Subcribete al canal de maître A I don’t think you can get there. I’ll bring that so impossible job. Yo man. Yo la La La Why do we get our yeah? There’s a door over there over here, so over there see that door How do we get over there? Can you bring it on brother to the basement? [no]? Thank you for that? Oh, she’s marking come with us mark Come on, buddy. We’re dude all right here. [okay], ready, whoa That’s bad way Mart work up coach what? Is [he] with us Mark [ah]? Says it loser. He’s like afraid of his own basement Is there something wrong [with] our basement like [is] it supposed to look [like] this No, what do we do about the basement [man]? We can’t even make the jump. Oh Hello my teach you guys how to do it turn off the camera. Oh, oh [alright] guys. We’ll be right back Pew pew Pew Banana peels there’s to be given an umbrella Alrighty guys ah mort told us she had to stop the train here put some boxes here So chase did that and now he’s going to jump to this pipe. No way doing it with the he was right? He was right now. Do we follow up do we follow the pipe? What did he say next this is jump to the train yeah? Oh cuz we’re gonna get to that room No, that’s how you get to that. You break is a grunge up Let’s try this again. Come on chisel you got To open up your umbrella you crazy Crazy daredevil, I we’re doing stricture one Poop oh, damn bear. Oh boy. Oh boy Yeah start again, okay turn if you’re a villain, okay? – You’re a little five-year-old boss brah okay. I gotta go up there. Is that right mark guys you guys doing great. Okay? I don’t Mm-Hmm totally dude Do you’re making a dope anemic bra? It’s attached diem overload all righty. Come on. Come on. We’re told a secret Just saw something in it. [oh] girl cause wheels we don’t have anything this roll. No should we just forget to some umbrella takes it [haha] Go get my umbrella umbrella Me abuela my grandma found it. No, we need my umbrellas cinderelly with Lamb Brilli Supposedly these [little] Kagu use they control the mechanical mechanism of machine enos Is there an umbrella anywhere nearby? Is it down here is it over there? Oh? Yeah I really love it is when I wants to give me power ah Sorry, [Jeannie], okay now. Let’s go in All right yeah. Yeah, yeah [okay], fine. Yeah, wait a sec. Yeah, okay. Finally okay? I’m box no bruh Wanna box number two Box number trace these box are made a trace of tree. Yeah, no, they’re not I’m pretty sure they are Well, they’re not cuz I was smarter [than] you You have to tell everyone Eddie Don’t ever know the truth Figure in your crew say hey, are you mimicking me are you making me octoman say it like that? [like] that [ok] wait 1 it’s not shut off How it is yeah? It is shut off, but what is [it] still living a pinky that’s racist. [God]. [I] have to comment But wait, we’re not done. [I] know something we need to do [ah] no we’re [dumb] ah It wouldn’t let me okay in this briefcase is [bail] special wait a minute. I thought I read key was in our suitcase. [oh] We [threw] the red key somewhere outside. Where do we throw it? I forgot I do I didn’t forgot [even] if you didn’t forgot no. Oh wow forget. That’s amazing oh look at you correcting your Speech he told me so he’s coming coming coming. Oh That’s right. We threw it at the picture frame. You are a genius. We got the red key, all right? We got the red key. We got the green key now supposedly [mark] told us. There’s two special little doors This game is very intense see there’s this game [it’s] a lot of hidden Secrets [2] alpha 3 June half and we’re just so excited to play them off. No, no No, you stop [it]. You know. It’s slowly trying to go back then just Get them. I guess I got too chunky. [oh] yeah Don’t let us down [I] feel like [I] should be wearing like that, mass panic. Talk like yes, you let us down [like] Literally it more [wasting] fun. Just kidding ah [he] makes you so nervous to use both he uses both of his hands for the keyboard He doesn’t keep it on the mouse, and that’s a big fat elephant Cuddles got it. Oh My goodness almost all we didn’t got it. Ha ha. We’re almost always didn’t got it what? proud of do know [it] told you I’m not the barcode is up to there really yeah, how do you get it that people have gotten up here? Yeah, and I also see Cheaters people you’re achieving Might not you fans other people yep We’re [gonna] run and jump from here fine one two three go [jump]. Oh, I messed up Oh, wait, okay, and stop. Yes. Chase. You did it. We did it together. That was a collaborative effort, okay? Now let’s see. What is in this room. What is in swim? There is a door it has a red lock pop [power] we pop the lock we pop the lock For sure yell, I don’t know I’m scared bro. Let’s go. [I] [want] my diaper on today. No no, no yeah, let’s go Let’s go skirt [20] down to here What is this [are] we here all day are we miniature or a job or [do] you just peek? Oh, my goodness wait a minute [that] was an alpha 3 it was a secret that we never covered, but that was an alpha 3 this thing. [oh] my goodness Whoa look at the clock radio. It’s blowing. Oh my God where we going now right looking. No you fell down But they also open that door don’t you see this is this to be able we’ll just through that You [know] sale notice [how] they want to roll off art smack Just running Joe Boom baby, we got gliding. Are you try? I think we got to go up there Maybe I don’t know do we have room to move maybe behind those boxes. Oh Yeah, yeah, oh my goodness knock stuff over. Let’s just get back it ready [here] [oh], we got to get up there alright. You got to keep going [no], [we] got to get to that one up there. [you] got [a] jump. Oh Cool just to enjoy my tuna. Fish come on sirs are selling them the marshes are throwing stuff at us Yeah, that’s rude then quiet Monsters don’t Ya Come back. Oh no more. No more. No more. I can pick this up. What up. I didn’t I get pick that up I’ll throw it oh my goodness, whoa ah Leave it. Just look at down here. We didn’t catch up. Oh sweet Do did you know you can pick stuff up? No run joke can we think of a vernacular? [oh], [we] can’t [pick] [up] Inasa. What is this a once a hammer oh? gosh um I’ll Take over a slow go very slow [chase] oh My goodness chase you must go so slow in here Yeah, maybe I don’t know go so slow go slower than you’ve ever gone before You did it once you say run jump Yes, go in the toaster no Falafels a toaster this game got a little less fun Yeah, I love you guys [a] hell neighbor of people. Oh Snap let’s not this tiny build again Gonna have to put another official apology out there oh [now] [I] build now good luck [return-1] look at our [suzy] She’s your boss at eat. Good job What does we crouched it? Well? Well? Well? Oh my goodness. Yo? How was wild we jump over there? We were fall through it. I think so. I’m a favorite for through it jump Jump oh no, oh man, dude. That was awesome really where were we and where do we go now a Big croc a big clock is it a pizza order two o’clock [oh]? [God], oh Mommy what ha ha. What happening was it? Good trap [what] those eyes Is it a magnet goes? cute Yo We just walk into them. I think so. [I] don’t even I can’t even see where exactly we are We’re just out there daddy. That’s the end of the hallway. Oh, so this is so this is literally just [brief] So we’re just upstairs now. We’re blood. I think this is all that we’re coming Try listening to them. We were just here to pizza [o’clock]. It’s not a pizza o’clock [do] I run in jealous like I won’t make it run jump oh a meaty, whoa Oh that was yours. Oh, I did not see that hole over there All right, oh, oh oh is that a lever like goodness. What the [a] lever it’s a All that thing opened up, [what] do we want out? We want a lever tickles no Oh, you can’t press it once so I hope I hope we did you little work I hope that lever was supposed to close you. Hope my pliers close, too close. I’m saying anything about that, bra I’ll travel going on my computer okay. I chase is leaving and keep getting bored. [I] kind of want to leave too I Gotta get over more Shake it over right I Don’t fall down please just get in get in the toaster and shoot this way No, didn’t work. [all] my [cheese]. Lee’s pepper squeeze After a million toaster hops later, I’m up here. Yeah, there’s a little [dartboard] and let’s keep going now [whoo-whoo-Whoo-whoo] now. I think yeah [dot] boy boom stop boy boom what oh? What I was sometimes, it works sometimes, it doesn’t right jump okay jump Jump up here. Can’t jump off oh [ok] jump on that and then jump on sweet. I’m joke no yes. Yes Yes [to] make it jump up here Yeah up to deep these little rockets are so helpful. Can’t jump in there. Oh Geez You jump Gonna make it [Stop] what easy gym stuff Okay, all right. I’m officially giving up giving up on the red Key right now going to the green key Now you’re Gonna play. Yeah, ah geez that was Coming give me more. We got that green case. We are going to do the red key another time [connection] crazy. It’s another Well, I guess just catch me dude. It just caught you it is to school This [is] also like from outfits remember the score the moving with the moving neighbors will move through All is it luck oh you can hide from them. We got to probably go locker to locker go quick. Oh With a bell rings they all stop to Listen to the [boop] ah okay cool wait. Oh, they’re still moving oh This is like. Hey, there’s some guy in the locker you right my wife check it out now no, so Forgot it whoa. No no no pooping my pants on your head tomorrow But why do they care so much about me like why do they want me to be trapped [cuz] they do. They’re beautiful I? lost [cheese] again Yes, no, maybe so don’t go go go [go] come on. [all] right in a second lock up go and run [closer]. [oh] snapples. Oh [silly] guy over here [worthy] [oh] Hi, hi. Hi. I don’t know anymore. Oh Good wait, so the teachers shut off what my teachers can do that. Oh my gosh. I’m not getting caught this is [Lee] This is [lee] entire plane again jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump like I’m a skunk I made it that [accident] defeat. Oh my goodness. Can’t believe I made it to the idiot gun thing. Yeah, what’s the [point] that? Why would I want to do all that work to [die] again? whoa whoa space bar Was that what hey dude you got [to] meet Mannequins in your backyard? [did] you know that her here wow? space bar again Whoa? He’s sleeping he’s exercising. What are you doing? What what was that all about? Ha [he] speaks [oh] [I’m] throwing him down the [ground] [he’s] not exercising quick run serious serious serious go go go space. Ha ha well. I get to always knock them down now That’s so cool All right, I’m gonna stop recording here till I get back to that room within the [red] [door] the red dorm room? All right TVs. Listen. I’ve been playing this for Hours it’s been a really long day This is sort of similar [to] when I made that video about how much I [don’t] like [alpha-3] I’m starting to feel a rip on out before Yeah so listen [I] Do not like the red key room all right the green key room. It was still kind of frustrating wasn’t as bad this was frustrating because I just really these paper airplanes are supposed to take me across over there when I got here the first time okay with New paper Airplanes [Jerome] is going to get over there Oh this little game mini mode thing has almost been impossible here We go look at the Little Mannequin hello, Little Mannequin hi It’s nice to finally meet you Show me your eyes don’t hide your id so I [know] pretty don’t be in [disguise] live as we see them Don’t try to be them their eyes. They’re nice What do I do now? I’m frustrated you have to run and jump for that. Yeah, please now Round two come on little airplane. I’m using up all my airplanes use of all three I’m guessing you have to restart [I] [need] to do oh I need to go down here. Not up there That was the prop boom [polk] five plus four minus three equals a problem poop Yo, this is my very last try if I mess this up like I have to Restart oh my goodness, please don’t mess this up please don’t mess this up need to [mister] something please of myself please a message to Subway tomorrow make a go Go up here alright Alright Going up here. No no and We’re dead Hunger restart all over. Oh Okay, we’re trying again. No. No, where is it going? Where’s it going? Don’t go that way [no] what? Why’d it go that way look at that one bad airplay Batboy you not do that? jumbles jumbles Scrum [chili] um [Schulz] I’m Gonna jump jump jump I did it. Did it I’m gonna light Can’t blow it out. I know we have to do steps right here Chase Chase told me oh no, oh There we go [yes], and yes one two Sorry all four and then I probably like Gonna Grab this one [no] There jump up, and then yes, I made it on it. Yes. Yeah, I made it on it. I got it I’m gonna go so fast chuckles bring Acaba and look it’s so shiny out there can’t be anything my eyeball this next part seems like ridiculously crazy I’m being told I Have to run and jump into that thing there and that and that’s supposed to give me Spoiler alert [a] double jump power. Oh my goodness. I’m getting so scared like how do you sprint again? I want to – Yeah What does that do what does it do? I’m big I? Don’t know how I’m big But I’m big do I just leave the room. Oh My God do I do I want any do I want a souvenir? I’m kind of hungry after all that work I need a snack. I got it right here. It’s very healthy. We’re all veggies and I probably keys out on the green screen I’m hearing nothing That fine. [yeah], okay? guys Red Green done Red Green Done, Huh I know [why] they call it a red door because [it’s] legit like resembles death. That was like a legit nightmare All right jump jump. [oh] my goodness. I have a double jump to the basement [but] I’m too fresh to jump jump ha that’s how you glide I died I just cried. I while. I’m not going to sit in here right now [and] do it lot quickly quickly move ah [yo] Gonna get in [ok] I just want to test it out ready 1 2 [3] jump jump who made it [alright] I’m trying to go right now. I can’t say anymore. Hello neighbor for today No way am I playing a couple weeks from now because I am hungry? frustrated A Little mad at tiny bills the people that made the [game]. I’m not like a new guys right [now] you wait [you’re] like half of my damn kind of of course most videos today, but no I’m go federal health overall diet. I gotta go eat my chromakey salad a hugging layer fourth bit [summer] Spit or are you spin? Spin oh, it’s been I Sucked it back up. Thank you for watching [please] stop eating popplers up. You’re leaving you’re going see Mama I don’t think he knows that open the door. He’s pulling what he needs to push none. I trying to lock it I’m he’s done going to see what you saw mama. [oh] You just got to have fast stay in the middle. Oh, I got 2265 Let me try One more time. [oh] I stink 812 are you go you [check] that you?