – [Ty] This one. – [Mom] Okay, follow Ty, you guys. – Freeze. Freeze. (Jake humming) – [Mom] That was close. Let’s go the other way. – Logan followed the neighbor, so now– – [Mom] Oh, he’s here. He wants to be with us. (laughing) – [Jordan] He’s right there, I see him. – He’s in that tunnel over there. (Jake humming) – [Audrey] He’s in here. He’s coming, he’s coming. – [Mom] I see him. He’s coming this way, you guys. – [Audrey] We can go through here. Is there a door? – Yeah, he’s coming. (Jake humming) – [Mom] Go, go, go. Ty, go. – Go, go, go, just go down the path. – [Mom] Go, dad, go. – [Dad] Are we going down the hallway? – [Jordan] Ty, where are you? – [Ty] I got one! – [Jordan] It looks like he got one. – [Mom] What! – [Jordan] I hear him. – [Dad] Where’s Ty? – [Jordan] There he is. – Oh, he found one. – [Jordan] Ty got one. – [Dad] Nice, Ty got two. – [Jordan] He’s coming, go. – [Mom] Get back, run back. Go, Ty, go. Which way? This way. We’re running for it. Good job. Shh. Go, go, go. (Jake humming) (laughing) – [Mom] Go, go, go. It’s dark in here. (laughing) He’s behind me somewhere. Why can’t we just keep going? Pile up. – [Audrey] I feel like
we’re in the Maze Runner. – [Mom] Go! – [Audrey] Go, get on
your hands and knees. – [Mom] (gasps) What! – Okay, guys, it looks like Logan had an accident in the maze. – He doesn’t have accidents anymore unless he’s sick or something. So, this was crazy. – He usually does not have an accident. I think he was just running around a lot– – And, he got excited. – He sensed that the neighbor was coming. – [Dad] The neighbor was coming. – So, yeah, he had an accident. – He got so nervous, that he– (laughing) – He’s like, “The neighbor’s
coming.”, pop a squat. – [Dad] Nature calls, nature calls. – We cleaned it up, disinfected it and sprayed a ton of pumpkin spice. – Yeah, so it smells lovely. – It smells a mixture
of good odors, and bad. – He did it right at the intersection where we have to go to get
in the back of that maze. – We’re gonna have to cross it again. – You ready, guys? – [Jordan] I smell pumpkin spice already. – [Audrey] Ty cam, Ty cam. – [Mom] You could go
faster in the maze though. – [Ty] No Ty cam for me. – [Mom] Let’s go. – Freeze. Freeze. (Ty squealing) – We made it passed. – [Mom] We’re just statues. – We’re statues. – [Mom] No people here. – Okay, did you find it? Where? – I found it, it’s back there. Move it. – [Ty] (gasps) Ball! – [Audrey] You found one? – [Dad] That’s all three. Okay, we gotta get back to the safe. – [Audrey] Okay, let’s go back. – [Mom] What’s the easiest way back? – [Ty] Let’s go that way. – This way, for now. – [Ty] I dropped the ball. – [Mom] I hope he knows his way out. – It’s Logan. (gasps) Stop. – [Audrey] Ty, hide it, hide it. Go, go, go, go. He’s coming! (screaming) – We’re safe. – (shouts) I got the ball! – I though he was right behind me. – It sounded like he was right behind us. – He’s probably on the
other side of cardboard which you can hear really easy. – We got the third ball. – Okay, we won. – [Mom] Okay, so that was super fun. We were able to beat
the neighbor both times by playing it with,
Hello Neighbor Statues. – That’s a pretty good twist I like the statue piece in the hallways. That’s actually fun. – [Mom] It helps us, because otherwise we would have totally been caught. – Oh, yeah. Okay, let’s open some fan mail. (cheering) – Oh, wow, a postcard. – [Mom] Is it a lighthouse? – Yeah. – Oh, I thought it was a picture. – Lighthouses are my favorite, by the way. – [Mom] We’ve only been
to one lighthouse though that I can think of. – This is from Amaya. Thank you Mia. – [Mom] That’s awesome. – Let’s see what it says. Awe, she says, “I love you.” – [Mom] Awe, that’s sweet. – [Dad] That is nice. – Thank you so much, Mia. – [Dad] We love you too. – We love you too. – [Mom] Yay, that’s awesome. – This one is from
Ireland, from California. Not the country Ireland,
the person Ireland. – [Mom] We got something
from and Ireland before. – I think so. – [Audrey] (gasps) Whoa! – This is awesome. – Oh, they did the inside of the box. – [Audrey] This one’s mine. – Nice, here’s mom. – [Mom] Oh, wow. They sent us some goodies. – [Ty] I got a piggy. – [Mom] Oh, you got a
pig, how perfect, right? – I got a dude, with long
flowing locks of hair, I love it. (laughing) – We also have a note
for Gertie and Therma and we’ll make sure to give it to them. I’m taking a sneak peak. This is awesome. – [Audrey] (shouts) Yes! – She even drew Shawnee, woo. – [Mom] Gertie and
Therma need to come back. – Yes, they haven’t come in a while. – [Mom] We haven’t seen
them in a long time. I haven’t seen them, even around. – Comment down below, what
you guys want them to do. – Yeah, I will, for
sure, give this to them. – Okay, mom was right,
it’s Ireland in California and this is her second fan mail. – [Mom] Okay. – So, you are right mom. – [Mom] I remember
opening from an Ireland. – Nice, she says, “Keep
on making YouTube videos.” and, we will. Thank you for watching
us every single day. – [Mom] And, for your sweet,
kind letters, and packages that’s so nice of you. – This is so cool. – Look what I got. I got a little garden. This is me. – [Mom] Yep, we can all
build our own little sets. – [Jordan] That is awesome. – Look at this. Look at how much detail
she put into these. – [Mom] Yeah, great artist. – Jordan, look. – Whoa! – This one looks like it’s
from across the country no, I’m sorry, across the pond. Oh, cool. Jordan, here. – Whoa, there are treats in here. What is this? Fruit Winders, doubles? I’ve never heard of these. Oh, Winders. – [Mom] No wonder Logan wants it. Cool. – This is from England, it’s Emery. – [Mom] Awesome. – Emery, from England she’s giving us treats from her country. – [Mom] Logan, no. – She’s turning 10 in December. – [Mom] Oh, so she’s 10 now. – She’s 10, so happy belated birthday. – [Mom] Happy belated. We don’t open these right away. Sometimes they build up on us before we get to your packages. – These are so cool. – Oh, what’s this? – [Mom] That’s Awesome. – Thank you guys so much for
sending these great letters and packages, and leaving
such kind and happy comments. We really appreciate it. If you guys like this video,
give it a big thumbs up and remember to like,
subscribe, share, and– – Hit the bell. – Hit the bell. – [All Shout] Bye! (electronic music)